10 best music apps to work focused in 2023

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Music apps to work focused are a great way to stay productive when you’re in a noisy environment or when your mind seems sluggish and struggling to focus on your work. In addition, music can be a great ally in a busy workday or for performing repetitive tasks.

Although some people prefer to download music on Spotify, software that offers music to increase focus is more efficient for this purpose. Among these applications, we can mention some that deserve attention, such as:

In our list of the 10 best music apps for working focused, you’ll see the top services to help you stay focused. All the apps in our selection are capable of playing sounds so that unexpected noises don’t affect your attention and distract you from focusing on an important task.

However, if you really prefer to download music of your choice for work, check out these 26 best free music download websites on PC and Mac.

What is concentration music?

Concentration music is a musical genre designed to aid concentration and workflow. Therefore, it has specific characteristics that make it ideal for improving focus, productivity, and creativity. All this even when there are distractions around. Also, concentration music can help you feel in a safe environment.

All analyses of concentration songs are done with scientific methods. As a result, they have a real foundation to help you stay focused for a long time. Don’t forget that to fully concentrate on this type of music, it’s ideal to use a good pair of headphones.

Now that you know a little more about the tobic, let’s go to the complete list of the 10 best music apps to work focused.

1. Brain.fm

Brain.fm focused work music

Brain.fm tops our list as it is the best productivity-focused music app. This app uses artificial intelligence technologies that create personalized music for concentration. Some brains only need a little stimulation to stay focused, while others need more. To adjust this level, the app asks a few simple questions.

On Brain.fm, you can choose from a variety of genres, ranging from classical to post-rock. Ambient sounds such as beaches, forests, and night are also available in the app. That variety, plus the fact that the app offers a personalized experience, helps you not waste time skipping songs you don’t like or looking for the next song that makes you feel good.

Since most music in the world is designed to grab your attention, you may find your concentration slipping away after just a few minutes of listening to it. Surely, you’ve come across a moment when you were listening to your favorite playlist and splitting your time up between work and music. With Brain.fm, this is also avoided, as their process ensures that attention-grabbing elements are subdued or removed. So music takes a backseat and work comes first.

What’s more, Brain.fm is backed by the science behind its music, with tests conducted by neuroscientists and psychologists in the field. As such, the app makes use of rhythmic audio to direct brain activity. As a result of this method, it is possible to change brain activity through training. This provides benefits such as improved concentration, relaxation, or more restful sleep.


  • Brain.fm stimulates brain activity;
  • It has a download session for offline use;
  • Effective for people with ADHD;
  • It has full-time composers;
  • It is supported by the National Science Foundation;
  • It is available for Android, iOS, and Desktop.


  • The web app does not have offline access to the tracks;
  • Some settings are only available for mobile.


  • Monthly: US$6.99
  • Annual: $49:99 (per year)

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2. Mesmerize

Mesmerize has a variety of hypnotic sounds, from the most serene to psychedelic patterns, all designed to hypnotize you and assist in clearing intrusive and agitated thoughts. In addition, the application has a selection of relaxing psychoacoustic music, based on clinically proven principles, which help to induce a state of concentration in your body.

The app’s guided meditation sounds, which cover mindfulness, emotional well-being, and gratitude, help improve your concentration. Each meditation is carefully crafted, featuring short affirmations and detailed instructions, offering an easy-to-follow experience for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

3. Pzizz

Among the top 10 music apps to work focused is Pzizz. It uses specially designed music to enhance your performance. Through the “Focus Module” feature, the app’s melodies are carefully selected to boost your productivity. Over time, you will also be able to track your concentration history through the app.

In addition to the Focus Module, Pzizz has the “Sleep Module” functionality that helps prepare your mind for a good night’s sleep. This tool also fights insomnia and delivers a fully personalized sleep experience, with features like Wakeup mode that offers three and a half minutes of music to gently wake you up and start your day with energy. 

4. Headspace

headspace focused work music

Coming up on our list of the best music apps for getting your work done is Headspace. This app’s approach to focus sounds is more holistic, with more soothing melodies geared toward meditation. As such, it offers guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to help improve your concentration. In addition, the app has an easy-to-use interface and personalized recommendations.

Headspace also provides other tools that help to improve productivity. One is the selection of carefully chosen music playlists designed to set the right mood for your day and help you stay focused. Mindfulness exercises contribute to improving your overall well-being, which in turn can increase your ability to concentrate and focus.

5. Coffitivity

Coffitivity was one of the first popular apps to offer ambient sound. With its focus on cafeteria sounds, the app has selections like “Morning Murmur” and “Lunchtime Lounge”. It also has a unique feature which is the ability to mix your favorite music with the sounds of coffee shops. Therefore, it offers integrations with important streaming platforms, such as Spotify.

