Best Marvel Snap! Decks

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There are many options on how to build a deck in Marvel Snap.

Correspondingly, with countless combinations among the cards on the list, it can be difficult to figure out which exactly is the most potent combination of powerful, playable cards.

That’s where we come in, with our detailed decklists for Marvel Snap.

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Marvel Snap Decks

With every card game, there are many potential combos to surprise your opponents.

This one is no different, with the best Marvel Snap decks built around a certain synergy, special card, or specific combinations that increase the odds of winning.

We’ve decided to split our recommendations into decks for beginners, for those still getting used to the format, and the best of the best Marvel Snap decks to take on other players online.

Marvel Snap Starter Deck

We all started with the same starter deck in Marvel Snap, with some powerful base cards but few powerful effects.

While it’s not the worst deck in the world, it’s worth trading cards like Hulk and Abomination for Odin and Gamora when you pick them up as battle pass rewards, as their reveal effects can be game-changing.

Fortunately, all of your first battles will be against bots, so you can use this mediocre deck until you unlock the necessary components for our beginner deck recommendations.

Beginner Marvel Snap Decks

If you’re still getting to grips with this superhero-powered card game, it makes sense to try one of our Marvel Snap deck suggestions for beginners.

We’ve chosen builds that get you used to the idea of concepts like summons, combos, and destruction effects, and they’re all available at the first pool (collection level 1-214 rewards).

Once you have understood the concepts, you should be confident enough to try to build your own deck. But if not, no problem, we are there for you.

Below on this same page you can find some of the best recipes for Marvel Snap decks that we could put together.

Basic Continuous Effects

Decklist: Antman, Squirrel Girl, Nightcrawler, The Watcher, Mister Sinister, The Punisher, Captain America, Ka-zar, Iron Man, Blue Marvel, Onslaught

Continuous effects are difficult to deal with as they continue to change the game after you play them, so it’s no surprise that a deck built around the concept is one of the most viable decks in Marvel Snap.

There are plenty of combos here, with Kazar providing reinforcements for the Squirrel Girl – and her squirrels – as well as Antman, Nightcrawler, and Watcher.

Blue Marvel further boosts the attack power of all your heroes by one, and if you play Onslaught in the same spot, you can turn that into a double boost.

Basic On Reveal Effects

Decklist: Hawkeye, Mantis, Nightcrawler, Angela, Cable, Scarlet Witch, Wolfsbane, Groot, White Queen, White Tiger, Odin

Gearing around a bunch of powerful Reveal effects, this deck is easy to build with cards you can pick up at first pool (rewards for collector levels 1-214).

The main trick here is setting up On Reveal effects in two locations while trying to draw Odin for a final play.

Odin’s effect allows On Reveal effects to happen again where you play him, which can boost Wolfsbane’s attack in trickier territories, provide another 7 power tiger with White Tiger, or double power points of Groot.

Basic Destruction Effects

Decklist: Angel, Nightcrawler, Nova, Blade, Carnage, Wolverine, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Enchantress, Klaw, Spider-Woman, Apocalypse

This is the riskiest of our three beginner decks, but it’s also the set with the most potential to be an absolute nightmare for your opponents, with Lady Sif and Blade’s hand-destroying effects capable of boosting Apocalypse’s power by four. points for every time it’s destroyed, I’ve seen combos that end up with the mighty planet breaker having more than double the original power points.

Combine this with Enchantress’ ability to turn off continuous effects and Spider-Woman lowering her opponent’s power points, and there are plenty of disruptive late-game plays possible here.

Intermediate Marvel Snap Decks

With ranks two and three cards, these intermediate decks are more powerful than our beginner decks, but have easier-to-understand strategies than meta decks.


Decklist: Bucky Barney, Carnage, Deadpool, Deathlok, Forge, The Hood, Hulk Buster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Wave

Not only is Deadpool one of the biggest box office hits, but it’s also one of the craziest regeneration engines in the entire Marvel Snap.

