7 apps to download WhatsApp status

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WhatsApp status works in a similar way to what we see in Instagram and Facebook stories, for example. Therefore, it can be common to see some photos there being updated daily by its users. With that, there may always be someone wanting to save or download WhatsApp statuses in the same way they save some stories from other social networks.

There are some apps that make this relatively simple. In case you were curious, you can check out the best options for apps to download WhatsApp status in our list. See everything in detail below!

1. WhatsApp Status Saver

download whatsapp status saver

To start off our list, we have WhatsApp Status Saver. It is one of the best apps for anyone who wants to download WhatsApp status quickly and easily directly on Android.

It can be used to save videos and photos, so just check the status of your contacts and decide what you want to download. You can check out more about the app at the following link.

2. Status Saver Android

Next, we can recommend Status Saver Android. This app can be used to download WhatsApp status very efficiently, even to save multiple videos and photos at once.

Other than that, it has the option to repost these statuses if you want to share what has been posted by one of your contacts. The app also has its own video player and image viewer.

It is worth mentioning that the application can also be used completely for free. If you’re curious, see more about it through the link.

3. Status Downloader for Android

Status Downloader for Android is our next option on the list. Just like the other alternatives, it helps you download WhatsApp statuses from any of your contacts on your smartphone.

All you have to do is view the status you want to save and choose it. Everything is saved directly to your smartphone’s storage very quickly. You can download the app on your Android.

4. Status Saver

download whatsapp status saver my status

Status Saver is a very simple application that doesn’t deviate much from what the others offer. With it, you can select which WhatsApp status you want to download, as long as the person is in your contacts.

Other than that, it doesn’t have many other extra features and ends up focusing more on its specialty. For that reason, it is well recommended for those who want something quick and easy to use. Check out more and download the app from the link below.

5. Video Status Saver

Video Status Saver is another good suggestion from our list today. With it, you can save and download WhatsApp statuses regardless of whether they are images or videos posted by your contacts.

Like some other apps, you just need to watch or preview the status before downloading it. Fortunately, it’s completely free and very easy to use overall. You can see more about it on your Android.

6. Status Saver for WhatsApp

Our next suggestion, Status Saver for WhatsApp doesn’t have much of a secret either. You view the status you want, select it and choose a category to define it.

Then the app saves the image or video to your Android gallery. The app is extremely simple to download WhatsApp status and doesn’t have many other additional features. Check it out more and download it through the link.

7. Story Saver for WhatsApp

story saver

Our last recommendation on the list is Story Saver for WhatsApp. It can be used to download WhatsApp statuses in a very simple way, either for photos or videos of your contacts.

In that sense, it’s not that different from the other options on our list. You just have to select whether you want photos or videos and it will show you everything available from your contacts.

If you prefer, you can even download all the status content of your WhatsApp contacts. The app is also free and you can download it directly to your Android.

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