30 best WhatsApp games for group texts and Status!
30 best WhatsApp games for group texts and Status!
30 best WhatsApp games for group texts and Status!

30 best WhatsApp games for group texts and Status!

We all know that WhatsApp works first and foremost as a messaging app, but you can also use it if you want to have fun, as well. There are a lot of different alternatives among the best WhatsApp games you can use for group texts and on your Status. You can easily challenge your contacts and receive some pretty funny responses.

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To help you out, we’ve selected the ones we consider to be the best WhatsApp games we found. Just don’t forget to hide online status on WhatsApp or even appear offline on WhatsApp without disconnecting if you don’t want your friends to know every time you’re using this app.

That can be quite useful if you end up receiving many answers to the games you post and send, and you don’t have the time to respond to everyone. Without further ado, let’s get to the WhatsApp games!

1. Tool test

This is a very common test that people usually have to learn how to complete in elementary school. In this challenge of your mathematical skills, your friends will have to figure out how much each of the tools is actually worth and solve the last equation, to finally find out the final result!

After the image, you can check out the right answers so you’re able to know if your math checks out!

Tool test

The answers are:

  • Since Screwdriver + Screwdriver + Screwdriver = 15, we can find out that 1 Screwdriver = 5;
  • Since Screwdriver + Gear + Gear = 25 and 1 Screwdriver = 5, we can find out that 1 Gear = 10;
  • Since Gear – 2 Screw Nut = 8 and 1 Gear = 10, we can find out that 1 Screw Nut = 1;
  • Finally, we have 1 Screw Nut + (1 Screwdriver * 1 Gear). Replacing the values, we get 1 + (5*10), which then results in 51!

2. Math dare

Following the same line as the previous challenge, however much harder (and likely one of the hardest you’ll find), we have another one of the math WhatsApp games. You will ask your friends and contacts to answer the last equation by using a few icons and their worth.

The goal is to figure out what each of the three different icons (a teddy bear, a flower, and a ribbon), then to replace the values in each of the equations, and finally find out the answer! You can see the right answer after the image.

Math dare WhatsApp games

This is the answer:

  • The flowers in the first equation have 8 petals each. So, we have 8P + 8P + 8P = 24. From that, we get that 24P = 24, so 1P = 1;
  • The flower in the second equation has 6 petals and the teddies have a ribbon. So, we have TR + TR + 6P = 26. From that, we get that 2TR + 6 = 26, so 1TR = 10;
  • The flower in the third equation has 8 petals, the teddy has a ribbon and we have a loose ribbon. So, we have that R + TR + 8P = 21. From that, we get that R + 10 + 8 = 21. So, R = 3;
  • Finally, in the fourth equation, we have 2 loose ribbons, a teddy bear with a six petal flower and a ribbon, and a teddy bear without a ribbon. So, 2R + ((1TR + 6P) * (TR – R)). From that, we have 6 + (16 * (10 – 3)) and, from that, we get 6 + (16 * 7), which results in 118.

3. Alphabet dare

An alphabet game on WhatsApp, in this one you’ll ask your friends and contacts to choose a letter in the alphabet, from A to Z, so that you can then forward them a dare (or question) they must complete or answer!

These are the dares:

  • A = The quality you like best in yourself?
  • B = What your deepest secret?
  • C = Who is your best friend?
  • D = What is my name on your contact list?
  • E = Choose a nickname for me.
  • F = A song you want to dedicate to me?
  • G = One quality you like about me?
  • H = One thing you hate in my attitude?
  • I = What is the name of your crush?
  • J = What is your relationship status?
  • K = What is the name of your SO.
  • L = What color suits me most?
  • M = Which dress suits me?
  • N = What is your relationship status with me?
  • O = What do you find most attractive in my look?
  • P = Rate from one to 10.
  • Q = Rate my DP out of 100.
  • R = Send me a picture of your crush.
  • S = Send me a picture of what you are doing right now.
  • T = Tell me a secret that you never told me.
  • U = Write my name in your status.
  • V = Call and say I LOVE YOU.
  • W = Delete my number.
  • X = Call me and talk to me for 30 minutes.
  • Y = What was your first impression of me?
  • Z = Where did we first meet?

4. Favorite foods

One of the best WhatsApp games you can post to your Status (but it works on groups as well), has to be about food. That is because everyone enjoys talking about what foods they’re into.

It works pretty simply: here, you’ll send a picture that has a lot of different food icons, and your recipients will have to choose one from each line, usually by circling around them.

