The 18 best Brazilian shows on Netflix right now!

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If you like watching Netflix shows, you must be aware that the platform just loves to make its own original content. And luckily, the quality in these productions has not only increased, but they’ve also diversified. That is to say that we can watch more and more foreign TV shows there. In this article, we will cover only the best of the Brazilian shows available on Netflix.

A really good thing when it comes to these shows is that, as is usual, you will be able to find a myriad of different genres and themes. The result is a guaranteed field day for anyone who likes watching varied and different shows. To learn all about them, just check out our list down below!

1. The Mechanism

To start off, we have one of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix that got the most famous. That is due to the fact that it was made by the director of the well-known Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite), and that it talks about several sensitive themes.

It is particularly focused on the “Operation Car Wash”, which was known for revealing countless political corruption schemes in Brazil. While the show does have many real elements, it’s good that you keep in mind most of them are fictional.

That is true not only to the characters, but also to what they talk about and even what happens. As this was not widely talked about by the director, many fans complained that the show spread a lot of fake news about real people, so keep that in mind.

For those who are fans of spy shows or suspense shows, this is a pretty safe bet. Check it out by following this link!

The Mechanism

2. The Chosen One

Going down a somewhat different path from the previous alternative in our list, The Chosen One is not that well-known, comparatively. However, that is not to say that it is any less interesting or worth watching.

Its plot focuses on three doctors who travel to a small village in the swamps to treat those who were infected by the Zika virus. The problem is that the place keeps many more secrets and mysteries than they could fathom.

Due to that, they will have to face many more dangers than just the virus. It’s also worth mentioning that The Chosen One is based upon a Mexican TV show called “Niño Santo”, if you want to see it as well.

To watch the full episodes, just follow this link!

3. Killer Ratings

Next up, we also have a great documentary TV show that’s been on Netflix for the past two years. Killer Ratings tells the story of Wallace Souza, an old host for a cop and political show in Manaus.

Although he spent many years denouncing serious crimes on TV, he was accused of taking part in them. The most interesting part of it all is that each episode presents proof and eyewitnesses from either side.

In the end, it can get hard to know just who is actually being truthful and what happened in the case. If you’re looking for something to binge-watch, this is easily the best of the Brazilian shows on Netflix.

To see more, follow this link.

4. Reality Z

Another of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix, we also have Reality Z. While it does have a relatively common theme when it comes to American shows and movies, we can say that zombies invading Rio de Janeiro are much less expected.

When they are faced with this threat, participants in a reality show look for shelter in a TV studio. However, they have no idea what kind if dangers they can find even while inside.

If you want to watch it, go to Netflix!

5. Nobody’s Looking

For those who are into comedies, we will suggest Nobody’s Looking. It is much more fantasy-driven than most of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix, and as such it is a good idea.

Its plot focuses in a newly-created angel called Ulisses. After he gets his tasks and assignments, he starts to question them and decides that he’ll rebel against the system.

Along the way, he forges alliances and discovers some very worrisome things about this angel and human system. You can see more by following this link.

Nobody's Looking best Brazilian shows on Netflix

6. Good Morning, Verônica

Good Morning, Verônica is one of the newest of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix, and it is a good option for those who have already watched most of the suggestions and are looking for something new. Following the same path as many Brazilian productions, it has a more investigative suspense-driven theme.

The story is about a police officer who is looking into a sexual predator, but she ends up finding out about a couple with many secrets. In the middle of all of that, she still is faced with a very stressful corruption scheme. To check it out, go to Netflix.

7. Samantha!

The show Samantha! is another very good idea for those who are looking for more recent additions to the best Brazilian shows on Netflix. Its plot is focused on an old kids’ show host, just like those we got to know in the 1980s and the 1990s.

In this story, we see Samantha doing everything in her power to get famous again, which creates many funny and lighthearted situations. Check it out right now!

8. Girls from Ipanema

Now we’re talking about what is one of the most well-known options among the best Brazilian shows on Netflix: Girls from Ipanema, previously known as Most Beautiful Thing. It has only two short seasons so far, but it’s expected to be renewed.

Its plot is set entirely in 1950s Rio de Janeiro, and it has three women as the main characters. The plot starts when Malu, Adélia, and Thereza decide to open up a bar in the city.

As women were still perceived as inferior beings who could do nothing more than housekeep, of course this proves to be a very difficult task. Luckily, they do all they can to overcome each and every challenge along the path.

You can see more by going to Netflix.

9. Brotherhood

For those who are fans of police investigation shows, we recommend you try out Brotherhood. It has a very interesting plot in which an honest lawyer goes undercover in a criminal faction.

