How to poll on Instagram Stories [Full Tutorial]
How to poll on Instagram Stories [Full Tutorial]
How to poll on Instagram Stories [Full Tutorial]

How to poll on Instagram Stories [Full Tutorial]

The possibilities of posts in Instagram Stories are getting more and more extensive. The tool, which surpassed rival Snapchat, created a sticker that allows its users to poll on Instagram Stories. We already have an extensive list of tricks and tips for Instagram Stories, but we felt the need for a complete guide on how to poll on Instagram. Check out the step-by-step below!

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How to poll on Instagram Stories

1 – To insert your Stories you can follow two paths. Open the Instagram app and click the button with your photo or click the “+” at the top right and then “Story” to start a story;

how to poll on instagram beginning

2 – Create your post normally and, on the edit screen, click on the Instagram Stories stickers icon;

how to poll on instagram stickers

3 – Choose the Poll option;

how to poll on instagram choosing poll option

4 –Write the question you want to ask your audience and enter possible answers. Remember to be very creative to engage more with the audience;

how to poll on instagram writing the question

5 – Finish your post and post by clicking on your face in the left corner below;

How to see the results of your poll

Just like any other Instagram story, polls only last for 24 hours. Check below how to view the results, taken in real-time:

1 – Access your story;

how to poll on instagram acessing story

2 – Slide up, which shows how many people viewed your story;
slide up

3 – A window with voting information will appear at the top. There you can see:

  • on the eye icon – all the people who voted;
  • the down arrow will save your stories, with the poll, to your camera roll;
  • the up arrow shares the poll in your feed;
  • and, of course, the trash, to exclude these stories from the poll.

4 – At the bottom, you can share your poll results in a new story.

share your poll results

5 – Under the share results you will have access to all the voters of your poll and, further down, those who only viewed your poll but did not vote.

Ready to poll Instagram Stories?

Taking a poll on Instagram is an excellent way to generate engagement for your profile on the social network. Have you started asking your followers questions? How is the response going?

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