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WordPress is one of the best platforms for anyone who has a blog or even a more professional website, as it is very easy to use and to create new posts. Of course, even though it is quite complete on its own, it is possible to improve your experience with WordPress by using the various plugins available for it. This can help you gain access to specific tools and resources for managing your blog. You can check out our suggestions for the top WordPress plugins in the list below!

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1. Jivochat

The best WordPress plugin for those who need to provide online service on their website or blog. The Jivochat online chat platform allows your visitors to ask questions about your products or content, as well as offers a way to make sales over the internet.

The plugin brings tools such as proactive invitations – which allow you to talk to your visitors without them triggering the chat -, analytical reports, and mobile apps to talk to your page visitors at any time.

Click the link to try Jivochat for free for 14 days!

Wordpress plugins jivochat

2. Custom Post Type UI

wordress plugins Custom Post Type UI

Custom Post Type UI can be used for anyone who needs to manage custom posts on their blog or website. The interface is very simple to learn to use, so you don’t need to have such advanced knowledge to use it.

Other than that, it also offers a tool for those who need to import or export posts to other websites. Click here to check out more about it.

3. Redirection

Redirection is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, as it helps you to migrate blog posts, change their addresses or even redact them with ease.

Basically, it’s a good opportunity for someone who is switching blogs and needs an easy tool to target old posts. Click here to check out more.

4. Simple Tags

Simple Tags is a plugin that allows you to manage your blog tags in a simpler way. It offers several features and allows you to automatically add tags to your posts.

In addition, it suggests tags that best fit each post and brings tools to search and delete those that are not being used. Click here to download the plugin.

5. Auto Post Thumbnail

Auto Post Thumbnail can be used to automatically generate thumbnails for each of your posts without you having to worry about it.

Basically, it takes one of the images from the post itself and turns it into a thumbnail of the appropriate size. You can download the plugin from this link.

6. Search Regex

wordpress plugins search regex

Search Regex offers a much more advanced search tool than what we have by default in WordPress. The good thing is that it allows you to search and replace multiple terms in large numbers.

This means that if you need to change a name or website address that you find in multiple posts, just use this plugin to do it all automatically. Click here to check it out.

7. Display Posts Shortcode

Display Posts Shortcode is one of the WordPress plugins that does exactly what its name suggests and is especially useful for showing lists of your posts according to the information you want to see.

This means that you can search for posts with the same tags, with the same categories, or even those that have a similar format. You can check the plugin at this link.

8. Post Expirator

Post Expirator is for you to put a sort of expiration date on any post of your choice. This can be done in a number of ways, be it by turning the post into a draft, deleting the desired posts, or even turning them into private posts.

This can be useful for posts that only have a temporary purpose and ensures that you don’t have to do the process manually. Click here to see more about the plugin.

9. Post Type Switcher

Post Type Switcher is for you to change the post type without having to edit it completely. The process can be done much faster than usual and even allows you to do it with several posts at once. You can check out more about the plugin through this link.

10. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite is for people who have blogs or websites that usually review certain products for their readers.

The plugin offers several tools and even a special widget for this type of text, which makes it much more interesting and interactive. You can click here to learn more about it.

11. Bulk Delete

wordpress plugins bulk delete

Bulk Delete can be extremely useful as it allows the user to delete posts, pages, files, and even other WordPress users with great ease.

There are several search filters in the plugin, which also lets you delete multiple items at once. You can check out more about it at this link.

12. WP Hide Post

WP Hide Post is for creating posts that are only visible in locations selected by you. This means that it is possible to create a post that does not appear on your website’s homepage, but can be found in search engines.

You can also make these posts appear on specific pages of your blog if you prefer. You can check out more about the plugin at this link.

13. Page and Post Clone

Page and Post Clone is one of the WordPress plugins with a very specific purpose, serving only for certain situations. Basically, it’s for creating a copy of a page on your website or blog post.

This can be done with just one button, so it’s obviously pretty quick and easy to use. You can check out more about the plugin through this link.

14. Advanced WP Columns

Advanced WP Columns is quite interesting among the WordPress plugins on this list. It allows the user to write posts with more than one column on the same page.

The interface offered in this template is very pretty and the plugin itself is easy to use overall. You can check out more about Advanced WP Columns at this link.

15. WP Page Widget

WP Page Widget is one of the most popular among WordPress plugins and is ideal for those who have some widgets on their website or blog, as it allows them to be managed according to the users’ preference.

With the plugin, you will be able to control the visibility of your widgets, being able to choose between showing or hiding them depending on the post. You can check the plugin at this link.

16. Public Post Preview

Public Post Preview

Public Post Review is for anyone who needs someone to review their post without having access to their blog or website WordPress. This can be very useful so you don’t have to create new users or give your password to someone else, for example.

This is one of the few WordPress plugins in which you can generate a public link that expires after some time and that you can send to anyone you want. You can click here to see more about it.

17. Post Snippets

Post Snippets is one of the WordPress plugins that can be used to store small snippets of text or code, which you can use in other posts when you need to. You can include whatever you want and use them simply and quickly in your posts. You can click here to check out more about the plugin.

18. User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts allow readers of your website or blog to submit their own texts to be published there. This way, you don’t have to redirect readers to another page or an email address, for example.

The good thing is that you can check sent texts and accept whatever you want quite easily. Click here to see more about this plugin.

19. WP No External Links

WP No External Links was made for those who need to control the use of external links on their website or blogs. It is one of the few WordPress plugins that allow you to turn external links into internal links very quickly. Click here to see more about the plugin.

20. WordPress Post Tabs

WordPress Post Tabs allow the user to add multiple tabs to a post made in WordPress. This helps to display more content without taking up too much space on the posting page.

Also, you can have all these visual changes without having to mess with any kind of code. The best part is that you can customize the style of the tabs to make your website look unique. Click here to see more about the plugin.

21. WP Old Post Date Remover

WP Old Post Date Remover

WP Old Post Date Remover does exactly what its name implies and removes the date from your older posts. This helps a lot to not make the posts look too dated, which can put someone off when reading.

The good thing is that you can select a specific period for the plugin to make this change to multiple posts at once. You can check out more about it at this link.

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