How to Download and Use Windows 10 for Free Officially

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Windows 10 was offered completely free by Microsoft for over a year to anyone who already had an older official version of Windows installed on their PC. Of course, some people ended up missing this period or just bought their new computers after the deadline was over. Fortunately, it is still possible to download the Windows 10 installation tool from the official Microsoft website, as you can check it out at this link. In addition, there are three ways to ensure that you can use Windows 10 for free after installing it on your PC. Check out our tips below and also learn how to create a Windows 10 account without Microsoft email.

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1. Enter your current Windows code

Windows 10 for free Windows code

The main way people used to upgrade to Windows 10 from their old versions was by installing the new system and entering the old product key to validate the upgrade.

Somehow this still works and can be leveraged to use Windows 10 for free on your PC. Basically, you have to install Windows 10 and enter the product code for the Windows version you were using until then. To learn how to find out the product key, just click this link to check out our tutorial. Just keep in mind that Microsoft may change this at any time, so this method may not work in the future.

2. Reinstall if you used Windows 10 before

There is a high chance that your computer with the official upgrade to Windows 10 will have a problem and need to be formatted, which would make you have to reinstall the old version of Windows if you only have it available on some media. This situation is much more common than people realize and can be very stressful for those who don’t know what to do.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s servers can recognize when a computer has previously been upgraded to Windows 10. So just use the Windows 10 installation tool (at this link) and everything should validate automatically. If that doesn’t happen, just enter your product code, as we suggested in the previous tip.

3. Do not enter any code

Windows 10 for free Do not enter any code

Finally, there is the simplest way for those who haven’t upgraded before or who don’t have an old official key to enter Windows 10. You can simply download and install the new version of the system and not give any kind of serial number.

You’ll be able to use most Windows 10 functions for free, but you’ll be constantly reminded that you need to activate the system and you won’t be able to use custom settings. Still, this isn’t an issue for most people.

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