Apps for WhatsApp: discover the 10 best options

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WhatsApp is already a good chat app in its own right and has improved significantly over the years. In part because it received many new features such as the possibility of creating stickers on WhatsApp, putting music on WhatsApp status, and options that improve its use and security in everyday life. Still, many apps for WhatsApp can help you to complement your experience with it.

Some can increase your privacy, while others are great for those who don’t like listening to audio or need the option of autoresponders. If you’re curious, check out the best apps for WhatsApp below!

1. AppLock

Apps for WhatsApp AppLock

WhatsApp already has a way to be locked with a fingerprint. But not everyone has a fingerprint sensor on their smartphone. That’s where AppLock becomes one of the best apps for WhatsApp for those who want more security.

With it, you can create passwords (either from numbers or image patterns) to lock the app. That way, only those who know the password will be able to access your conversations and contacts. Pretty useful, isn’t it?! You can download it for free on your Android via the link.

2. DirectChat

Our next suggestion is DirectChat. It allows you to see your WhatsApp conversations without having to open the app itself. In this case, whenever you want, just open a conversation bubble and you’ll be able to read the messages and respond to them.

It is very similar to what Facebook Messenger already does natively. In this way, you can continue using any other app or game and reply to your friends on WhatsApp.

Definitely, one of the best apps for WhatsApp you will find. You can download it for free on your Android.

3. Transcriber

Apps for WhatsApp Transcriber

We know that not everyone likes to receive audio messages on WhatsApp. Fortunately, Transcriber is one of the apps for WhatsApp that can listen to and transcribe any messages of this type that you receive in the app.

This is also great for anyone who often ends up getting audios at work or school and can’t hear them. Whatever the reason, it can be downloaded for free via the link.

4. SKEDit

SKEDit is great for anyone who needs to schedule messages to be sent via WhatsApp. Of course, it has a more professional appeal, but it can also be used freely by ordinary users.

You can even get notifications when your messages have reached the recipient. It is completely free and available for Android!

5. WhatsApp Wallpaper

Most WhatsApp users like to change the app’s wallpaper with some frequency. But what if you knew about an official wallpaper app for WhatsApp that offers quality images completely free of charge?

That’s exactly what WhatsApp Wallpaper does. It was created by the developers of the chat app themselves, so there’s no reason not to try it out. As everything is always in the right quality and size, just choose and place the Wallpaper you like best. You can check more through the link.

6. Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed

Zapp is a little different from the other apps for WhatsApp. After all, it is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to accelerate and control the speed of audio playback on WhatsApp.

This way, it is much easier to listen to long audio messages, or when you just have little free time. Of course, it’s made to be used with WhatsApp Web, but it’s still good for that.

You can download the extension and learn how to install it on your Google Chrome through the link!

7. AutoResponder

Anyone who uses WhatsApp for professional reasons knows how much the option of automatic replies is lacking. This is one of the apps for WhatsApp that would help a lot with simpler interactions that could be resolved with canned responses.

Fortunately, apps like AutoResponder are available exactly to help you with that. It allows the creation and configuration of automatic and customizable responses.

You can even set times, locations, and bookmarks for names to organize everything efficiently. It’s free and available for Android!

8. Parallel Space

Parallel Space is an excellent app for anyone using two WhatsApp accounts. It allows you to log in to more than one account on multiple social networks at the same time, in case.

Of course, this also applies to WhatsApp, as might be expected. You can download the app on Android.

9. WhatsApp Cleaner

WhatsApp is known for storing just about everything you receive from your friends and groups. Whether photos, audio, or videos, everything ends up being stored and taking up space on your smartphone.

WhatsApp Cleaner is exactly for getting rid of everything you don’t need and free up space. Of course, you have full control over this and you can choose what to remove. The app is free and can be downloaded through the link.

10. Sticker Maker

sticker maker

If you love using and making stickers for chat apps, Sticker Maker might be one of the best apps for WhatsApp. With it, you select the image you want to create your stickers and packages.

The cool thing is that you can do various types of editing, in addition to including emojis and phrases in the stickers. If you want, you can download the app through the link.

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