Trends in logo design 2022
Trends in logo design 2022
Trends in logo design 2022

Trends in logo design 2022

The twenty-first century is an amazing time. Progress is rapidly moving forward, changing everything around. This can be seen in the world of marketing as well, with many 2022 logo trends deviating significantly from last year’s trends. But some requirements, nevertheless, remained unchanged.

To create a worthy competition in today’s market, a company needs to keep up with current trends and transform its logo design in accordance with them. To make a logo, use the service Turbologo.

This article presents the most popular logo trends logo deisgn 2022. Among them are design options that take us back to a bygone era, such as the creation of bright neon pictures and inky black and white fonts.

The complex animations and 3D gradients popular last year can still be used. In general, many ideas are based on the same points that have been studied by specialists for a long time, but there are some additions that make them unique. So let’s get started!

1. Animation














Logo author: younique

Animated logos are still at the height of fashion. Now they are created using new technologies, which is interesting and useful for the brand. The 2022 logo design combines 2D and 3D animation, endowing the logo with multiple moving parts.

Playing with details and creating artistic drawings of varying complexity will surely attract the attention of the target audience, so do not neglect these techniques. Also, it is worth considering that 2D and 3D can hold the viewer’s attention longer than simple animation.

Most likely, this trend will be relevant for more than one year.

2.3D gradients

Logo author: Kazal Islam

3D gradients are getting more and more popular. They are an ideal solution in today’s society, where all people literally “live” on smartphones.

Designers have a positive attitude towards gradients. The latter helps to revive any colors, making them unique and dynamic. 3D effects, with which specialists complement fashion logos, have a conical shape, approaching the central plot.

Professionals who have just started their careers can start to master parameters such as depth, shadows and 3D effects to create a relevant and useful product. The Turbologo service will be useful for both beginners and professional designers.

4. Beauty in simplicity

Simplicity is not only a fashion trend in logo design, but also a great solution that allows you to implement many styles. The success of this trend is based on practicality, comfort and aesthetics.

The viewer’s eyes rest when they look at a logo with this design. Modern man is surrounded by a lot of informational noise, and thanks to simplicity, these circumstances are mitigated. The most popular example is the popular mass market clothing brand Zara.

5. Let’s play with letters

Logo author: Abdullah Mubin

Letters overlapping each other, destroyed parts of characters, the presence of incompleteness, emptiness in lines and faded segments – such details attract attention for a long time.

But here it is important not to overplay because the inscription should be recognizable. The audience needs to know which brand the logo belongs to.

6. Creative chaos with limits

Trends in logo design

Logo author: VASK®️

The presence of pervasive sloppiness, aggregation and creative association make the logo creative and recognizable. But it should be borne in mind that the main purpose of the composition is to bring it to light, without taking much attention from the designer.

7. Harmonious picture

Trends in logo design

Logo author: Kakha Kakhadzen

This trend is opposite to the previous one. In this case, symmetry and restraint are important. The style is used for graphic emblems, monograms. The resulting logo looks attractive and advantageous.

Of great importance is the font that is chosen for the inscription. It should fit the icon, complementing it. This requirement also applies to the color palette used to create the image.


8. Handwritten inscriptions

Trends in logo design

Logo author: ForSureLetters

Emblems with inscriptions, as if written by hand, convey information about the brand most accurately. This format looks realistic and “alive”, striking to potential customers. But it is important that the logo is attractive and readable.

In general, when choosing a handwritten font, preference is given to the classic versions of calligraphy. The inscription is beautiful, romantic and sophisticated. Such a logo is a great option for companies that provide beauty services or sell sweet food products and children’s products.

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