Top 15 apps you can use to update PC drivers!

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PC struggles happen all the time. Maybe it’s the difficulty in finding your product key, or maybe you don’t quite know how to navigate the system very well. Trying to update PC drivers is no different: it can be a daunting, boring task, especially for those that have no idea how to do it.

Even then, it’s always a good thing to be sure our components are working well and exactly as we expect them to, even more so if you are looking to use different setups, like two monitors. The good news is that there are multiple software that can help you update PC drivers, even going through the entire process so you don’t have to!

In case you are curious and want to know which applications to use, we curated a list of the very best available today. You may check all of them in detail down below!

1. Driver Booster

Driver Booster update PC drivers

To start off our list, we have Driver Booster. It is easily one of the best programs to update PC drivers totally for free, also being one of the most popular out there.

It is compatible with all the most recent versions of Windows and it is pretty easy to use. You may look for and download updates straight through the app, being able to compare versions there too.

A point working in its favor is that it is able to create restoration points in case your updating goes wrong. You can check it out through this link.

2. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is another reliable software to update PC drivers. It is compatible with a vast majority of Windows versions, can scan for updates available and might even detect possible problems in your PC’s components.

You can set the app to scan for updates in fixed, predetermined dates, a good feature so you don’t have to manually go through the process every single time. Besides that, it downloads the updates by itself. Check out more about it through this link.

3. Driver Genius 20

Driver Genius 20 is an interesting option for you to consider. The software itself is very fast and efficient when it comes to analyzing your PC, downloading drivers and installing the updates.

You may also set how frequent you want these verifications to happen, automatizing the entire process. It also has tools to improve your performance, but keep in mind that Driver Genius is a paid product. Check it out through this link.

4. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is perfect for those that really want to update PC drivers in a careful, safe manner. It is able to backup all the drivers in your PC, guaranteeing a restoration point in case something goes wrong between updates.

All of this is done automatically, so you don’t even have to worry about it. Besides that, it works with any modern Windows system and has an easy to use interface. Download it through this link.

5. DriverPack Solution

update PC drivers DriverPack

DriverPack Solution is another great option. It is one of the most simple to use programs built specifically to update PC drivers, counting with essential options to deal with downloading and installation.

Another useful feature is that it may look for and install updates by itself, so you don’t even have to do it manually. Click this link to download it.

6. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is another free software that we can recommend to update PC drivers. It can download multiple updates at once and you may choose what is updated and what isn’t.

The best part of this software is that it doesn’t need to be installed in your PC, you can only execute it if you want so. This makes it great for people who need to install drivers in more than one PC, since you can carry it in a Flash Drive.

Another great advantage is that there isn’t a limit to how many drivers may be installed at once. You can download it through this link.

7. Driver Talent

Driver Talent is also a very simple app to use if you need to update PC drivers. It does practically everything by itself, you won’t even have to search for drivers yourself.

It can update drivers and fix those that have problems or are just straight up corrupted. Besides that, it is easy to use and compatible with multiple versions of Windows. Check out more by clicking this link.

8. DriversCloud

DriversCloud is another very interesting option among others in this list. It works in your browser, but it is still necessary to download a program that detects hardware information in your PC.

Alongside that, it is able to give you reports about what was updated and more. The process is really different from the other entries in this list, but it’s worth checking out. Click this link to know more about it.

9. DriverIdentifier

DriverIdentifier is another fairly basic software to update PC drivers. It scans your PC to verify what needs to be updated and shows you a list of everything available.

It does that through a HTLM file, which is then used to check with their online database. Having that done, it will give you a link to update each driver. If this got you interested, click this link.

10. Free Driver Scout

free driver scout update PC drivers

And now we have, Free Driver Scout, which is also an interesting option. It basically scans your entire PC, download the drivers and installs them without you needing to do absolutely anything about it.

It is one of the only apps able to function totally automatic. That’s why it is recommended for those not used to this entire process or simply want nothing to do with it. Do you want to update PC drivers stress-free? Give this one a shot.

It is also able to backup everything, in case anything goes wrong. You can download it by clicking this link.

11. Device Doctor

Device Doctor is also a good alternative for those going for ease-of-use. It can be used as a normal software or in its portable version, without you having to install it.

Regardless of the version you end up choosing, it checks with regularity if there updates available for your PC drivers. Whenever if finds anything, it will take you the right website so you can manually download the driver.

Clearly you end up having a little bit more trouble to fix by yourself, but this might be an advantage for those looking to have a little bit more of control over the entire updating process. Check it out through this link.

12. Driver Hub

DriverHub works pretty much the same way as the majority of the apps on this list. It scans your PC, downloads the necessary updates and installs them automatically if you want so.

The cool part is that it is also able to create restoration points. The interface is simple and clean, a great feature for those that are not used to softwares like this. Click the link to download the app.

13. Avast Driver Updater

Even if you don’t use the famous PC antivirus program, you probably already heard of Avast. Well, they also have software specialized for those willing to update PC drivers, known as Avast Driver Updater.

The program itself is great, fast and efficient. It is able to scan your PC and look for updates for your drivers or correct errors such as corrupted files. The problem here is that the option to use it to install drivers is paid. Curious? Click the link!

14. Tweak Bit

Tweak Bit offers a diverse array of services that might benefit your PC, but let’s focus on the driver updating part. The software is able to scan and verify your PC, find the necessary updates and install them.

It is also able to detect if there’s something wrong that needs fixing. The app is totally free and compatible with most Windows versions. Check it out by clicking this link.

15. DriverMax

update PC drivers DriverMax

DriverMax is our next recommendation. It also works pretty well with most modern Windows versions and can scan automatically at set times given by the user themselves.

It is able to report what drivers need to be updated and if there’s any problem to be solved in your PC. The only problem is that it only updates two drivers per day on its free version. In order to check it out, click this link.

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