12 very fun WhatsApp games you can try!
12 very fun WhatsApp games you can try!
12 very fun WhatsApp games you can try!

12 very fun WhatsApp games you can try!

Even though our daily lives are so hurried all around, sometimes we just have nothing to do, oddly enough. Of course, there are a lot of different video streaming services through which you can watch the best shows, but we just need more interaction. As going outside is not that easy nowadays, it’s a good idea to send some fun WhatsApp games to your friends and family.

In this article, you’ll find many different quizzes, games, and questions you can send anyone through this messaging app. For that reason, check out down below several very fun WhatsApp games you can send anyone on the internet!

1. The Hidden Tiger

A very simple, yet interesting option, among the most fun WhatsApp games is this one. Here, you (or whomever you send it to) must find the hidden tiger in the image. Seems easy, but it’s hard.

The Hidden Tiger fun WhatsApp games

The answer is:

This puzzle manages to make you think the answer is something, when in fact it’s something entirely different. You’ll find the words The Hidden Tiger written in the stripes!

2. Harry Potter

One of the biggest sagas (and franchises) around the world is Harry Potter and, as such, there must be at least one game about it here. This is a pretty simple one, in which you have to choose which one is your favorite character, choosing from two options in each line!

Harry Potter fun WhatsApp games

3. WhatsApp tic tac toe

Everyone knows of the good old tic tac toe, widely played by everyone. Now, you can also have fun with it on one of the WhatsApp games! To do so, you need to use three emojis: the empty square, the red X, and a donut. After you decide who starts and who uses what symbol, the first player will create a board with nine empty squares.

Then, they will place their first X or donut. The next player will to their mark, and you can’t place your symbol where there’s already one. To win, you need to form a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. Check out down below an example match.

WhatsApp tic tac toe

4. Find the number

Another fun, yet simple game is this one, in which the person who receives it has to find a number, among many others. The image shows a long list of numbers, and all of them are the number 9. Among them, there is a single 8 hidden, and you must find it!

Find the number fun WhatsApp games

The answer is:

The number 8 can be found in the 19th  column from the left, and the 9th row from the bottom.

5. Tool test

In this, among the fun WhatsApp games, you will need to combine logical thinking with maths. Each tool has a set value set to it, and you must figure them out. Then, using the result from each of the three equations, you’ll discover them and be able to solve the last problem.

Tool test

The answer is:

  • The screwdriver is worth 5;
  • The gear is worth 10;
  • The bolt is worth 1.

Now comes the real trick, where if you remember your math classes will be shown. In arithmetics, it’s important to always remember that multiplication and division take priority over adding and subtracting.

As such, the right thing to do is to multiply the screwdriver with the gear. Only then will you add the bolt to the result of the previous multiplication. Taking that into account, the correct answer to the equation is 51.

6. Favorite foods

Another great option among the WhatsApp games that you can send anyone is about food. After all, everyone likes talking about what kinds of food they like!

It is pretty straightforward: you will send an image that offers several food icons, and the people who receive the image need to choose one from each line, typically by circling around them.

Favorite foods fun WhatsApp games

7. Translate from images into words

One of the most fun WhatsApp games requires that you and your friends translate what is written using emojis into actual real English words.

Translate from images into words fun WhatsApp games

The answer is:

Can you be ready at five?

8. Find the mistake

One of the most classic among the WhatsApp challenges and games is this one. If it is new to you, you’ll have fun for sure! The goal is to find a mistake in the image.

Find the mistake fun WhatsApp games

The answer is:

If you think you’ll find the mistake in the numbers, you’re wrong: it is in the sentence, where the word the is repeated two times.

9. What animal do you see?

This is a pretty simple personality test. All you need to do is to share this image to your Status and ask which animal was seen first.

What animal do you see? fun WhatsApp games

The answer is:

  • Horse: you are a patient and attentive person to all around you. You tend to have good judgment even at the hardest times;
  • Bull: you are a confident person, who’s a born leader. You also tend to despise hypocrisy;
  • Bear: you’re an empathetic person who knows how to calmly listen to other people’s problems.

Which one of them are you? Let us know!

10. Emoji dare

A great WhatsApp game you can post to your Status, in this one you will send an image asking your friends to choose an emoji and message you. When they do so, you’ll send them a dare and ask that they complete it. Send the following:

Choose an emoji from this image and I will send you a dare you must complete. Let’s have some fun with another of the WhatsApp games!

Emoji dare fun WhatsApp games

These are the dares:

  • Tell me a secret about you;
  • Tell me about a bad moment you’ve been through;
  • Tell me something that you’ve never told me;
  • Tell me something about me that I don’t know;
  • Give me a kiss;
  • Hug me next time we meet;
  • What do you find attractive about me?
  • Tell me your darkest secret;
  • What do you think about me

11. Tank test

In this logical thinking challenge, you’ll need to figure out which water tank will fill up first.

Tank test

The answer is:

The tank #1 fills up first, as it is receiving water constantly. Only after it is entirely full will the other tanks start to fill up.

12. Exit the maze

Last, this is a pretty classic child’s game that you can find in puzzle magazines. In what is one of the most fun WhatsApp games, you will send an image asking that people try to find the exit for the car.

Exit the maze fun WhatsApp games

The answer is:

The car can only take exit C.

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