Favorite foods WhatsApp games

5. Geometry test

One more math test! In this one you will have to do the math and calculate the correct height of the table (in centimeters). In order to do so, you are given two measurements. It might not be as hard as the previous ones, but if you’re not that good at math you’ll have a hard time for sure!

Geometry test WhatsApp games

The answer is:

First, let’s assign T as the height of the table, C as the height of the cat, and U as the height of the turtle. With that, we can then write down the equations:

  • T + C – U = 170cm;
  • T + U – C = 130cm;
  • Now, the next step is to add both of these equations: T + C – U + U – C = 170cm + 130cm, which gives us 2T = 300cm;
  • Finally, we reach the result that T is 150cm!

6. Emoji dare

Another great alternative among the WhatsApp games to post to your Status, this is an image that asks your friends to choose an emoji and message you. After that, you’ll send them a dare and ask that they complete it. Just send this:

Choose an emoji from this image and I will send you a dare you must complete. Let’s have some fun!

Emoji dare

These are the dares:

  • Tell me a secret about you;
  • Tell me about a bad moment you’ve been through;
  • Tell me something that you’ve never told me;
  • Tell me something about me that I don’t know;
  • Give me a kiss;
  • Hug me next time we meet;
  • What do you find attractive about me?
  • Tell me your darkest secret;
  • What do you think about me?

7. Find the number

A very simple alternative that can be quite fun to send to a group and watch the people racking their brains to find the answer! Here, the image displays a long list of numbers, all of which are “9”. However, there is a number “8” hidden in the midst of them, and the task is to find it!

Find the number WhatsApp games

The answer is:

You can find the number “8” in the 19th column from the left and 9th row from the bottom.

8. Questions dare

If you have an open relationship with your friends in a specific group, or in the family WhatsApp group, this is one of the best games to send. Here, you’ll test how well they actually know you by answering a pretty thorough list. You can also ask that they text you privately the answers. Send the following:

Answer these questions in two minutes to complete this game!

  • 1. How did we meet?
  • 2. Where did you see me for the first time?
  • 3. Who am I to you?
  • 4. Do you trust me?
  • 5. What was your first impression of me?
  • 6. What is my name on your contact list?
  • 7. What do you dislike most about my attitude?
  • 8. Describe with only one word.
  • 9. What do you like most about me?
  • 10. Can I share your answers on my WhatsApp story?

9. Mathematical thinking challenge

If you’re still up for another one of the math games for WhatsApp, there’s also this one! In this one, the goal is the same as in most others: to find out how much each icon is worth, and then find the result to the last equation. Send this image:

Mathematical thinking challenge WhatsApp games

The correct answer is:

  • Since Horse + Horse + Horse = 30, then 1 Horse = 10;
  • Since 1 Horse + 2 Horseshoes + 2 Horseshoes = 18 and 1 Horse = 10, then 1 Horseshoe = 2;
  • Since 2 Horseshoes – 1 Boot = 2 and 1 Horseshoe = 2, then 1 Boot = 2;
  • Finally, we have 1 Boot + (1 Horse * 1 Horseshoe). We can then replace the numbers and reach 2 + (10 * 2), which results in 2!

Did you get it right?

10. Guess the word

A very old-school type of game you can send your friends, in this one they will have to guess a word correctly from a series of hints. Share this with your friends in a group and have them work together for the answer!

  • I am a 5 letter word.
  • Everybody wants to eat me.
  • If you remove my first letter, I become a kind of energy.
  • If you remove my first 2 letters, I become something you need to survive.
  • If you remove my first 3 letters, I become a preposition!
  • If you remove my first 4 letters, I become a drink.
  • What I am?

The correct answer is Wheat. Remove the “W”, it becomes “Heat”. Remove “Wh”, it becomes “Eat”. Remove “Whe” and it becomes “at”. Remove “Whea”, and all that’s left is “t” (just say the letter out loud and you’ll see).

11. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is definitely one of the biggest sagas around the world, and for that reason we couldn’t make a list without including at the very least one of the WhatsApp games that contemplates it. In this one, you’ll have to choose what’s your favorite character on each line.

Each line has only two options, and as stated you have to pick one of them!

Harry Potter WhatsApp games

12. Hidden words

A perception test that’ll show just how aware your friends are, in this the task is that you and your contacts find the four words that are hiddenwithin the image. Just a general tip, you’ll be ablke to find them in somequite unexpected places.

