Need to break a bad habit? Check out these apps!
Need to break a bad habit? Check out these apps!
Need to break a bad habit? Check out these apps!

Need to break a bad habit? Check out these apps!

Since smartphones became popular around the 2000s, mobile apps have taken over the world. Nowadays, you can find an app for almost everything – whether it’s a loyalty program app from your favorite store, social networks or platforms to watch your favorite TV shows. So how about an app that helps you break a bad habit?

A fantastic role for apps to play, helping you break a bad habit – and create new ones! Using virtual technology, you can monitor any habits you are trying to change. Plus, it lets you connect with other people who are experts at breaking habits or who are also on a similar journey.

Here are our favorite apps that will help you get rid of any bad habits you have!

1. Headspace

Being in the right mindset is key when you want to break a bad habit. And what can help you to do that? Relaxation. Headspace is a meditation app that plays relaxation music and helps you visualize calming scenes and moments.

After doing some meditations, you should be able to focus more on whatever habits you are trying to break. Having a clearer mental space will help you fight any demons and beat your bad habits!

There is a free version of the app for you to experience meditation easily. You can also pay to access more practices and unlock special features.

Click here to check it out!


2. Quitnow!

One of the habits that people most want to give up – and that will definitely help them to preserve their health – is smoking. Tobacco has many health risks and can cost people and healthcare systems a lot of money. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to quit smoking.

Quitnow offers a community platform where people who want to stop smoking can contact others. It’s a great opportunity to talk to others and monitor your progress. Plus, there are studies showing that people who break habits together are more likely to succeed. This is the sort of research which Quitnow! is based on.

A free version of the app is available, or you can pay a small fee to access the Pro version.

You can download it on iOS or Android!

3. Recoverme

The idea behind Recoverme is that of an app to help you break a bad habit such as pathological gambling. It takes a medical approach and looks at the science behind gambling addictions to understand how people react to addictions and how they can recover.

Recoverme has several pillars that help users overcome their gambling addictions. These are: therapy, daily care, support and SOS.

With Recoverme, you can follow cognitive behavioral therapy sessions to break addiction, focus on the present moment, become more self-aware, or offer support to others who are struggling with their addictions. For people who really want to kick their gambling habits, this app is an excellent first step.

You can check out more on their website!

break a bad habit recoverme

4. Sober Time

Sober Time is an app whose goal is to help people stop drinking. Like Quitnow!, it focuses on the importance of community, connecting you to a network of others who are battling alcoholism.

You can track how many days you’ve been sober, designate goals and milestones, assess stats to help you break patterns, and track the huge amount of money you’ve saved since you stopped drinking!

Sober Time’s reviews are excellent, with many people citing the app’s help to get their life back on track after having dropped drinking as a whole.

Available both on iOS and Android, you can go to their website to read more!

5. No Relapse

No Relapse is a popular app that can help you break a bad habit. Whatever the addiction – smoking, gambling, drinking, or just eating too much junk food, you can use No Relapse to beat it.

No Relapse also has a clock that can help you track how much time has passed since you kicked your addiction. Keeping an eye on him will help you stay motivated and focused on the new life that awaits you!

You can download No Relapse for Android by clicking right here!

6. Remente

Remente is a productivity app that will help you organize your life and get rid of bad habits as a result. With the app it is possible to analyze your life and your goals, and one of these goals can be precisely to drop an old habit.

Remente is an excellent tool to monitor your progress. You can choose which objective you want to focus on, and it will help you to the best of its abilities.

The app can help you plan your days, balance your work and leisure time, and organize yourself well in general.

Check out more about Remente on their official website!

break a bad habit remente

7. FitBit

If you want to monitor your health and fitness, a great option is to use FitBit. The only catch is that a FitBit watch is required to use it.

Your minutes of physical activity, calories consumed, steps taken and your overall progress can be viewed each day. Counting your steps directly on your cell phone can be a good motivation to go for more walks and help you get shake off the laziness.

In case this sounds like your kind of thing, you can check out their website!

8. Streaks

Streaks is a very simple iPhone app. It basically keeps track of “streaks”, or periods of time when you stay away from bad habits. You can track how many days you ate healthy food, didn’t drink or played online. Forming good, healthy habits is one of the best ways to break a bad habit!

It’s a really successful method of getting you to stick with your goals. It can help you feel all sorts of emotions like guilt, fear and pride! The app has multiple goals that you can activate at the same time, so you can track all your goals simultaneously!

If Streaks sounds like the app for you, click right here to see more!

9. HabitHub

If you are an Android user, you will not run out of options. HabitHub is basically the Android version of Streaks and works in a similar way – you can use it to track any new healthy habits, whether they are eating better or quitting smoking!

If you use HabitHub, visualizations can help you analyze whether you are on track to achieve your goals, which should also allow you to keep an eye on your progress!

These mobile apps are excellent tools that you can use to eliminate any bad habits in your life. They will help you track your progress and essentially put the power back in your own hands. Some of them are free, so there’s no reason not to download them. Start putting yourself first right now!

Check out their website right here!

break a bad habit habithub

Did you find the app to help you break a bad habit?

Leaving bad habits in the past can be a chore, but it’s for the better! If any of these apps put you on the path to live a healthier, happier life, share this article wit ha friend! Maybe it can help them too.

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