The 10 best OKR tools
The 10 best OKR tools
The 10 best OKR tools

The 10 best OKR tools

OKR is the acronym for Objectives and Key Results. It deals with tools created for delimiting and organizing goals and objectives for companies and businesses. The tools allow project managers to distribute tasks and track their schedules so that the organization’s ultimate goals are achieved within a delimited period of time. See our list of the best OKR tools and find out how to keep your team focused.

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1. Perdoo

Perdoo is one of the best OKR tools available on the market. It allows you to manage organizational and individual goals, offering Slack integration and keeping your users up to date through notifications. The platform has a system that automatically identifies failures and errors in procedures, also providing the possibility of customizing user roles and permissions.

Its initiatives dashboard helps you keep track of the work being done by you and your team, while your goals screen provides information that helps you make decisions and guide you towards achieving goals. Perdoo offers a free trial period of up to 14 days, visit their website!

2. 15Five

15Five aims to help companies scale their business together with members of the same team. More than 1100 companies including Spotify, Citrix, and other famous brands use the tool to stay aligned with their main goals.

15Five has a practical and easy-to-use interface. Members of the same team can update their own tasks so that project managers can track the development of the schedule. 15Five also has a free trial period of up to 14 days, visit the official website!

3. Weekdone

Want to know how your team is performing in monthly and weekly cycles? Weekdone is one of the best OKR tools when it comes to this project template. It allows managers to create, delegate and track their activities.

The platform offers automatic reports and visualization panels that help in the decision-making and organization of tasks so that they do not deviate from the goals for each week and month. Weekdone has a free trial period of up to 15 days, try it right now through the link!

4. Jira

If you were looking OKR tools for your software development team, Jira is an excellent choice. It helps in creating sprints (cycles), distributing tasks among team members, and increasing project performance through reports and data dashboards that can be monitored in real-time.

Jira also offers integration with development tools such as GitHub, Cloud, and Confluence, among others. Its users can use design patterns already available on the platform or create their own. Try it free for up to 7 days via the official website!

5. Wrike

Wrike allows the visualization of goals and objectives in real-time, as well as the distribution of tasks among team members and the possibility of comparing their performances with the expected results. It allows the integration of files, emails, and messages in the tool, facilitating project planning and reporting. The biggest advantage is that Wrike is free for up to 5 users, as well as offering a trial period on its paid plan. Access through the website!

wrike okr tools

6. 7Geese

7Geese is a robust platform that allows tracking of individual departments as well as an overview of OKRs within an organization. It is able to automatically compile data regarding your team’s performances and generate accurate reports. 7Geese also serves as a communication platform between managers and team members. The tool offers a 14-day free trial, access the site via the link!

7. Betterworks

Betterworks offers one of the best OKR tools on the market, allowing continuous tracking of team performance and setting goals and objectives. It makes it easy to align each team’s tasks and goals with the overall goals of an organization. The tool has already been used by large companies such as Evernote and BMW. Betterworks has a free trial period of up to 14 days, visit the official website!


8. Gtmhub

Gtmhub offers a wide range of features that help in tracking goals and tasks. Some of them are SQL reporting, online data access, email automation, synchronization with Google Sheets data, and data transformation as needed.

Gtmhub is one of the best platforms for tracking team member experience and managing goals. It has a free period of up to 7 days, visit the tool’s website!

9. Trello

Trello is one of the most popular project management platforms today, and it can also be considered one of the best OKR tools. It allows the assignment of tasks and tracking of activities between different members of the same project.

In addition, Trello has file-sharing systems and a very practical and easy-to-use interface. Further, it also offers apps for iOS and Android. Its base plan is free, visit the official website!

10. Google Sheets

For smaller companies, Google Sheets is an excellent option that can be used as an OKR platform, mainly because it is free. With it, it is possible to manage objectives and tasks through organized tables.

Even if you choose to use a more robust and paid tool, Google Sheets can be used to define the necessary requirements before migrating to the paid platform. Access a free OKR template for Google Sheets via the link!

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