Hidden words

The answer is:

The words are hidden in the objects that represent them. They are:

  • 1. Lamp;
  • 2. Rug;
  • 3. Window;
  • 4. Brain.

Did you manage to find all of them? Let us know!

13. Which tank will fill up first?

We have a really cool logic puzzle among the WhatsApp games to send your contacts in a group or even posta s a Status. You’ll send the image below so that they can try their hardest to find out the correct answer, and it is guaranteed that there will be many wrong answers.

Which tank will fill up first? WhatsApp games

The correct answer is:

The first tank to get full is tank one, since the passage that leads to the second tank is closed. Therefore, no water will go through!

14. Filling a glass

This is the same premise as the previous challenge, but in a somewhat different setting: here, the goal is to figure out which of the glasses will be the first to get filled up.

Filling a glass WhatsApp games

The correct answer is:

If you thought the glass with the number 7 would be the first, you’d be wrong. The beer will first go into the glass with the number 1, then into the one with the number 3. But, since it can’t go to the number 7 nor to the number 6, the number 3 is the first to fill up!

15. Prisoner and the Cells

This is a very different take on the WhatsApp games. It follows a tale: a prisoner died in his cell, number 13 and the question is: how can you take the body out of the prison through Gate number 4 while passing through all of the other cells (but without passing through inhabited cells more than once)?

There is also another version of the puzzle’s tale. It goes:

A prisoner is sick. His cell number is 13 and, due to his sickness, he is allowed to go home. However, he wishes to say his goodbyes to the other inmates before he leaves. The question is, how can he exit through Gate number 4 while seeing the other prisoners only once as to minimize infection risks?

Prisoner and the Cells WhatsApp games

The answer is:

Prisoner and the Cells 2 WhatsApp games

It is relatively easy to complete, just as well as it is to overlook the right answer: The first cell (the one with the number 13) doesn’t have any other prisoners, which means you can go in there as many times as you please!

16. Rearrange the letters

One that’s bound to bring back some good childhood memories is this. The game here is a quite classic one, where you have to rearrange all the letters in order to find the correct words. The dare is:

Rearrange the letters below to form words. Remember: these are 10 household daily items!

  • ckwcloall
  • akoeofbc
  • nilegnifac
  • mresceboeinl
  • rsiomagsrlr
  • bhtdeees
  • ptapwash
  • orimrr
  • bkoo

These are the answers:

  • Wall Clock
  • Facebook
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Mobile Screen
  • Mirror Glass
  • Bedsheet
  • Sunlight
  • Mirror
  • Book

17. Numbers dare

A challenge where you’ll have to ask that your contacts choose a number, so that then you can ask that they complete a task or answer a personal question. Ideally, you can send it in a group chat asking for them to answer privately. Send this:

Choose a number from 1 to 21 and I will send you a number of dares. Complete the one with the number you sent!

These are the dares:

  • 1. What is the first thing you notice in a person when you meet them for the first time?
  • 2. Would you kill anyone if you could? If yes, who s that person?
  • 3. What is your craziest dream?
  • 4. What is the quality you like the most in yourself?
  • 5. What is the quality you’d like to change in yourself?
  • 6. What do you like about me?
  • 7. What do you not like about me?
  • 8. Among everyone you know, who would you marry?
  • 9. Who is your Best Friend?
  • 10. What is your opinion of me?
  • 11. Who is the most important person in your life?
  • 12. What is my contact name on your phone?
  • 13. What nickname do you want to give me?
  • 14. What are the things you like most about me?
  • 15. What is a color that suits me?
  • 16. What relationship status you wish you could have with me? (No cheating)
  • 17. What is the thing you like most about my character?
  • 18. What is the thing you hate most about my attitude?
  • 19. Which type of dress suits me most?
  • 20. Dedicate a song to our relationship?
  • 21. Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 100!

18. Find the mistake

Another classic choice among the best WhatsApp challenges and games for social medias, it is possible to have a good laugh at how you missed the answer. It will just ask that you find a mistake in the image, but if you’ve done any similar sort of game, it might be pretty obvious.

Find the mistake

The answer is:

The mistake is found not in the numbers (as most think), but in the sentence, since the word the is repeated twice.

19. Japanese language

A great alternative to send in group chats on WhatsApp, this is one where you’ll send the following text and ask that everyone in the group answers with their funny Japanese names. Give it a shot!

