The 5 best apps to read the Bible

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Holy Bible – The Word of Jesus is the most important book for all who follow Christianity, regardless of its denomination. Not just a book that tells the story of Jesus, to read the bible is also looking at it as a guide to values ​​and even as a kind of self-help for those who feel distressed and seek in religion an answer to their problems or motivation to move forward.

Small verses or passages from the holy bible can help you in your spiritual life, and make you rethink your everyday attitudes and your true life purpose. If you are new to reading the bible, especially on cell phones or tablets, we have listed below the 4 best apps to follow the teachings of Jesus.

best apps to read the Bible

4 Apps to Read the Holy Bible

For those who still do not have a Holy Bible due to financial problems or any other reason, the applications below will help you a lot when following the biblical passages when read by the pastor of your church or priest of your parish.

Even if you already have a holy bible, and want to modernize, use your cell phone or any other mobile device to be more mobile and take your digital bible anywhere, check out the best-rated and used apps by religious, apps available for iOS and Android.

1. Holy Bible

An application developed by Life.Church, one of the most complete and downloaded applications to read the Bible, the app has surprising reviews, in the main application stores, with several functions and extremely important content, the application has already reached the mark of 180 million installations in devices from around the world.

In addition to reading Bible passages, the Holy Bible app allows users to define the Bible App interface, easily select the app’s version and language, read the Holy Bible offline when not connected to a Wifi or cellular network, and still listen to the bible in audios available in the latest versions.

Available for Android and iOS.

2. Bible Offline KJV with audio

A light, compact application, with a very well-developed interface, with bible study plans that will help you in difficult times of understanding the word, as well as exercises very well developed by the application team that will help you even more.

This Holy Bible app is ideal for those who do not have an internet connection in places where there are no networks available, or also if their device is not connected to their mobile data package. As such, it si a good option to read the Bible offline.

Check out the details and options that the application offers you: find verses according to the biblical theme you want, Reading plans, nearby Churches and Events, all translations have audio to be downloaded and used in sync with the reading of the verses and It still has reading progress so you don’t lose where you left off the last time you were reading.

Available for Android and iOS.

3. Bible

Developed by Dhiogo Brustolin, this application is the simplest on this list of apps to read the Bible, with only tabs for writers’ books, a search space, and a highlighter, this application is among the most downloaded in its category on the App Store (Apple’s application store), the application due to being simple, will easily serve you if your interest is just reading the holy bible on your device.

Check out the app’s features: simple and uncomplicated, without advertising, offline reading, choose the book and chapter to start reading, quick search system, and among other details, download to check out this simple app, however, as it is about something so precious, the app becomes indispensable.

Available for iOS only.

4. Women’s Bible + Harp

Developed especially for sisters and those who are interested in the word and teachings of God, but if you are a male, you can download this application without any problems, there are no restrictions, the teachings are for everyone. Among so many options in application stores, this application has a point that others do not have; the Harp,  making it one of the best options to read the Bible.

A light, beautiful and fluid layout, the application was designed for the female audience, but if you are a man and you are interested in this application, there is no problem using it, the word is not changed. The app also works in Offline mode, so you can go anywhere and take the word of God with you.

Only available for Android.

5. Tecarta Bible App

Tecarta Bible App has millions of users, and it offers what is likely the widest range possible of Bible versions out there. You’ll be able to stream the most popular version, such as NLT, NIV, KJV, ESV, CSB, NASB, NKJV, AMP, MESSAGE and others in different languages.

Tecarta Bible App is a technologically advanced application aimed at those that would like a more complete experience. It’s not aimed at those who would like a very easy experience, but it is still an accessible option to read the Bible. There’s also an audio tool, in case you want it in an audiobook format.

It is available for Android.


There are several other apps in the main official stores (App Store and Google Play), but for Android, the list of apps is immense, as there are other unofficial stores that provide APK formats for download and installation on your phone.

We recommend downloading the apps on this list, all are safe and tested by the stores themselves, so you can download without fear and enjoy, read and learn the word of Christ. Share this article with other Christians you think would benefit from an easy to access Bible that you can take with you anywhere.

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