The 8 best app builders in 2022!

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Increasingly, the Apple and Google app stores have been receiving different types of apps, whether new messengers, utility apps, and a flood of games of all kinds. As a result, more and more companies need to create their apps and have people who can build them.

We have already shown here in AppTuts the best website builders and the best game design software, but we decided to bring you a new list with some of the best app builders, which have been highlighted during this year. Check out the full list!

1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie opens our list of the best app builders this year because of its simplicity. Its purpose is to help small and medium-sized companies create apps to monetize their businesses, without the need to learn how to code.

It allows you to create apps with digital purchases – such as free games for Android or iPhone – and include GPS to track the user’s location, among other possibilities. Click the link to learn more about Appy Pie and how it can help you develop your app!

2. Shoutem

Although originally released in 2011, Shoutem is one of the most polished app builders out there. Among the tools available, this software has an intuitive design – that is, easy to navigate and learn – and speed for sending messages, as well as directories that allow you to easily locate any elements you need to use.

However, it is worth remembering that the application is not free, with monthly plans ranging from 59 to 189 dollars, the most expensive of which allows you to send your apps to Google Play or the App Store. Click on the link to learn more about Shoutem.


3. Appsmoment

Appsmoment is another excellent platform among app builders, having been in the market for over 6 years and being responsible for publishing over 700 thousand apps. It’s super convenient and allows its users to create apps and games quickly, including monetization features, in-app shopping carts, and even the ability to publish them on the iPad’s Newsstand. The best part is that you can try Appsmoment for free, so don’t waste time and head over to the official page!

4. Swiftic App Maker

Formerly known as Como, Swiftic is a platform that offers a wide range of elements to use when creating your app. Digital loyalty cards, calendar integration, permission for user reviews, and even e-commerce tools can be used in application development.

Swiftic’s website shows some of the many apps created on its platform, including apps for restaurants, online stores, and even bands. Its interface is also easy to navigate, allowing you to easily find most of the elements you need to develop your app.

Swiftic App Maker app builders

5. AppsGeyser

In addition to allowing its users to create several different applications, AppsGeyser also has templates ready for the development of smartphone games, through its “Gamemaker” feature. Using its user-friendly and simple interface, you won’t need any programming knowledge to create your own applications. In addition, AppsGeyser is completely free, with no monthly or annual plans, or fees on the apps created. Nice, don’t you think? Visit their website to start building your app now!

6. AppInstitute

One of the UK’s biggest and most awarded app builders, AppInstitute is a platform aimed at creating applications for virtual stores. It has tools for scheduling, which makes it ideal for service providers who want to offer them through a mobile app. One of its few disadvantages is the lack of compatibility to provide integration options with other applications. Click on the link to learn more about AppInstitute’s features.

AppInstitute app builders

7. BuildFire

Considered one of the best iOS and Android app builders available on the market, BuildFire can also help you build apps in a simple and intuitive way. The platform is responsible for supporting more than 10,000 applications, including apps from Cisco, Pepsi, and even PayPal itself.

Unlike the other options, BuildFire is a little more robust in terms of the functionality and features offered by the tool. It offers options to ensure the safety of its users, storage of information in the database, integration with other platforms, and also performance reports so that you can analyze the results of your application. Think this is the solution you need? Go to the official website and create your app for free right now!

8. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a platform for creating apps used by several prominent companies such as Disney and Universal Studios, for example. Consequently, it has the highest price of the app builders on this list but is also one of the best. The platform has several template options for apps, as well as even more ways to edit them.

Advanced functions can be implemented in your app, such as using geolocation to target your app’s content, among others. Access the Mobile Roadie website to learn about all its features and participate in the free trial offered by the platform.

Mobile Roadie app builders

What app builders are you thinking of using to create yours?

These are some of the best app builders to develop a mobile solution and boost your business, no matter what industry you belong to. Did any of them catch your eye? What kind of platform would you like to have to build your mobile app? Comment with us!