MacOS 12 Monterey: Learn all about the latest software update!

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Apple has released macOS 12 Monterey and it is now available for download.

This is an update that appeals to people who have multiple Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

In addition, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro and 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021) are already arriving with macOS 12 Monterey pre-installed.

Apple’s new operating system came with several features for Macs and MacBooks, especially for the new M1 Pro and M1 Max models.

There are even some features that will only be available on M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max Macs. Check out some new features of macOS 12 Monterey down below!

1. Universal control

This new feature in macOS 12 Monterey lets you control your Mac or iPad by moving the cursor from one device to another.

Basically, we can put an iPad, a Mac side by side, and with the cursor go from the Mac screen to the iPad screen.

In addition, this option also allows you to drag files between devices.

2. Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow you to automate daily tasks. In this sense, you can define your own tasks, or use existing ones.

These can be triggered via Siri without using your hands, and you can import Automator workflows with Shortcuts.

Shortcuts are integrated throughout macOS 12 Monterey, including the menu bar, Finder, and Spotlight.

3. Facetime improvements

In the past year, the way we work and communicate has changed dramatically, and video calling is now more important than ever.

Following this trend, the Apple devices’ calling and video conferencing applications now have the new SharePlay function in macOS 12 Monterey.

First, it allows you to share your device’s screen during a call.

Plus, you can watch videos and series, or listen to music and podcasts at the same time with others you’re connected to.

And there is other news. Now it’s possible to:

  • Create quick links to start a videoconference, even allowing you to have Android and Windows users inside the platform. Also includes benefits such as end-to-end encryption;
  • Blur the background around you by activating the camera’s Portrait Mode;
  • Change the users’ tile view grid on the app screen;
  • Isolate background sound. In this way, it eliminates background noise and makes voices clearer and easier to understand;
  • Create a real-time portrait mode if you have a Mac with an M1 chip. In this way, a new view is implemented to see all call participants of the same size;
  • Boost ambient sound with Wide Spectrum. That is, it is possible to hear the ambient sound from where people are.

Facetime improvements

4. New SharePlay

With SharePlay, a feature that was also new to iOS 15, you’ll be able to use FaceTime to share your screen, as well as everything you’re seeing.

With it you can continue chatting and while watching series and movies, listening to music, or sharing your screen.

It’s a really cool way to share experiences with other people, even from a distance.

SharePlay MacOS 12 Monterey

5. iCloud+

iCloud has always kept your important information, such as photos, documents, and notes, up-to-date, accessible and secure, across all your devices.

Now, with macOS 12 Monterey, iCloud+ takes this experience one step further with a new subscription that will replace current storage plans.

New is the Hide My Email feature, where you can generate unique and random email addresses that forward messages to your personal inbox.

This way, you don’t need to enter your real email address when filling out online forms or registering to receive newsletters.

Finally, this feature is already integrated into Mail, Safari, and iCloud Settings.

iCloud+ MacOS 12 Monterey

6. Airplay

With AirPlay you will be able to use your Mac or MacBook as a speaker or video output.

In short, you can play, present and share anything on your iPhone or iPad directly on a Mac screen.

Speakers for Mac can be used as an AirPlay speaker.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have good news around here, as not all Macs that run macOS Monterey 12 support AirPlay.

These are the models that do:

  • MacBook Pro (2018 or later);
  • MacBook Air (2018 or later);
  • iMac (2019 or later);
  • iMac Pro;
  • Mac mini (2020 or later);
  • Mac Pro (2019).

You will need the devices below to be able to share content with Macs at full resolution using AirPlay:

  • iPhone 7 or later;
  • iPad (6th generation or later);
  • iPad mini (5th generation or later);
  • iPad Air (3rd generation or later);
  • iPad Pro (2nd generation or later).

7. Text detection in photos

It is now possible to interact with the text of any image, being possible to copy and paste as it is done in any text.

Also, the personal information of the images does not leave your device.

Text detection in photos

8. Focus

This new feature of macOS 12 Monterey allows you to focus on a certain task and even disconnect a little because it is even possible to filter notifications.

Also, if other people try to contact you, they will receive a message that you are unavailable.

There’s still more! When you set up Focus on one Apple device, it will sync across all your other Apple devices.

 Focus MacOS 12 Monterey

9. Safari

With macOS 12 Monterey, Apple has redesigned the Safari tabs experience, allowing you to view more than one webpage.

The tabs are now the color of the website you are visiting, taking up less space and extending the page to the edge of the window.

In this sense, the tabs were combined with the Smart Search field, just clicking on them to access various features.

Mac models compatible with macOS 12 Monterey

macOS 12 Monterey can be installed on the following devices:

  • MacBook (early 2016 and newer);
  • Mac mini (late 2014 and newer);
  • MacBook Pro (early 2015 and newer);
  • iMac (late 2015 and newer);
  • MacBook Air (early 2015 and newer);
  • iMac Pro (2017 and later);
  • Mac Pro (late 2013 and newer).

First of all, it’s important to know that after this release from Apple, users reported on social networks problems installing macOS 12 Monterey on older Macs.

During the upgrade to macOS 12 Monterey, Macs stop the process. The screen is black and it is not possible to run or recover anything.

Check out our article about macOS recovery mode!

Did you like the new features of macOS 12 Monterey?

Let us know which ones you liked best and if you’ve downloaded it on your Mac.