pCloud: A cloud storage app for a lifetime!

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pCloud is a fully secure Swiss online storage company that allows users to save, synchronize and share documents, photos, music, and videos.

With it, you can store all your files and folders, in a user-friendly interface that clearly shows where everything is.

The software is available for almost all devices and platforms: iOS and Android devices, MacOSX, Windows operating system, and all Linux distributions.

Created in 2013, pCloud now has 14 million users and is growing rapidly. The company has two data region options: Luxembourg and USA.

The data centers used by pCloud were selected after an intense risk assessment so that they could provide the highest quality and reliability

pCloud is already making its mark in the market and is constantly gaining share by offering, among other things, free hosting of up to 10 GB, with access to all your devices and with inviolable security.

Cloud storage has been more and more frequent. Both large companies and home users are opting for this service.

This is an increasingly secure option and allows for faster recovery in case of loss, also allowing you to access your files from other devices and better yet, from anywhere.

Read until the end to learn all about pCloud and why it is such a great option!

But first, watch this video, which is a real tour of how it all works:

Instant sync between apps and easy access

Companies are increasingly investing in new technologies, also thinking about facilitating the daily lives of users. People are looking for more convenience in their daily lives, looking for more and more technologies that allow them to save more time in their tasks.

access and synchronization

pCloud thought exactly about making life easier for users when the problem is accessibility. How can I access that document I saved on my PC when I’m currently just using my smartphone?

So with pCloud, this is possible as it offers an instant file synchronization service between all your computers, phones, and tablets.

You can access your data via a mobile app or via the WEB interface. All you need is an internet connection. It’s easier than ever.


You know that unpleasant situation of losing or having a cell phone stolen or when our computers completely break down? The first reaction is to think of all your files and data that were there.

That’s when we remember the backup. And then there’s the fact of whether it’s up to date or not.

When you back up to iCloud, in addition to keeping your files securely, it recovers old versions within up to a year.

Besides, it’s very easy to access your PC files from any device. pCloud is available in desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux), mobile (Android and iOS), and web versions.


On pCloud, you can share presentations of your new project with your colleagues or your family vacation photos.

It’s pretty simple, you can share files and folders in just one click, creating download and upload links to send to people in your contact list.

Anyone with access to the link will be able to view and download the shared files from any browser.


Companies are constantly looking to introduce new technologies to ensure process optimization, data security, and cost savings. People feel more secure when their data is in a place that only they, or authorized people, can access.

When it comes to security, pCloud is one step ahead of its competitors.

As a user, you can enable client-side encryption for your sensitive files.

pCloud Encryption is an additional layer of file protection that encrypts your files before they are uploaded to pCloud servers, preventing the possibility of data leaks or unauthorized access.

pCloud Encryption password cannot be recovered.

Authentication is not a substitute for a password. But there’s more access control when you log in from a new device that you haven’t marked as a trusted device.

With this in mind, pCloud has two-factor authentication, further protecting your account, ensuring more security when asking you to enter an additional code when connecting to pCloud.

Additionally, the company is headquartered in Switzerland and complies with Swiss privacy laws, which are the strictest with regard to people’s data.

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