Top 4 apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously

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Unlike what happens on Instagram’s feed, every time you check out someone’s Stories, you’ll show up in the viewer list. On the other hand, we sometimes want to view the Instagram Stories anonymously, maybe even if we’re seeing a crush’s Stories.

It would really be good if Instagram had an anonymous mode for us to see others’ Stories but, while this holds not true, it is ideal for you to use some more specific apps.

Even though interacting on Instagram is a key strategy to get new followers, we don’t always want to be so visible. And although this is not the most  important thing around, being able to view Stories anonymously is just like figuring out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram: it’s not really that important, but it can be very fun!

To help you out in this task, we have selected the best apps you can use to view Instagram Stories anonymously. This way, you can check out your favorite crushes without making it seem you’re already planning your wedding.

Check out down below all the apps we selected and choose the one you think best suits your needs!

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1. Repost Story for Instagram

Eevn though the main goal for this app is being able to repost Stories to your profile, it also works as one of the best apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously as an additional feature.

Other than watching to these Stories, you can also download them to your phone. This includes even the content you’ve posted. That is to say, Repost Story for Instagram is a great option for those who need to keep a backup of the posts they make to this social network!

It is worth noting that the app doesn’t save your Instagram lives. This app can be downloaded both for Android and for iPhone!

Repost Story for Instagram view Instagram Stories anonymously

2. Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

Another great app in this category is Profile Plus+ Story Reposter, one through which you can view Instagram Stories anonymously without downloading anything on your iOS device!

Here, you’ll simply need to enter the user’s username and then you can see the entire profile without leaving a trace! Of course, this feature is not usable if the profile is private, but that’s to be expected. Even so, you will be able to see the content of some popular private accounts!

The biggest drawback is that on the free version, you’re limited to viewing only one profile every 24 hours. The Profile+ PRO version lets you view as many as you want, removes ads, and a lot more! Download it on the App Store.

3. Story Saver

Story Saver is a great option that’s very similar to iPhone’s Profile Plus+, but for Android users! This is the second option in our list for thsoe who want top view Instagram Stories anonymously on their Android devices.

Not only this app lets you become an invisible ninja on the Stories, the app also lets you download Instagram videos, whether they werre originally posted on the feed or on the Stories!

If you want to start navigating without leaving a trace through Instagram’s Stories, just follow this link to download it on the Play Store!

Story Saver view Instagram Stories anonymously

4. Blindstory

Created specifically to help you in seeing Instagram Stories without letting others know, it offers the possibility of looking for any user to check out their content. On the other hand, its usage is quite limited in the free version, and so you need a premium subscription to view and download without limits.

The advantage of it not being a free app is that it ensures that the Stories will be downloaded in a really high quality. That is to say, it is really handy to repost without losing the quality of the original content!

You can even connect your Instagram profile and gain access to a wide panel with all the users you follow who have recently posted to their Stories. Follow this link to download it on your iOS device!

Blindstory view Instagram Stories anonymously

Did you like any of the apps to view Instagram Stories anonymously?

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