The 5 best mice for Mac

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Do you know which is the best mouse for Mac? If you’re like me and have a MacBook Pro, using the mouse is questionable, as Mac’s trackpad helps in all sorts of situations. However, when it comes to increasing work speed, the truth is that the mouse is a choice to take into account since with it it is possible to work at a higher speed. Also, if you have an iMac or a Mac Pro, a mouse is a must. For this reason, I bring you a list of those that are, in my opinion, the best mice for Mac.

They all have advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is that you analyze and realize which one is best suited to your goals. If you want the mouse to work, the choice will be one, if your goal is to play games on your Mac, the choice will be another, and so on.

At the end of each review, I’ll leave a link so you can buy your Mouse. There are choices for every type of investment. But before we go any further, here are some articles that can help improve your Mac’s performance:

1. Apple Magic Mouse

apple magic mice for Mac

The mouse created by Apple has an excellent design among the mice for Mac and is very easy to use. It doesn’t contain any buttons, which might seem strange at first, but it turns out to be something very useful after a few days. Oh, and don’t worry: the mouse understands very easily when you want to create on the right or left button.

Magic Mouse also allows you to use Magic Mouse Preference, with which you can customize how the Mouse works and the scroll direction, in addition to other interesting details. It’s very easy to make all these changes since the app explains, through videos, everything that will happen when you activate the Mouse’s various options.

Although the price is high, it allows the user experience with the Mac to be perfect. The big question is how much are you willing to pay for a Mouse?

Another negative point of the Mouse is its design, which despite being very beautiful tends to cause injuries to the hands and wrists due to its small size. And the fact that the charging port is at the bottom, which means you can’t use it while charging. Go to the official Apple Store to get it!

2. Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Razer Basilisk Ultimate mice for Mac

Razer has established itself as one of the best providers of PC gaming products on the market and they take special pride in their mice, which are made especially for gamers. If you’re looking for mice for Mac that will give you an edge in the games you play, check out the Basilisk Ultimate.

It sports an interesting and very well-done design. This mouse has an adjustable arch that allows you to easily rest your palm. There are a total of 11 programmable buttons and Mac software is also available.

Its charge lasts up to 100 hours and it doesn’t need any wires to work. Go to the official webpage to check it out!

3. Razer DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder mice for Mac

If the previous mouse seems like overkill to you (price-wise), I’d advise checking out the Razer DeathAdder. It is a wired mouse for Mac wired that sports eight programmable buttons, rubberized sides for better grip, and a 6400 DPI optical sensor. Also, if you use your left hand (like me) this mouse is very useful as it can be programmed for left-handed people.

The tilt of the mouse and the click of the buttons are some of the Razer DeathAdder’s best sensations. Together with the Razer Synapse driver software, DeathAdder works even better! The software makes the DeathAdder a great choice for gamers looking for constant customization of their mouse.

It is a little more affordable than the previous option. Visit the official website to learn more about the Razer DeathAdder.

4. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Yes, believe it or not, Microsoft has managed to create a really good option among the mice for Mac. What’s more, the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse offering is one of the least expensive options on this list. It has a nice feel and an interesting design – regardless of which side you choose – and it supports Bluetooth, so it’s wireless and without any kind of USB port-blocking receiver.

The optical sensor works on virtually any surface and runs for nine months on a single pair of AA batteries (at least that’s what Microsoft promises). In place of the traditional scroll wheel, there is a touch sensor that works a bit like the Magic Mouse scroll gesture. Check it out!

5. Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse

Logitech M705 Marathon Mouse

If you like more comfortable and bigger mice, the Logitech Marathon is for you (as long as you’re right-handed). It is quite comfortable, has eight buttons, and is an acceptable scroll.

Its name Marathon is not for nothing: Logitech claims that a pair of AA batteries will last, in this mouse, for three years. It is not very advisable for gamers and is more suitable for designers or people who work all the time in front of the computer. It even offers software compatible with your Mac.

As for the price, it is still very affordable. Plus, if it only forces you to buy a couple of batteries every three years, it becomes an even more cost-effective option. Check it out!

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