10 best apps to unfollow on Instagram in 2020!
10 best apps to unfollow on Instagram in 2020!
10 best apps to unfollow on Instagram in 2020!

10 best apps to unfollow on Instagram in 2020!

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms currently, amassing a whopping 1 billion users around the world. If you’re one of them, you’ve likely already found yourself in a situation where someone who you follow, doesn’t follow you back, which can be quite irritating.

If you’ve ever been through such a situation, you will certainly enjoy and make good use of the best apps to unfollow on Instagram, most of which can be used very easily on any smartphone or computer. And we even have options for all operating systems!

To find out which ones they are and how to use them, keep reading our list down below!

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1. Followers Insight for Instagram

Easily one of the best alternatives in our list, Followers Insight for Instagram lets you easily unfollow any user who doesn’t follow you back, ensuring that you are only following people who are actually interested in your content.

This app has the very straightforward premise of checking who doesn’t follow you back, and, with ease, unfollowing those users. Through this app, you will be able to manage your account, seeing your likes and comments on each post, and ranking your most popular posts. Go to the Play Store to see more!

Followers Insight for Instagram apps to unfollow on Instagram

2. Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram is another amazing option among the apps to unfollow on Instagram, and it is ideal for anyone who wants to have better organic growth on their profile. Through the app, the users have access to a lot of essential info about their followers, such as who are newer, who doesn’t follow you back, and even who has blocked you.

Other than that, you can also see any likes that got deleted and a lot of extremely important information for those who want to not only keep their current followers, but also increase the number of followers you have, all while keeping them entertained. It is available for iOS, on the App Store!

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3. Followers Assistant

Sone of the most important features that Followers Assistant has to offer are, for instance, checking which are the users who don’t follow you back, which follow you and you don’t follow back, who has recently unfollowed you, and even those who follow you, but don’t interact with you.

You can easily with just a tap on your screen stop following up top 200 users through the tool they call Quick Stop Follow and see and respond to all comments in recent posts through the tool called View Comments. Another iOS-exclusive app, you can download it on the App Store.

4. Reports+

Reports+ is another of the best apps to unfollow on Instagram, and it is one that will easily let you see who doesn’t follow you back, among some other really good features, such as identifying who has blocked you, see new visitors on your profile, and even who has stopped following you!

It lets the users easily stop following those who don’t follow them back through the Select menu, in which all you need is to tap Stop following. This app is available completely for free on its official website, both for Android and iOS devices.

5. Unfollow Users

If the user is not really interested in learning who doesn’t follow them back, and all they want is to stop following all of these people at once in a very easy way, Unfollow Users is the right choice.

It lets the user unfollow up to ten people at the same time, with a single click. It also lets the users create a whitelist for users who they don’t want to unfollow. It is an Android-exclusive app available on the Play Store.

Unfollow Users apps to unfollow on Instagram

6. InsTrack

InsTrack definitely deserves to take a spot among the best apps to unfollow on Instagram, which is available exclusively for iOS devices. It offers its users a truly huge number of options and tools to manage their accounts better.

In this app, the users can see how many people aren’t following them back, as well as having access to a lot of different information about their profile, and even post scheduling features. However, for you to stop following, you need t ouse the piad version of the app, which also unlocks a myriad of other features. Check it out by following this link!

7. Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis

Another option you can use to manage your account is Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis, which offers you a lot of different information about how well you’re performing on the platform, such as follower growth, unfollows, people who don’t follow you back, ghost followers, and a lot more.

It also lets you see data about your posts, such as likes and comments, and it even lets you see if someone hos deleted a like or a comment on any post of yours. It also shows you your followers who are most active on ther interactions with you! To learn more, follow this link to the App Store.

8.  Followers Pro+

We also have Followers Pro+, a free option that offers a paid version, among the apps to unfollow on Instagram. It offers you a bunch of different information about your followers, including those who don’t follow you back, and it makes the process of unfollowing them much easier.

Other than that, you can also see who has just started and who has stopped following you, who you aren’t following back, user search, and engagement monitoring. In its paid version, there are a lot more control options. It is available on the App Store, for iOS.

9. Unfollowers

Another great alternative you can use witht he same goal is Unfollowers, an app with a very obvious name.

This application lets you easily find out who among those you follow isn’t following you back. In the same tab, you will then be able to easily stop following them with a single tap! This app is available exclusively for Android devices. To learn more about it, follow this link.

10. IG:dm

To finish off this article, we have this amazing option. IG:dm is an app available only on computers and laptops, but it does have versions for all operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Through this app, you’ll be able to manage your Instagram Direct Messages easily, keep chatting on your computer, disable the read mark, quote messages, check who isn’t following you back, and even save Instagram videos.

Everything we mentioned so far is in the free version, which can be downloaded by following this link. It does also have a paid version with a 14-day free trial, in which you’ll find a lot of options, including managing multiple accounts, deleting send messages, a dark theme, and more. Find out more by following this link!

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IG:dm apps to unfollow on Instagram

Did you like our list with all the best apps to unfollow on Instagram?

We hope that you can better manage your account and get more interactions with your real followers like this. For some more help on getting popularity, check out the best apps to get Instagram followers, the most popular Instagram hashtags, and our Instagram bio ideas!

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