Numbers vs Google Sheets: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Spreadsheet applications are fundamental for most people and businesses. With useful features, these tools can save you many hours of work and help you organize tasks. However, when it comes to choosing between Numbers vs Google Sheets, you need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Tech giants are constantly evolving to provide better services and products to their customers. Both have advanced features like charts, pivot tables, and real-time collaboration. However, there are some differences in the interface, working with images and even graphics.

In this article, we will explore Numbers vs Google Sheets: advantages and disadvantages, in addition to also knowing the main differences and similarities between the spreadsheet service developed by Apple and the one programmed by the giant Google.

Similarities Between Numbers and Google Sheets

Numbers vs Google Sheets similarities

Numbers and Google Sheets are spreadsheet software that offers hundreds of features to their users. The tools share many similarities with each other, as they have common goals.

Both allow the creation of spreadsheets with formulas, dynamic tables, graphics, and other advanced features, managing to stand out with excellence for those who need electronic spreadsheet tools.

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Basic features

The tools have all the basic features, such as, for example, formatting cells, rows, and columns, creating graphs, inserting mathematical formulas, and creating functions and dynamic content.

These features are the most used by most users and do not present major differences between the two products. Both software offers these tools in a satisfactory way for their customers.

Integration with the cloud

Both services can be accessed via the cloud. Numbers, despite being originally a program that must be downloaded, can be accessed through iCloud. Google Sheets, on the other hand, was specifically designed to be accessed via a browser.

It is important to highlight that it is possible to access Numbers via iCloud even through devices with Windows systems. However, you need to provide an Apple ID to gain access to the service.

Format Compatibility

Both programs are compatible with major spreadsheet file formats. Additionally, both Google Sheets and Numbers support CSV, XLS, and XLSX formats.

In this way, it is possible for users using different devices or operating systems to share their spreadsheets, or even work together on a project.

Simultaneous collaboration

Google Sheets and Numbers allow two or more people to work simultaneously on the same spreadsheet. In fact, a fundamental resource that greatly facilitates the work of companies in collaborative projects.

Differences between Numbers and Google Sheets

Differences between Numbers and Google Sheets

Despite having a lot of similarities in their basic functions, Google Sheets and Numbers have some fundamental differences that should be mentioned so that you can make a better choice.

Device Compatibility

Google Sheets was originally designed to be accessed via a browser. The Google service, however, can also be downloaded in its mobile version on different devices, including Android and Apple smartphones.

Numbers was designed to be downloaded in its desktop version and for smartphones, although it can also be accessed via iCloud, as mentioned above. This means that it is not possible to access Numbers natively on non-Apple smartphones.

You can access Numbers via a browser on Android devices, or through Sync for iCloud. But as highlighted, it is necessary to have the code of an Apple device to access iCloud.

Integration with other software

Google Sheets is designed to integrate with the tech giant’s other services like Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Slides. Because of this, the service is more recommended for those who are already familiar with these other products.

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In turn, Numbers has better integration with products developed by Apple, such as Pages and Keynote. In this way, Numbers is certainly the best option for those who have Apple devices.


Continuing the Numbers vs Google Sheets comparison, the latter is completely free software for both personal and business use, and can be easily accessed on a variety of devices, including smartphones and Apple computers.

Numbers is also free, but you need to have an Apple device to use the service, and this can be considered the ‘price’ to access the software, as is already natural with other big tech programs.

Data Storage

Google Sheets stores spreadsheets in the Google Drive cloud. Therefore, the data can be easily accessed online. On the other hand, Numbers can store spreadsheets either locally, on the client’s computer, or through iCloud.

The main advantage of storing spreadsheets locally is the ability to easily create and edit content without the need for an internet connection.

Online support

When using software with so many features, it is common for doubts or problems to occur when using the service. For this, users turn to customer support, forums, or online tutorials.

In this regard, Google Sheets is far superior to Numbers. After all, the Google tool has a much larger number of online content and answered questions. In addition, it is much easier to find tutorials and explanatory content about Google Sheets in many other languages, given the greater popularity of the service around the world.

In summary, Google Sheets and Numbers are services that have very similar basic tools and adapt very well to novice users. It is up to you to decide which software best suits your access device and needs.

Numbers vs Google Sheets: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Numbers vs Google Sheets: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

Advantages of Numbers

  • Easy to use: it was made with the intention of being an easy and user-friendly platform, allowing even novice users to create spreadsheets and graphs with ease.
  • Variety: Numbers comes with a variety of templates and built-in tools that you can use to quickly create custom spreadsheets.

Disadvantages of Numbers

  • Apple exclusivity: because it only works on systems present on Apple devices. This can undoubtedly be a problem if you need to share your spreadsheets with others who don’t use apple devices.
  • Limitations: Numbers is also unable to handle larger or more complex spreadsheet files.

Advantages of Google Sheets

  • Accessibility: Google Sheets can be accessed from any device with internet access. As a result, work done on it can be easily shared with others for real-time collaboration.
  • Easy to use: Google Sheets is an easy tool to use, regardless of your level of spreadsheet knowledge. In addition, it has a clean, intuitive, and organized interface.

Disadvantages of Google Sheets

  • Less customizable: The tool is less customizable than other spreadsheet apps, with few formatting options and charting options. As a result, it creates a limitation for users who need to create highly customized or professional spreadsheets.
  • Internet dependency: As a cloud-based tool, Google Sheets needs to be connected to the internet to access your spreadsheets.

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