Ask them to write their names according to the alphabet:

A = ka; B = tu; C = mi; D = te; E = ku; F = lu; G = ji; H = ri; I = ki; J = zu; K = me; L = ta; M = rin; N = to; O = mo; P = no; Q = ke; R = ke; S = ari; T = chi; U = do; V = ru; W = mei; X=na; Y=fu; Z=zi.

20. City names game

This is one of the WhatsApp games where you have to send an image to a group or post it as a Status, and then watch as everyone involved tries to guess the names of the cities just from the emojis!

City names game WhatsApp games

The answers are:

  • 1. New Delhi;
  • 2. Chandigarh;
  • 3. Nasik;
  • 4. Cochin;
  • 5. Bombay;
  • 6. Balucherry;
  • 7. Indore;
  • 8. Calicut;
  • 9. Nagpur;
  • 10. Bhopal;
  • 11. Pune;
  • 12. Guwahati;
  • 13. Agra;
  • 14. Bangalore;
  • 15 Godra;
  • 16. Calcutta;
  • 17. Guntur;
  • 18. Manali;
  • 19. Gulmarg;
  • 20. Mangalore.

21. What’s wrong with this giraffe?

This is another great alternative among the WhatsApp games to post to your Status. Here, you’ll be able to find out which ones of your contacts are the most perceptive. Post the following image:

What’s wrong with this giraffe? WhatsApp games

The correct answer is:

The image is of a giraffe with the skin of a zebra! It’s so obvious it’s incredibly easy to miss. Below, you can see how an actual giraffe looks like:

What’s wrong with this giraffe? 2 WhatsApp games

22. Knowledge test

In this test, you’ll see just how well your friends know you. It’s a simple list of questions for them to answer. They are as follows:

  • 1. What’s my birthday?
  • 2. Who am I for you?
  • 3. What are my bad habits?
  • 4. What’s a quality of mine you like?
  • 5. What’s something I love?
  • 6. Which word do I say the most?
  • 7. What’s my favorite color?
  • 8. What’s my favorite food?
  • 9. Can I post your answers on my WhatsApp story?

23. Translate from images into words

An interesting and fun alternative, this is one that’ll require people to translate what’s written in the emojis to form actual words.

Translate from images into words

The answer is:

Can you be ready at five?

24. Guess the movie name

Very similar to the one where you had to figure out the cities from the emojis, in what is one of the best WhatsApp dares and games you’ll have to find out the name of the movies!

Guess the movie name WhatsApp games

These are the correct answers:

  • 1. Chennai Express;
  • 2. Kalicharan;
  • 3. Raju Chacha;
  • 4. No One Killed Jessica;

25. Mistake dare

Pretty similar as another we’ve already talked about, but now in plain text. Just send the following!

Check and tell me if you find any miskate:


If you got all the way here and didn’t see any mistakes, check again! The spelling of “mistake” is wrong.

26. The Hidden Tiger

Another one of the best WhatsApp games, in this one you have to find the hidden tiger. It might seem like an easy task, but it isn’t.

The Hidden Tiger WhatsApp games

The answer is:

The puzzle diverts the attention from the right answer. There is no actual tiger hidden, but the words “The Hidden Tiger” are written on the tiger using its stripes.

27. How many flutes?

A game in which your contacts have to find the flutes hidden in the image, this is very fun to do and not as easy as it seems, since the flutes are very well hidden. For a hint, see below the image:

How many flutes?

The first and most obvious of the flutes can be found by the tree branch above the flutist’s head. All the other flutes look just like it.

The answers are:

The image below contains all the flutes indicated by numbers:

How many flutes? 2 WhatsApp games

28. How many squares?

This is one in which you’ll have to count how many squares are in the image, something that can get really confusing. Share to your Status to see who among your friends can answer!

How many squares? WhatsApp games

The correct answer is: There are 11 squares (after all, a rectangle isn’t a square!).

29. Find the face

Similar to some others, in this of the WhatsApp games the goal is to find the image that’s hidden in the image.

Find the face WhatsApp games

The answer is:

The face is at the bottom right of the image, around one inch from the bottom. It is circled in the image below:

Find the face 2 WhatsApp games

30. What’s wrong with the image?

To finish off the list, there’s this one, in which the goal is to find out what’s wrong in the image.

What’s wrong with the image?

The answer is:

The bench doesn’t have support. That is, the three women are just kind of floating!

Did you like any of the best WhatsApp games?

Let us know in the comments if you already had used any of them or if you enjoyed them, and don’t forget to also check out how to share Instagram link on WhatsApp, the best apps to get Instagram followers, the most popular Instagram hashtags, and the best Android games!

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