With an effect that brings the hero back to hand with its doubled power, which over the course of a few turns can turn Deadpool into one of the most potent cards in the game.

Combine that with Nova, which boosts the power of your fellow heroes after they’re destroyed, and Bucky Barnes’ transformation into the Winter Soldier when knocked down, you can create a move your opponent won’t know how to get around that.

Mystique and Sera Summons

Decklist: America Chavez, Ant Man, Angela, Bishop, Colleen Wing, Dracula, Maximus, Mojo, Mysterio, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, Sera, Star Lord

Building a deck around the combo between Sera and Mystique is a great way to get familiar with summons in Marvel Snap.

Sera allows for faster summons with a continuous effect that subtracts one energy point from the cost of cards in your hand.

Mystique does like in the movies and serves as an amazing mime, copying the last continuous effect you played.

That adds up to -2 to the energy cost in her hand, which might not seem like much, but trust me when I say it is.

Wong Specter

Decklist: Ant-Man, Armor, Colossus, Cosmo, Ebony Maw, Goose, Lizard, Mystique, Mister Fantastic, Quinjet, Spectrum, Wong

As we mentioned earlier, understanding card combinations is critical to finding your way in this game, and there are few better ways to do that than using Wong and Spectrum.

Wong’s effect is simple enough as it causes reveal effects at a set location to happen twice.

Combine that with Spectrum’s On Reveal effect that grants you two more power, and you can boost four more power for your heroes in a single playthrough.

There’s another trick to this deck as well, with many players choosing to include a variety of continuous effect heroes that help control the field.

The best of the bunch are Mister Fantastic, Goose, and Lizard, but it’s also a good idea to include a copy of Ant-Man to benefit from control over the field with three more power-ups possible.

Best Meta Marvel Snap Decks

If you’re too heroic to play with beginners, don’t worry, we have the best Marvel Snap decks to play online.

As more cards hit the game, we’ll be back to update these Marvel Snap decklists with the newest superhero sets.

Deathpool Suicidepool

Decklist: Bucky Barney, Carnage, Deadpool, Death, Deathlok, The Hood, Hulk Buster, Killmonger, Nova, Taskmaster, Wave

This deck is packed with card effects that use self-destruction as a means of taking away opponents’ cards, boosting your hero’s points, and summoning the mighty entity of Death itself.

Death’s effect makes it easy to play with her on the field, costing one less energy point for each card destroyed in the game, and with the kamikaze effects of Deadpool, The Hood, Venom, and more, you can easily summon her on the last turn.

Zemo Sum

Decklist: Angela, Bishop, Carnage, Lizard, Maximus, Mysterio, Red Skull, Sera, Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Zero

Sera is one of the most appealing and overpowered cards available in the current Marvel Snap roster, with an effect that lowers the energy cost of cards in your hand.

Combine this with Zero, a true card trap that cancels the next effect used, and you can quickly find yourself in a dominant position in the game.

Add Taskmaster to benefit from powerful summons and you’ll be on your way to defeating opponents.

Patriots, Drones and Clones

Decklist: Blue Marvel, Debrii, Ka-zar, Mister Sinister, Misty Knight, Mystique, Onslaught, Patriot, Shocker, Squirrel Girl, Ultron, Wasp

This deck combines two separate strategies to create one of the most popular Marvel Snap decks in the current meta. The first half of the idea behind this deck is in the synergy between Patriot, with an effect of increasing the power points of ineffectual cards by two, Ka-zar, which gives one more power point to heroes who have only one to principle, and some apparently weak cards like Wasp, Misty Knight and Shocker.

If all that wasn’t enough, Blue Marvel also appears in some combinations of this set, increasing the game’s power points with one plus one continuum.

The second part of this deck’s overall strategy is to fill the playing field with low-cost tokens – we’re calling them tokens for lack of a better word, they are heroes on the field without original cards, but are created by the effect of other heroes, like chips in other card games.

