The 80 best Facebook bio quotes to use in 2022!

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Creating good Facebook bio quotes is not that easy a task. Since the diversity of people in the platform is huge, including work contacts, friends, relatives, and even people you got to know through groups, defining yourself in so few words gets even more complicated.

Some people use motivational quotes, others rely on their religion, and others even simply try to give a quick summary of themselves, including age, work, and studies. But not everyone is that noble, and the internet enjoys having a lot of fun.

For that reason, we looked around and compiled this selection with some of the best and funniest Facebook bio quotes to inspire you in these hard times!

The 80 best Facebook bio quotes

Facebook bio quotes 1

Well, this one has an answer for everything. Even some nerdy references!

  • “My friends are much cooler than yours.”

We’ve never seen someone with such huge self-esteem for others!

  • “I had everything to go right…”

Self-deprecation in its best state.

  • “I’m only in this world to create chaos 👽”

“Some people only want to watch the world burn”, said the Joker in his Facebook bio quotes!

quotes 2

  • “I’m here just for the entertainment.”

This one is here for fun and giggles!

  • “Retired in my mental faculties.”

That’s what you get for not turning in your undergraduate thesis.

  • “Feed me and tell me I’m pretty.”

A dream to many.

Facebook bio quotes 3

  • “Trying to find out why all my earphones last less than one year.”

We can’t be certain, but take better care of them!

  • “Giant radioactive lizard.”

We caught word you won’t be welcomed in Tokyo.

  • “Huh?”


  • “I’m here just for shitposting. If you want to talk business, go to LinkedIn.”

This one is well aware of how to deal with social media platforms and made it very clear in their Facebook bio.

  • “( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

Facebook’s emojis aren’t always enough to express our emotions… but we all know this one!

Facebook bio quotes 4

  • “Send nuggets!”

Follow this person’s advice and send us some nuggets!

  • “Hi.”

How are you doing?

  • “👀”

Keeping an eye on you.

  • “This profile’s user will be notified of your visit.

This person certainly is missing Orkut a lot.

  • “I rarely finish my thoughts”

We wished we could do the same as the Facebook bio quotes suggest, but our articles have to be finished!

  • “what”


  • “…”


 quotes 5

  • “I like turtles”

So do we, but only if they’re ninja turtles who love pizza!

  • “Sometimes it takes me all day long to just not be able to do anything”
  • “I like my bed much more than I like people”
  • “I wish I could go back to being a small child just so I could take a long nap during the afternoon and have everyone congratulate me for waking up”
  • “I sometimes make mistakes to hide my perfection” – Another example of a huge self-esteem in the Facebook bio quotes
  • “I broke a mirror over 7 years ago and the bad luck is still here!”
  • “I can count the number of SO’s I’ve had with a single hand. Holding a calculator.”
  • “If I managed my bank account how I manage my iPhone battery, I’d already be filthy rich”
  • “If you don’t like me but you follow all my steps, honey, you’re my fan!”
  • “I get ignored so often that my nickname should be Terms and Conditions
  • “Love me or hate me. Either way, you’ll be spending your time thinking of me!”
  • “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color”
  • “If disappointment is a good teacher, I’ve already graduated.
  • “Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you of whom I’m jealous”
  • “If everything good is short-lived, then how am I still alive?”

fb on phone facebook bio

  • “DANGER: You can get addicted to me” – Yep, another one who had a lot of self-esteem creating their Facebook bio!
  • “There will always be that person who pisses me off whenever they start talking.”
  • “If time is money, then I’m always late”
  • “I’m half princess and half ninja, and you just have to deal with it!”
  • “If I get sad, I sing to push away the sadness. The problem is that I sing so badly that I get even sadder!”
  • “I do Crossfit. I cross my fingers and hope that I fit into my jeans!”
  • “I’m almost perfect (when I edit my selfies)”
  • “I thought getting old would taking a lot longer”
  • “I found out that pretending to be an adult is exhausting”
  • “Sometimes I feel like I’m smart. Other times, I need to sing the alphabet song in my head to remember which one is the next letter”
  • “Certain people are just like the clouds. When they go away the day becomes beautiful!”
  • “Even my phone’s battery lasts longer than some people’s eternal love”
  • “The only happy ending I know is the weekend”
  • “My cupid likes math: He only brings me problems!”
  • “I like sleeping so much that it’s the first thing I think about when I wake up”

FB facebook bio

  • “Be careful, I carry a knife. You never know when I’ll need to cut a slice of cake”
  • “I get sad when I need to delete someone but they have deleted me first”
  • “They say that dreams tell things about you. I dream in geometric shapes, so I have absolutely no idea what a triangle and a hexagon want to tell me”
  • “Keep spreading these rumors about me: I’m getting famous!”
  • “I always give my best… to take great smartphone pictures
  • “I forgot to go to the gym yesterday. It has been 10 years since I remembered for the last time.”
  • “I’m not lazy, I just live in the battery saving mode!”
  • “I am not afraid of failing. That’s why I fail every single day!”
  • “I’m naturally funny because my life is kind of a joke”Sou naturalmente engraçado porque minha vida é tipo uma piada”
  • “I’m painting a blue square in my backyard so that Google Earth thinks that I have a pool”
  • “The early bird spends the day sleepy!”
  • “Avoid accidents: Do them in purpose”
  • “I’d love if Facebook notified me when someone deleted me so I could go there and hit like on the delete” – This is one of the Facebook bio quotes for those full of personality!
  • “It’s annoying to be pretty, but it’s even more annoying to be ugly”
  • “Lies are nothing more than truths that forgot to happen”
  • “Friends are just like screws. We only find out if they’re any good when things get tight”


  • “I don’t wake up in a bad mood. I wake up not feeding like being nice”
  • “I don’t give hints, I just speak my mind without giving out any names!”
  • “Live like every day is your last day. Some day you will be right!”
  • “If boredom is a trend nowadays, I’m trendy.”
  • “If someone doesn’t like me, it’s clear they don’t have a good taste”
  • “If love is in the air, I must have a breathing problem.”
  • “Working has never killed anyone, but… why take the chance?”
  • “Such a shitty decision of yours, the one to live on the same planet as me.”
  • “Follow your dreams… keep sleeping!”
  • “Getting late in this world is worth much more than getting early in the other”
  • “If you ever feel empty: eat up, it must be hunger!”
  • “If the world was any god, babies wouldn’t be born crying”
  • “Don’t take life so seriously. You won’t come out of it alive anyway”

But what if I want more professional Facebook bio quotes?

If you’re looking to make money on Facebook by making your profile more professional, you shouldn’t use most of the quotes here.

After all, using a bio such as “There will always be that person who pisses me off whenever they start talking.” will give a bad impression. So, we recommend you use this space to say how you can help your contacts.

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Which of these Facebook bio quotes did you resonate the most?

With different references, these quotes will resonate with many and will get a lot of laughter from your friends and followers! Don’t forget to also check out what to do if you think you have a dead iPhone, the best apps to watch movies, and learn what to do when your iPhone won’t charge!