She does that in order to save her brother who’s stuck with the crew. However, to achieve that, she needs to unveil several schemes and mysteries, while dealing with many moral issues.

If you think this is an interesting premise, check it out!

10. Sintonia

The show Sintonia is another highlight among the best Brazilian shows on Netflix. Its plot is set in the slums of São Paulo and it follows three young people who need to deal with life in different ways.

Doni, for instance, wants to become a Brazilian funk singer, Rita sells different products in the streets to pay her bills, and Nando gets involved with crime to help his family out. Each episode delves deeper into their lives, which only makes everything more interesting.

If you like the plot, just go to Netflix.

Sintonia best Brazilian shows on Netflix

11. 3%

If we’re talking about the best Brazilian shows on Netflix, we just have to talk about the first of them. The show 3% started off as a short that was released way back in 2011, and it drew Netflix’s attention a few years later.

Luckily, this attention helped the story to be told in a show format. The plot shows us a dystopic future in which young people have a single chance of escaping misery to live a better life by going through a selective process in which only 3% succeed and the rest is sent back.

You can watch it by following this link!

12. Omniscient

Now, if you’ve already watched 3% and you want something that follows a similar vein, we can suggest Omniscient. We say that because this show was created by the same person as 3%, so it certainly is worth a look.

This show is also set in a dystopic future, but here everyone is surveilled 24/7 by drones. In the middle of all of that, we follow Nina, a girl who works in the company that monitors these drones.

The focus of the girl is to throw off the company while she investigates the mysterious death of her father. If you think this is an interesting premise, you just need to follow this link.

13. Super Drags

We just couldn’t go on with our list without talking about at least one Brazilian animated show. In this case, we have Super Drags, which talks about the Brazilian drag queen community.

For those who have never watched it, the show portrays many of the most well-known drag queens in some very funny situations. The best part is that they, themselves, are part of the voice acting cast, including Suzy Brasil, Silvetty Montilla, and Pabllo Vittar.

It’s a safe choice for those who like to watch anime and other sorts of animation. To start watching it, just follow this link.

14. Until Death Do Us Part

For those who enjoy documentary crime shows, Until Death Do Us Part is a great option. Each episode focuses in a different crime, with testimonies by family members, friends, lawyers, and even cops who worked in the cases when they happened.

As the name makes clear, the crimes talked about here have passional motivations. It is worth mentioning that this is obviously a much harder to watch show, so you should keep that in mind.

To see the episodes, go to Netflix!

15. Spectros

If you like w or horror shows, we will recommend that you try watching Spectros. It mixes several elements from both Japanese and Brazilian cultures and explores them to spice up its horror plot.

To sum it up, the show is particularly focused in stories about ghosts of Japanese descendants in Brazil. We will not talk much about it to avoid spoilers, but it’s a good show.

To start watching it right now, just follow this link.


16. Blood Pact

Although most of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix are original productions of the platform, that’s not the case for all of them. This includes the show Blood Pact, which went on air on the Space channel before reaching the streaming service.

The plot is focused in a TV host who is always talking about some very violent pieces of news. All of that in order to get more audience and attention than his competitors.

Unfortunately, in his search for high ratings, he goes much too far in his actions. As you might have noticed, the theme is very similar to Killer Ratings, a show we’ve already talked about.

In fact, the story is about the exact same guy! Well, if you’re interested, just follow this link to watch it.

17. Guerras do Brasil.doc

If you’re more curious about learning about the several wars that have happened in Brazil, we suggest you check out Guerras do Brasil.doc. This is another documentary show, but it is focused in these national wars.

As it is only 5 episodes in length, it is quite easy to watch in a single week. Beyond that, it is also a good recommendation for those who like war shows.

As is usually the case in documentaries in general, there are a lot of experts talking in-depth about each one of these wars. To see the episodes, just go to Netflix!

18. Kissing Game

The last of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix we will talk about is Kissing Game. It was released in the platform less than a year ago, and it is much unlike any of the other shows we’ve talked about.

The plot is set, pretty much, in a school in a community in the countryside. Even though it seems like a normal situation with regular teenagers, the horror starts when a mysterious disease is discovered to be transmitted by kissing.

If you think the concept is interesting, just follow this link.

Kissing Game best Brazilian shows on Netflix

Did you like any of the best Brazilian shows on Netflix?

So, was our list helpful to you in finding out some suggestions on what to watch next? Leave a comment letting us know about your thoughts, as well as other suggestions that would fit in this list!

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