The 23 best romantic comedy TV shows!

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Romantic comedy series are almost a sure bet to watch in good company. Maybe even alone, if you see yourself as an incorrigible romantic. Despite many criticisms of situations that are half unrealistic and taken from a magic hat, the genre has been improving, dealing with more present matters about relationships, love and living with someone special.

So we’ve put together a full list of the best romantic comedy series. Many of them are part of previous lists of movies and series to watch, such as on Netflix or HBO Max, among others. So, check out the complete list below and find what you want to watch this weekend! Make sure you have your loved one at your side… or with a nice bowl of ice cream!

1. Lovesick

A finished series with three seasons, Lovesick follows the story of a young man who discovers he has a sexually transmitted disease and needs to contact his ex-partners for them to examine themselves. To help him with this task, he takes two of his best friends.

Addressing love, but also friendship, each episode of the series shows the story of the protagonist’s relationship with one of his partners, from beginning to end. With three seasons, the British series is available on Netflix!

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2. Jane The Virgin

One of the most retold romantic comedy series in TV history, this American take on Jane The Virgin brings out the same elements that made the Mexican soap a success. In this plotline, the protagonist ends up receiving artificial insemination by accident, becoming pregnant even though she is a virgin.

To make matters worse, she discovers that the donor she received from is none other than her own boss, with whom she has never had any relation. More on that: being a bride, the protagonist had sworn to have sex only after marriage.

Want to know more about this fun drama? Then check out the five seasons of Jane The Virgin on Netflix!

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3. Sex Education

More geared towards those who like the teen shows, Sex Education is also a great way to teach sex education without it being like a monotonous lecture. The young Otis, protagonist of the series, is extremely shy, but knows a lot about sex.

This happens on account of his mother, a renowned sexologist. Upon discovering the boy’s knowledge of the subject, Maeve convinces him to open a therapy clinic in the middle of school to earn money.

The fun of the series is precisely in the developments and relationships that take place there, beyond the doubts that, although they seem exaggerated, are part of the daily life of a teenager who is discovering himself. With three seasons and a fourth on the way, Sex Education is exclusive to Netflix.

4. Master of None

In this romantic comedy, we follow the New York actor Dev, descendant of Indian parents. Trying to get serious work and survive in the biggest city in the world, he is also looking for a lasting and meaningful relationship.

All of this but with plenty of good humor and irony, addressing questions about modern relationships and what it’s like to be the first generation of immigrant children in the United States, a country that still sees immigrants and their children in a stereotypical way.

Both seasons of Master of None is available on Netflix!

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5. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Many years after living an intense summer romance, successful lawyer Rebecca Bunch finds her passion again. Regardless of being a successful person with a bank account that nobody would scoff at, the lawyer aims to reclaim her lost flame from the past, chasing him everywhere, but in a hilarious way.

One of the perks of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that none of the actors are gorgeous Hollywood stars, but people of normal looks and biotypes, people more like us. It’s worth checking how the lawyer will try to get her love back. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has 4 seasons available on Netflix.

6. The End of the F***ing World

With a lot of acid humor, as is usual in British shows, The End of the F***ing World is based on the comic book of the same name. In this plot, we follow a teenager with the absolute certainty that he is a psychopath.

His first target is a very rebellious classmate. Together, they decide to set off on a journey alone and without a certain destination. But will the teenager carry out his plans? The End of the F*** World has two seasons and is available on Netflix.

7. Everything Sucks!

Also in line with the teen-oriented romantic comedy series, Everything Sucks! also appeals to slightly older people as it takes place in 1996. That is, at the height of adolescence for many adults today.

In the course of the series, we follow a group of friends who, to try to fit in in high school, join the video club. The goal: to be popular by creating a movie about their adventures at this troubled time in everyone’s life.

Everything Sucks! has one season on Netflix.

8. Crashing

An original HBO Go series, Crashing tells the story of a stand-up comedian who discovers his wife’s infidelity. This causes him to start reassessing his life and attitudes, starting over in the most hilarious ways possible.

All this amidst the entire New York stand-up comedy scene, which certainly doesn’t make the protagonist’s life any easier. With three seasons, you can watch Crashing on HBO Max!

9. Love

If you liked the romantic relationships that happened throughout The Big Bang Theory, but wanted a little more, Love focuses exactly on the relationship between a “traditional nerd” and someone totally out of this world. While Gus is extremely shy and awkward to socialize, Mickey has a more combative and outgoing personality.

In a very strange way, they end up getting to know each other and becoming friends. It is from there that their relationship begins to take off, with each discovering how to deal with the other’s particularities. With three seasons, Love is available on Netflix.


10. She’s Gotta Have It

The kind of romantic comedy series with a very different plot from the conventional one, the two seasons of She’s Gotta Have It are based on the first film by acclaimed director Spike Lee. In the show, protagonist Nola Darling is determined to achieve her dreams as a painter, but ends up not getting there for one reason: trying to reconcile her three relationships.

This makes her go through several funny situations, as she certainly finds it difficult to reconcile all aspects of her life, at the same time as three relationships. Still, it’s a series that will deal with and bring interesting reflections on non-monogamous people.

With two seasons, She’s Gotta Have It is available on Netflix!

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11. The House of Flowers

If you like a good old Mexican soap opera, you can think of La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers) as a shortened version of them. Throughout the plot, we see the matriarch of a wealthy family getting involved in all sorts of situations to maintain the image of a perfect family.

She ends up facing a serious problem: her husband’s lover, who raises totally unexpected secrets that can change this dynamic. Awarded for the performance of the actress who played the protagonist, the three seasons of this dark comedy is available on Netflix.

