How to make a quiz on Instagram Stories!

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One of the best things about Instagram Stories is the possibility to create interactive games with friends and followers. All this can be done through the various stickers that the platform offers its users.

Instagram Stories lets you create polls and ask your followers to ask you questions about you or your favorite subject. But these aren’t the only interactive stickers available. One of the most interesting is the Tests sticker, which lets you make a quiz on Instagram Stories.

Haven’t used this sticker yet and want to know how to make a quiz on Instagram Stories to test the knowledge of those who follow your posts on Insta?

So follow us through the next few lines and start putting together your tests through Instagram Stories!

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How to make a quiz on Instagram Stories: step-by-step

1 – Open the Instagram app and click on the “+” that appears on your face or above, in the upper right menu to open your stories. Then click Story on the bottom row;

create new story

2 – Take a photo or insert an image and then click on the icon below, to open the Gifs and interactions menu;

add stickers how to make a quiz on Instagram

3 – In the menu, choose the Quiz option;

select quiz sticker how to make a quiz on Instagram

4 – Write your question and create the first answer option;

write the question and first answer

5 – Now, write the next answer option;

write second alternative how to make a quiz on Instagram

6 – Two options are enough, but you can continue to create up to four alternatives;

write third alternative how to make a quiz on Instagram

7 – Select – leaving in green – the right answer;

select the right answer

8 – Make any edits or add other stickers and effects. When you’re done, just tap on Your Story to finish learning how to take a quiz on Instagram Stories.

post to your story how to make a quiz on Instagram

How to see who answered correctly?

Now that you’ve learned how to make an Instagram quiz, just wait for your Instagram followers to start giving their answers. To see who got your quiz right – or agreed with your opinion – return to Stories for the answers.

Then drag up from the bottom of your screen.

drag up how to make a quiz on Instagram

On this screen, you can already see the number of responses your post received, who answered your quiz, and who viewed your Stories. When you click on View Responses, you can see the complete list of who responded and how they responded.

see responses

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