Cards like Ultron, Debrii, and Squirrel-Girl can create tokens, and these tokens also receive the power point boost from Blue Marvel and Kaz-ar.

To close this awesome deck on a high note, add a copy of Onslaught, which launches this deck into supreme appeal territory by doubling the effect of any ongoing effects in play.


Decklist: Nova, The Hood, Armor, Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Colossus, Deathlok, Green Goblin, Killmonger, Warpath, Hobgoblin, Destroyer

This is one of the more complicated Marvel Snap decks to understand, with many effects that can only work if you play smart combos.

There are several ideas at play here, from using the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin to occupy locations on your opponent’s side of the field while lowering their overall power points.

It still has the destruction effects, just like the Deathpool deck, but with the added bonus of the Destroyer as a high-cost monolith capable of taking over an entire location all by itself.

Extra: the Worst Marvel Snap Deck

Yes, this is where I put myself in the eyes of the world as a terrible deck builder. I don’t find it very fun to play in the meta.

I’m one of those people who looks at a highly competitive, strategic card game and thinks, “Wow, it would be really cool to roleplay the X-Men.”

So, without further ado, let’s get to the deck. Remembering: We absolutely do not recommend that you play with the deck below, unless you want to lose a lot.

To Me, My X-Men!

Decklist: Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Forge, Armor, Colossus, Domino, Multiple Man, Wolverine, Bishop, Wolfsbane, White Queen, Professor X

Yes, it’s a complete disaster. Without any strategies, synergy, or combos, this deck was created by putting together seemingly random cards.

Card-to-Card Analysis – First Turns

Usually the game starts with Quicksilver in hand and I quickly choose some random scenario to play it.

Nightcrawler can appear along with it and I try to use some scenario advantage to increase its power, usually without much success.

Forge tries to do something for the next summoned card, but I don’t quite understand how it works and sometimes it doesn’t give any bonuses.

Armor is absolutely useless and I’ve never seen any cases where it was of any use, but she’s an X-Man and you can be sure I’ll use her.

Colossus can be good in low-power scenarios, but it’s quickly overshadowed by decks with better strategies.

Domino appears in the second round, doesn’t do much, and is often not even played. But I like her because she is Deadpool’s partner, a card that would definitely be in my deck if I had him.

Card-to-Card Analysis – Endgame

Multiple Man isn’t of much use either. Although his skill is very good, I don’t have any cards that move others so it stays there for decoration purposes while my opponent beats me up with better cards.

Wolverine is an iconic character, very cool, but useless because he’s almost never destroyed. When it is, it’s luck, because the opponent failed in some strategy to destroy a card more beneficial to them.

Bishop is a power one card that costs three energy to play. The high point? He gets one more power for each card played. However, when I get to play it it, the game is already halfway through and it won’t gain much more power.

Wolfsbane is probably the only card that works in this deck, as I fill the field with very weak cards. It grants 7 power points and is the most you will get in any game with this deck.

Playing the White Queen is making an insane bet. You depend on your opponent having a good card in his hand so you can draw it and pray that it will be useful at the end of the game.

Professor X is indispensable to me. Because he’s really cool, not because of his skill.

It locks the field the way it is when it enters and doesn’t allow anything to change on it, which can leave me in a very bad scenario, because the opponent can still turn the tables on the same turn.

And since Sir Charles has only 3 power, he rarely holds an endgame scenario with that difference, with its 5 cost.


And no, if you’re a seasoned person in comics and the X-Men mythology, stop wondering if this lineup even makes sense. It doesn’t, but they were the cards I thought were the coolest among the ones I had.

Above all, this deck is a testament to the fact that playing in the meta isn’t always a lot of fun and you should enjoy the game however you see fit.

All in all, make your own decks, try different strategies and let me know if you can win a game with this crap.