5 free and easy ways to send an anonymous email!

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Even though we have many great free email services that provide amazing quality, there might come a situation where you need to use something more anonymous and disposable. Whether that is to deal with spam, to sign up to shady websites, or to send an anonymous email and not get recognized.

If you’re looking for good, effective, and simple ways to send anonymous emails, just check out our list down below to learn about some of the best options available right now!

1. Mailinator

Mailinator is a very popular service among those who wish to remain anonymous on the internet. It uses its servers much more effectively to create disposable email addresses without the need for you to even sign up before using it!

All you need to do is to make up an email address you like on Mailinator and use it as you need, whether it is for signing up to untrustworthy websites or to send a message to someone. You can even check your messages whenever you want, entirely for free! Follow this link to learn more about it.

Mailinator send an anonymous email

2. Anonymouse

Anonymouse is one of the oldest of the services to send an anonymous email, and it is really popular and trusty at what it does. Unfortunately, the website’s age means that its interface is quite outdated, resulting in a less-than-ideal look.

Even so, the website is used to send more than one million emails per day, which is really impressive. You can send the email you want directly from the homepage, but due to its limitations, you can’t attach any files. You can use it by following this link.

3. CyberAtlantis

If you want to be able to send an email without anyone knowing who’s sent it, CyberAtlantis should be in your mind. In fact, it is one of the safest options in this list, ensuring your privacy.

It does so by stripping off the IP address (basically, what identifies you as you on the web) from your email, making it very hard to trace you. It is entirely free to use, and it doesn’t ask for any of your personal info. Check it out!

CyberAtlantis send an anonymous email

4. Guerrilla Mail

If you’re looking for something that’s lightning-fast, we recommend you try using Guerilla Mail to send an anonymous email. It offers a disposable and self-destructive email service, which makes your newly created account get deleted in at most an hour.

This is pretty much the best option available if you don’t want to create a new account or sign up just to have an anonymous email address. Even though it is not possible to use the email account for any longer, the service is quite useful. Go to the official website to see more!

5. 10 Minute Mail

Last on our list is 10 Minute Mail, a very similar service to GuerillaMail. However, it does let you make your account last longer before it gets inevitably deleted. You can use the service particularly if you want to sign up to websites, leave comments, or receive messages.

Even though it is possible to respond to messages you receive, it is not possible to use the service to create and send new messages to other people. While this might be considered to be a downside, 10 Minute Mail is extremely effective at what it does. You can learn more about it by following this link.

10 Minute Mail send an anonymous email

Did you like any of our tips on how to send an anonymous email?

Was our list helpful to you in finding a new good way through which you can send emails without the recipient knowing the source? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to also learn how to block unknown calls on iPhone and how to block apps on Windows!

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