7 best online guitar tuners for browsers

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If you need to tune your guitar, but you still can’t do it without the help of some extra tool, you might want to use one of the best external online guitar tuners in your browser.

Therefore, we have selected the best guitar tuners online, so that whenever you play your instruments, they sound good.

1. Jam Nerd

This is easily one of the best online guitar tuners, which aims to be a free platform for independent musicians. It has many useful tools, news about the world of music, and various tips.

Among the features, you will find an online tuner and a metronome, both free. The tuner is very easy to use and works based on a chromatic system, identifying the note you are playing. Click on the link to go to the official page.

2. Cifra Club

This is an extremely interesting alternative, which also has a tuner in the form of apps. The tuner found here is the same as the app, which works chromatically.

On the site, you can find numbers for countless different songs, searching by styles, most famous artists, and other categories, as well as lyrics of the songs you like the most. It is also possible to learn to play several instruments, including the piano, using this website. Follow the link if you want to use this tuner.

3. Pro Guitar Tuner

This is one of the best options among online guitar tuners, which has a huge amount of tuning options. In it, you can tune by ear, choosing from a large number of presets, with options for various instruments.

You can also use your microphone to use the chromatic tuner, which identifies which key you’re playing and tells you if it’s right or not. It supports guitars and acoustic guitars with up to 13 strings. To use, follow the link.

4. Tune-O-Matic

This is one of the online guitar tuners options that does not offer a chromatic tuner, requiring the user to tune by comparing the emitted tone with that of their guitar. It’s on our list because of the immense amount of options available.

Some of them are the possibility to tune instruments from 5 to 12 strings, repeat the note, and move forward, and automatically to the next string. Furthermore, it offers a good number of tuning presets that you can use. Click on the link to use.

tune-o-matic online guitar tuners

5. Jamplay

Jamplay is yet another music learning platform, offering a variety of courses for both beginners and more advanced users. It has more than 100 teachers, distributed between guitar and electric guitar.

The website has several tools, including online guitar tuners. Among them, is an extensive chord dictionary and a tool that identifies which chord you are playing. The site also features a chromatic tuner and an ear tuner, as well as a metronome in which you can control the number of beats and the speed of it.

If you want to use this platform to improve your musical skills, or simply use it as one of the online guitar tuners, head over to the official website.

6. Tuner Online

This is another one of the best online guitar tuners options, offering a very complete chromatic tuner. To be able to use it, you need to have a microphone on your device.

Just play a string and the site will detect what you are playing and indicate how well-tuned the string is, saying if it is necessary to tighten or loosen it more. It allows several alternative tunings, in addition to having an ear tuner. To use it, go to the official page.

7. Fender Tuner

We come to the last item on our list, one of the online guitar tuners that are developed by one of the most famous instrument companies, Fender. In it, you can choose between a guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele, to tune your favorite instrument.

It has a good variety of different tunings, in case you want to play a song that doesn’t use the standard one. Unfortunately, it does not offer a chromatic tuner, being available only by ear, and recommended only for more experienced people. If you want to use it, follow the link.

fender tuner online guitar tuners

So, what did you think of our list of the best online guitar tuners?

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