The biggest Instagram picture editing trends in 2023!

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We have created for you an overview of all the biggest Instagram picture editing trends in 2023.

Even if you take into account that “no longer just a square photo-sharing app” as was recently stated by Instagram director Adam Mosseri, we can’t overlook how important image quality is.

Initially, the app offered just a few image editing features to post on your feed.

Over time and considering the needs of users, filters for Stories were created. These filters were so successful that they were recently incorporated into Reels.

Anyway, whether in your feed, reel edits, creation of stories, or IGTV, the concern with appearance and images will never stop being important.

In addition to all this, we have to consider the pandemic moment and the explosion of network users, which has grown a lot all over the world.

Many companies and small businesses, who had not yet understood the power of social media for business, started a race for sales.

This exposure has led many content creators to specialize in photography tips for posting on networks and creating various filters.

Food, fashion, and beauty are some of the fastest-growing niches that most need to be connected to suggestions and trends for good images and photo edits on Instagram.

So speaking of trends, for 2023 we can expect many consistent color tones with subtle adjustments. That is strong and well-defined colors with small editing interventions.

Ready to explore the latest trends and spice up your posts?

1. Desaturated tones

The much-loved saturation fad is lagging behind.

For 2023 we are considering low brightness, not much sharpness, and an incredible reduction in bright colors.

The most popular use of the trend is to soften the light in images that create a little color cast.

You can achieve this effect by decreasing the highlight and glow.

Editing can be easily accomplished on your own phone device, or in your camera settings.

Also, consider installing photo and video editing apps like Tezza and VSCO.

Desaturated tones Instagram picture editing trends

In Tezza, try the “Cocoa” filter and in VSCO, try to decrease the brightness and apply some of the most popular filters, “M5” and “A4”.

However, if your profile doesn’t use a dark feed, don’t be discouraged.

You can even decrease the saturation and increase brightness and get beautiful and clear images.

2. Raw and unedited

Growing in speed, this trend of not editing pictures has gained traction on Instagram in the last year.

Our need for connection sharpened the exhibition of more intimate and natural moments, without so many edits. We can already see a large number of content creators and influencers adopting this practice in their feeds.

Proof of this is the BeReal app, in which you can’t edit absolutely anything. If you don’t know about this new social network, we recommend you read this article to learn how it works.

This type of “non-editing” helps connections between the design and the user, something that brands are constantly looking for on the networks. Far from looking for images of perfection, as in the past, brands are now showing themselves to be more vulnerable and authentic.

Not that there aren’t minor tweaks and subtle edits, but the moment calls for more honesty.

Raw and unedited Instagram picture editing trends

3. Text overlays (especially in Reels!)

Viral Reels with songs and formats are here to stay.

One of these editing options is text overlays on images or videos. Adding texts, with different fonts, that change at specific times, along with the beats of the songs, makes your publications even more remarkable.

Aesthetically pleasing, these edits can be achieved in Reels itself, on the Instagram platform, or in apps like InShot.

Some of these applications have few font options, but they allow you to import different fonts and use them in your creations.

4. Pink, its shades and filters

One of the biggest Instagram picture editing trends of summer 2023 is pink.

The color is so popular that the High Fashion Summer collection by Dolce & Gabbana brings several shades of this color that conveys femininity, delicacy, and desire.

Bet on filters and the tones you prefer to give your Instagram grid a charm.

There are several free editing apps and presets to help recreate this effect. Storyluxe, Tezza, VSCO (C4), and the Pink Papaya app have their own versions of this filter.

Instagram picture editing trends pink

5. Lights and reflections

This strong trend toward photo editing already appears in the Instagram feeds of influencers and content creators. Brands that focus on Gen Z have already used these resources to make their photos more attractive.

To recreate this trend, try an editing app like the Pink Papaya app (iOS) to apply reflections, shadows, and the prism feature, or Tezza (iOS and Android) for its light and shadow effects.

Instagram picture editing trends reflection

6. Drama

In this style called high drama, photo edits are more needed as the photographs include some necessary items.

A great success for professional photographers, widely used in wedding and maternity shoots and in large projects, these images can be obtained, on a smaller scale, in some applications.

Check out some important items of this style:

  • Striking or unusual color
  • Super close zooms
  • Something that almost doesn’t seem real
  • Beautiful natural elements like colorful skies
  • High-contrast elements such as black and white colors
  • Light effects
  • Emphasized elements that are larger or appear larger than life.


7. Warm tones

We left it for last, but it certainly is not least, an editing trend, or rather, a style that will draw a lot of attention of many on Instagram in 2023.

Warm tones, which bring us a cozy and rich feeling, will be the darlings this year.

Product photos, interior design, and portraits are ideal styles for this shade.

To recreate this trend, look for presets with reddish-brown tones. Check out Tezza’s “Toasty” and “Warm” series on VSCO for a great starting point.

Photography trends are dictated by considering diverse elements such as techniques that are gaining popularity in projects and even social media filters.

warm tones

Interested in learning about Instagram picture editing trends for 2023?

Stay tuned for news and take the opportunity to tell us which of these options will have space in your feed in 2023.