Choosing Instagram accounts: business, creator or personal?

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Are you wondering what kind of Instagram accounts you should pick for yourself? Are you wondering…

… What are these accounts?

When we create an Instagram account, a personal account is automatically generated. So far so good, but most people are not aware of the other types of accounts, which can be chosen according to their activity on the social network. Instagram is increasingly innovating in its features, and the type of account you choose will determine which features it will or will not have.

There are three types of Instagram accounts, organized into two categories: personal and professional.

Personal account

A personal account offers the basic functions of Instagram and is the only one that allows your profile to be private, that is, you will be able to approve who will be your follower or not, if you want. In this personal account, there is no access to audience or performance monitoring tools for posts, though you can always try a third party application.

This account is for those who just want to have fun, without worrying about results and metrics because the focus here is not on making money!

Professional account

The professional account groups the other two types of accounts – businesses and content creators. Both share the same features, including access to Instagram Insights where you can get information about the reach of publications, charts with evolutions of followers and interactions, in addition to the division of days and hours with better performance of posts created. It is an important function for brands and content creators, helping to understand audience behavior.

But there are also some important differences between these Instagram accounts to note. Business accounts are for businesses that are making money or selling something. These accounts have access to the Creative Studio to manage Instagram, whereas the profiles of content creators do not have this access.

Another notable difference between commercial and content creator accounts is access to music. Most business accounts don’t have the full music library. They have the royalty-free music library, which means their scope is limited.

A feature that is only available in the commercial account is the possibility to enable Instagram Shopping, a must have for those who have an e-commerce! Sponsored advertisements and publications are also exclusive features of professional accounts. The network allows integration with Facebook to trigger publications driven according to the filtered audience.

In summary, if you need scheduling and professional tools, use a business account. If you really need access to all the music for your Reels content and don’t mind booking or using the Creative Studio, choose the content creators account.

How to find out and change your Instagram accounts?

Follow the steps below to see what kind of Instagram account you currently have, or even change it:

Step 1:  go to your profile and touch the 3 lines button on the top right corner:

Don't mind the cat!

Step 2:  tap “Settings”:

Instagram accounts

Step 3:  tap “Account”:

Instagram accounts

Step 4:  tap “Mudar tipo de conta” and you’ll have the option to swap to one of the Instagram accounts you aren’t currently on. If you have a business account, for example, you’ll have the option to swap to a personal or a content creator account.

Instagram accounts

Instagram accounts’ diversification is the platforms way of keeping users engaged. There’s no big disadvantages as long as you are choosing what is properly suited for you and your needs.

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So, have you decided what kind of account is the right one for you?

There’s no rush when choosing Instagram accounts. You can swap at any moment, after all! If this article was any help to you at all, leave us a comment down below!