The iOS app has the same clean, minimalist design as the website. However, it deserves mention for its social media add-ons, which allow you to tweet, Instagram post, and even Facebook updates without ever having to leave the app. Although this can be distracting, on busy days this feature can help you post faster if your job is with social media. And speaking of them, also check out these 9 artificial intelligence tools for social media in 2023.

6. Lofi Radio

Lofi Radio also deserves a spot in our selection of the best music apps for focused work. With a youthful focus, this app has modern beats and instrumentals so you can stay tuned while enjoying a variety of music. The app also offers curated Spotify playlists and mixes.

The application works in a very similar way to radio. Therefore, you don’t have the option to skip a track. However, you can pause the music and bookmark specific melodies that you like. In addition, it is possible to set a timer for yourself, in which the music will automatically stop after a certain time. Lofi Radio is available for Android and iOS.

7. Endel

Endel creates custom, algorithmically generated background sounds that help you focus and stay on task without getting distracted by internet distractions. It also adjusts the soundscape according to the time of day and temperature. That way, you can count on an adequate sound environment to favor your attention and focus, even in situations that would normally be more distracting.

A fact worth mentioning about Endel is its partnership with Sony. This collaboration allows for the seamless integration of music from the app with the best headphones from the Asian tech conglomerate. Additionally, Endel is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Amazon Alexa, Wearables, and Apple TV, as well as album releases on streaming platforms.

8. Focus@Will

Although it’s only available to iOS users, Focus@Will also deserves a spot on our list of the top 10 music apps to work focused. After all, the app manages, through a questionnaire, to create personalized music to help with your focus needs. Plus, you can save tracks you like and control your listening with three different rhythms like Ease, Flow, and Motion.

Focus@Will was founded by a songwriter with over 30 years in the music industry. It also has a hand-selected team of neuroscientists, musicians, and engineers to produce a unique product. We can’t help but point out that the app’s proprietary AI engine is linked to the world’s largest brain database.

9. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood has high-quality sounds and a simple interface which helps the app to remain popular. In addition to being available for Android and iOS, it has integration with Spotify and Apple Music. You can also customize sounds by changing the volume of different elements or even turning them off completely.

This app has a lifetime subscription option and also uses an algorithmic randomizer to avoid repeating the same sound samples. Rainy Mood allows you to further customize the melody by combining ambient sounds with music. However, while it is one of the most advanced apps in this area, it does not offer guided meditation and mindfulness sessions.

10. Sound Machine

Sound machine

Last in our list of the apps to work focused, we have Sound Machine, an app that offers a variety of high-quality, carefully crafted sounds, music, stories, and meditations based on clinically proven techniques. It also offers a “Random” option, which solves the dilemma of choice by letting the app select detailed subcategories to create a playlist for you.

Also, you can easily choose the perfect mix of melodies for your current working moment. To do this, make use of the features of creating playlists, and setting timers or individual alarms that the app has. And with the advanced integration of Siri Shortcuts, you can launch your favorite mixes, playlists, or shuffles with a simple voice command.

What’s the best kind of music to work with?

The best type of music to work with, according to research, is instrumental music or with few voices, and constant rhythms, such as classical music, jazz, or ambient music, can be effective in improving concentration and productivity, since it minimizes distractions.

Is it good to listen to music while studying?

Listening to music while studying can be beneficial for some people, helping them to relax and improve their focus. However, for others, it can be a distraction. Instrumental music or music with soft rhythms tends to be more conducive to concentration, while music with lyrics can distract attention.

What are the best songs to study?

The best songs for studying are usually those that promote concentration and are not distracting. Many students prefer instrumental music, like classical music, for example, by Johann Sebastian Bach or Ludwig van Beethoven. Ambient music, lo-fi hip-hop, or nature sounds are also frequent choices.

What’s the best sound for concentration?

The best sound for concentration varies from person to person, but many find that consistent environmental sounds, such as the sound of rain, ocean waves, or white noise, are effective in minimizing distractions and creating an environment conducive to focus. Smooth instrumental music or lo-fi hip-hop is also popular for this purpose.

What’s the better noise for concentration?

The best noise for concentration is often white noise, which masks distracting sounds by providing a steady, even background sound. Other noises, such as pink noise or the sound of rain, are also popular and can help create an environment conducive to focus.

What’s the Hz is for concentration?

The 528 Hz frequency is often referred to as the “frequency of love” and is claimed to promote healing and concentration. However, the science behind this is limited and the answers may vary from individual to individual. For concentration, many prefer constant noise, such as white noise, rather than a specific frequency.