Best FIFA World Cup 2022 Apps!

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What are the best apps to follow this year’s World Cup? This is a question that has been heard since the beginning of the year.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup has begun. Many of us already know where we can watch the games, as long as work and life’s obligations don’t get in the way.

But the truth is, it’s virtually impossible for all of us to watch every game on TV. The solution? Download any of the apps below and receive all the information directly on your cell phone.

It doesn’t matter if you are an iOs or Android user, the important thing is to support the team!


The official source for everything related to football in general (and the World Cup in particular) is absolutely free.

Plus, you can re-watch iconic matches and discover untold stories from your favorite footballers, while getting news, live fixtures, match results and more.

Take your love of football to the next level with FIFA+.


Although this app offers coverage of more than ten sports, it is especially focused on football.

In fact, if you wish, you can choose not to see information for other activities, such as tennis, motorsport, hockey, basketball, etc.

With 365Score, you can choose a favorite team to receive full preview coverage of each game, such as possible lineups, related news and details on each player’s status.

This application also offers an attractive game narration system with data and graphics so that the sensation is similar to when we watch a match on television. Oh, and it has a spatial interface for the Apple Watch.


Sports lovers have a home on SofaScore.

This app, which claims to deliver notifications faster than television, covers football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, baseball, motorsports, and even darts.


It’s impossible to make a list of the best apps to follow live scores and leave out Soccerway.

This app was created in 1994, has over a million followers and covers over 700 football leagues around the world.

It is for the most fanatical about this sport (or for those who are really interested in following the competitions in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cyprus, Fiji or the fourth division of Estonia).

The app is available in 17 languages. In addition to statistics and live scores, Soccerway offers information based on a large database of players.

Download Soccerway for Android or iOS to access all these features!


Another of the most popular apps at the moment. It offers a simple yet attractive design that many football fans will appreciate.

The first time you use the app, the user is asked to choose a favorite team and league, so the user experience is more personalized.

There is a complete schedule of matches so that users can organize themselves, as well as a news section so that fans can stay up to date with the sport’s news.

There is also constant information about the status of the players, especially their injuries and most relevant statistics; the app can also compare different players.

Download Besoccer now for Android or iOS!


FotMob is a unique app for live game updates. It covers more than 375 different competition types from all over the world.

You can get all the FA Cup, La Liga and Serie A updates in the app, and you can also follow the FIFA World Cup 2022. You can check the match schedule, transfer news and other updates in this app.

FotMob has a text comment feature. This allows you to read when you cannot stream the match. The application provides detailed statistics about the games.

You can also receive notifications on your Apple Watch or Android WearOS watch.

Download FotMob for Android or iOS now and check game updates in real time.


Get all FIFA World Cup 2022 live updates totally free on SofaScore app. Everything from simple live scores to complicated stats is available in this app.

You can also check out detailed player reviews.

The SofaScore app shows heatmaps of players on the field to show their efforts. It also shows the player’s strengths and weaknesses. It covers around 11,000 tournaments in over 20 sports categories.

Download SofaScore now for Android or iOS and check live game updates without leaving your couch!

NBC Sports

The NBC Sports app lets you watch thousands of live sporting events and is one of the best apps to follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

These events are broadcast on NBC, NBC Sports, NBC Sports Gold, Golf Channel, Olympic Channel, Telemundo Deportes and more.

Catch up on a variety of sports with NBC Sports for Android and iOS.


If you want detailed football information and news, LiveScore is the app for you. You can get real-time updates, full scores, and up-to-the-minute commentary.

In addition, the application shows the lineup of the team even before the match officially starts.

Football fans can view post-match analysis, transfer news and other updates during the 2022 FIFA World Cup with this app. LiveScore shows point tables for various leagues.

Check out LiveScore for Android or iOS.


Get all Premier League related football news, player stats and more in the app to follow the OneFootball World Cup.

As FIFA World Cup 2022 is live, expect live scores, latest news, highlights and much more with this app.

Download OneFootball now for Android or for iOS.

Twitch & Youtube

Yea! It is possible to watch the World Cup matches in real time on the channel of the phenomenon streamer Casimiro Miguel on Youtube or on Twitch, which is, in my experience, one of the best experiences in World Cup game narration!

This makes these two apps two of the best apps to follow the FIFA World Cup 2022!













And best of all, the broadcast features extra entertainment at intervals, further enhancing the quality of your match experience!

If for some reason you still don’t have these apps, download Twitch (Android and iOS) or Youtube (Android and iOS) now and join us!

So, did you like the recommendations?

These are some must-have apps that must be on your Android or iPhone. With these apps you can stay updated live about FIFA World Cup 2022 which is being held in Qatar.

In addition to scores and news, you’ll get coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies. Also, you will get updates about the next world cup destination.