12. Gilmore Girls

One of the classics among romantic comedy series, Gilmore Girls shows the new day-to-day life of a single mother and her teenage daughter. The plot will follow their personal dramas, as well as the dynamics of their relationships, love and friendships all the same.

All this with a lot of humor, of course! Gilmore Girls has seven seasons in total, all available on Netflix!

13. You Me Her

Addressing non-monogamous relationships, You Me Her shows the routine of the couple Emma and Jack, who decide to rock their relationship. To do this, they hire an escort to make things more interesting.

Despite everything, over time Emma ends up falling in love with her companion. Over the seasons, they will have to learn to deal with this new dynamic, going through jealousy and personal dramas, but also with several unusual situations, which can be quite funny. Precisely because of the total lack of experience in the subject.

You Me Her has five seasons available on Netflix!

14. Undateable

One of the romantic comedy series for those who feel like they’ve failed in terms of relationships. In Undateable, we follow the life of a committed bachelor who sees his friends entering serious relationships and leaving him behind.

When running an ad looking for roommates after his last single roommate leaves, he meets one of his candidates. Owner of a bar, he has a group of friends considered “impossible”. That’s when he starts dealing with this new group, helping them find relationships.

You can watch Undateable on Amazon Prime.

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15. Sex and the City

A series so classic that its presence on any lists of romantic comedy shows is implied. Sex and the City doesn’t spare viewers from spicy scenes, but focuses on the misadventures of a group of four friends in New York.

With different backgrounds and life changes, they form a strong bond of friendship as they try to land new romances in the biggest city in the world. The original series has six seasons, plus two films that extend the story.

It’s worth remembering that a revival could be on the way, in the form of a new season taking place decades after the events of the original series. All 94 episodes of Sex and the City are available on HBO Max.

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16. Romance is a Bonus Book

If the themes brought up by the American and British series don’t appeal to you, perhaps the increasingly popular Korean romantic comedies can offer you something different. Romance is a Bonus Book is a good international and outside-the-mainstream candidate for this.

The dorama, as the series of its kind are known, brings the routine of a young man who is considered the youngest editor-in-chief where he works. Everything looks fine until his job puts him in the direction of a writer desperate for work. With a season, you can follow Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix!

17. Girls

While Sex and the City addresses issues of relationships for adult women over 30, Girls does the same with a group of female friends in their early life. Each of the protagonists is in a stage of their lives, from the one that has a steady job and relationship, to the one that doesn’t know very well what she wants out of life or the one that is just there for the partying.

As is quite natural for this age group. For this reason, the series has considerable success and is quite popular, with six seasons. All of them available on HBO Max.

18. My Holo Love

Another dorama, My Holo Love manages to mix science fiction with romantic comedy. In the plot, we follow a lonely woman, who ends up falling in love with an artificial intelligence, which takes on the human form of its creator.

In order to help her in any kind of task, they end up developing a friendship, which eventually turns into love. But how to love something that is not flesh and blood? These are some questions that this romantic comedy works in their relationship.

My Holo Love is available on Netflix.

19. Easy

An anthological series, in which each episode is a separate story, we will follow several stories that involve love relationships, relationships with electronics and sex. Throughout Easy’s episodes, we’ll find themes like finding people through dating apps, polyamory, and even changing personal opinions to fit the desired person’s worldview.

Easy has three seasons and is available on Netflix.

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20. How I Met Your Mother

Perhaps the most watched among the 2000s romantic comedy series, How I Met Your Mother follows a similar plot to Friends, but with a greater focus on romance. The story begins in the future, in which the protagonist Ted Mosby tells his children the story of how he met their mother.

Problem is, he’s a little wordy, starting the story way earlier. Therefore, we will be able to follow the different relationships that the architect has lived throughout his life, as well as his close relationship with his four friends, who help him in the task of finding his special person.

With nine seasons, How I Met Your Mother is entirely available on Amazon Prime Video.

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21. Glee

Another of the great highlights of the 2000s, Glee is a musical romantic comedy series that stood out for its performances of great American pop culture hits. Outside the performances, the series follows the choir club of a public school, in which the school misfits end up.

Despite being a series for teenagers, Glee managed to dose comedy and address serious themes, such as LGBTphobia, racism and the difficulties of people with disabilities at this age. With six seasons, Glee can be watched on Netflix.

22. The Good Place

One of the best shows to binge-watch, The Good Place does not show the life of its protagonist, but her death. That’s right! The show begins when the protagonist dies and discovers she went to The Good Place, the equivalent of paradise. There she discovers a small problem: she was mistaken for a person of the same name.

In real life, she had been extremely self-centered and mean, certainly not fit to fill that place. Determined to take advantage of this chance that fate gave her, she decides to invest in becoming a good person deserving of that place. For this, she will have the help of three other souls, including the one that the Good Place considers her soul mate.

All four seasons of The Good Place are available on Netflix!

23. Upload

Much like The Good Place, Upload is also a romantic comedy series about the afterlife, but in a very different way.

In the near future, a company has managed to develop a virtual environment where people on the brink of death can have their appearance and consciousness transferred to live in that environment. In other words, they start to live the afterlife on a digital server.

That way, they can still keep in touch with living friends and family, as well as find them in that environment if they die as well. The plot revolves around a programmer who, when suffering an accident, is sent to the Upload. There, he begins to discover about this new type of life, while strengthening his relationship with the “angel”, the attendant who helps him fulfill his desires in this space.

With only one season released so far, Upload already has a second season confirmed for 2021. Watch the ten episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

So what are your favorite romantic comedy series?

With almost 25 suggestions, we think these are some great romantic comedy series for you to watch on streaming services. Which of these is your favorite? Did we forget any? Tell us down below, let us know!

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