Tinder or happn: which is better?

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Are you in doubt if Tinder is really the best app option to meet someone? If your answer is “yes”, follow the article until the end because we are going to present one of the best alternatives to Tinder and help you choose the best one for your interests. Tinder or happn: which is better?

Tired of seeing the same profiles on dating apps? In this article, we are going to show you the differences between Tinder and happn so that you can understand whether it is worth discovering a new way of meeting people and making meaningful connections.

Check the article to the end and learn the pros and cons of each platform so you can find the perfect platform for your goals.

Tinder or happn: what are the differences?

Initially, you might think that both apps present very similar proposals. In fact, the idea is to use geolocation mechanisms and search filters to suggest people who are likely to match your profile.

Despite this, they are different ideas. While Tinder is only concerned with finding the best profiles near you, happn seeks to find users who have already crossed paths at some point.

Basically, the main differences between Tinder and happn are related to location, profile presentation, interface, additional features of paid subscriptions, and target audience. This marks some significant differences in functionalities and goals. See below.

Geolocation mechanisms

Tinder allows users to manually set their location within a wider area. The purpose of this feature is to find matching people within the shortest possible distance, but that’s not the main focus. That way, you can find people from other neighborhoods, municipalities, or even cities.

happn, on the other hand, uses the user’s real-time location to show profiles of other users who are physically close to them. In addition, the app manages to track places you go to to find people who also tend to go to these locations, increasing the chance of you matching someone you’ve bumped into before.

Search filters

In the free version of happn, you can only activate gender and age filters. The other filters (Looking for, Height, Partying, Smoking, and Kids) are only available in the paid version and, even so, there are fewer options compared to Tinder.

Search filters happn

On free Tinder, you can edit distance and age preferences, and the subscriber version offers 18 configuration options. This personalizes the user experience much more, who are much more likely to find someone really compatible.

Search filters Tinder

Sending messages

While Tinder only allows you to send messages after a Match, on happn this feature is available to any user. Including, the tool can be used to get the attention of someone who may not have noticed you yet.

The downside to pre-match messaging is that many people may feel uncomfortable with this approach, causing the opposite effect. But if you’re uninhibited, like to chat, and look for people with the same profile, perhaps happn is more efficient than Tinder.


Visually, happn’s interface is cleaner and simpler to use, but it lacks some tools comparing the app to Tinder, which is quite complete in terms of features.

In the happn Feed, the user has access to four options: signal that you are not interested in the profile; send a message to get attention; or like the profile. A possible disadvantage is that it is not possible to interact by swiping the profile. This can make navigation a little less dynamic.

happn buttons

Two other features that the happn interface offers that are not in Tinder are the “Map” and “Browse” tabs. Through the “Map” tab, you can check your exact location and the users who are nearby, while in “Browse”, you have access to people who have already crossed your path at some point.

discover/browse tab

The tab also has other benefits such as interactive games for you to guess which of the profiles you liked, and it shows categories of hobbies and activities so you can find people with the same interests as yours.

Tinder has more options. In addition to the options to like or show that you are not interested, the feed allows you to return to the previous profile or give a Super Like in the free version. Basically, if you’re not so location-focused, Tinder will give you more resources to get more Matches.

Tinder buttons

Paid Versions

Both apps have subscriber-only versions that offer extra features to increase your reach and visibility. The benefits of the two platforms are very similar. Check out the tools released for subscribers below:

  • Tinder: The paid version offers the “Plus”, “Gold” and “Platinum” plans, which give access to advantages such as hiding ads, giving Boosts to increase exposure in the feed; sending Super Likes to show interest; going back to the previous profile and undo the last action, as well as unlimited likes and pre-Match messaging.
  • happn: happn has Premium and Supreme plans that give you access to features such as attracting the attention of other users; knowing who liked your profile; giving Boosts; sending personalized pre-Match messages (also known as “FlashNotes”); using specific search filters; give unlimited likes; browse without advertising and return to the previous profile.

In terms of benefits for subscribers, we can say that happn has a wider range of features, which can be more attractive to users. The app also makes it possible to purchase features in isolated packages with Boosts and FlashNotes.

Tinder or happn: which is better?

Taking into account the number of features, Tinder is the app that offers the most possibilities to the user. happn ends up being limited by location and consequently offers fewer options.

Tinder’s search filters are also broader and aggregate more information, which greatly increases the chances of a good match. You just need to know how to use the platform to get the best results.

Tinder or happn: find out which one is best for you!

So now just download the app you want and make the best matches! And if you want to explore one more option, we suggest you check out the complete Badoo x Tinder comparison for an even wider range of options.