The 12 best apps to train your brain available right now!
The 12 best apps to train your brain available right now!
The 12 best apps to train your brain available right now!

The 12 best apps to train your brain available right now!

If you’re running into any trouble when it comes to your mental faculties, whether it is related to memory, focus, learning, or concentration and you are at a loss as to how to improve, you can use some of the best apps to train your brain.

Keep reading our article and learn all about the best apps you can use to train your brain!

1. Lumosity

Let’s start off our list with what is one of the most famous apps like this, Lumosity. It offers options both for memory training as well as attention. It makes use of several different scientific fundaments to ensure its methods work.

Through it, you can keep track of your overall progress, whether that is on your phone or your PC. It has more than 70 million users all around the world, more than 25 different games to help you out, and a lot more. To start using it, go to the official website, to the Play Store, or to the App Store!

Lumosity apps to train your brain

2. Happify

Another amazing option among the apps to train your brain is Happify, developed based upon positive psychology fundaments. It has the goal of helping its users better control the stress and their emotions in their daily lives.

It is free to start using, but it has a paid plan that unlocks loads of new programs, offers a custom report, lets you keep track of your evolution as time goes on, and more. It also offers a lot of tests and surveys to help you work on your memory much more efficiently. It is available for iOS, for Android, and on the official website.

3. Eidetic

Exclusive for the iPhone, Eidetic is one of the best options for those who want to improve their memory. It uses the spaced repetition method through which the user will increase the time they need to memorize information, which can come as phrases, famous quotes, and more.

It is entirely focused in this exercise, and it is particularly good for those who need to memorize information before a test, such as the SATs. However, it does more than help you memorize: you’ll truly store everything! To use it, just go to the official website or to the App Store.

4. Contre Jour

Originally, Countre Jour was an iOS exclusive, but it now is also available for the PC and even for Android. It is an amazing-looking puzzle game that incorporates elements that will truly stimulate your brain and make your memory and problem-solving skills much better.

In the game, you need to change a lot of things in the map so that the character can reach other elements. It has quite a memorable soundtrack, amazingly well-drawn graphics, excellent lighting effects, all to keep you glued to your screen. Download it for iPhone, for Android, or to play it on your PC!

Contre Jour apps to train your brain

5. Elevate

Released back in 2014, Elevate is one of the most recommended apps to train your brain if you want to improve your communication skills and your analytical skills through several daily challenges. These challenges involve the speed at which you can read, if you can notice spelling mistakes and more.

They were all developed along with researchers in order to really help you improve your processing skills, your memory, the study of the English language, and your math skills. Start using one of the best Apple Watch apps right now to start improving your brain by going to the Play Store, to the App Store, or to the official website!

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness

Another great option among the apps to train your brain is CogniFit Brain Fitness, which creates custom trainings for each user to help them in exercising their brains. It’s a lot of intelligence tests that can evaluate up to 23 cognitive skills used daily.

It promises to help you in your memory, your mental acuity, and to stimulate the brain and restore certain capabilities to people that have, for instance, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, dyslexia, or ADHD. Go to the official website, or download it directly for iPhone or for Android.

7. Skillz

Offering countless logic games such as, for instance, matching the correct cards or determining which one is the longest line, Skillz helps a lot in training your memory and your cognitive skills. It also promises to help you in testing out your reflexes.

It is free and, as you use it, the games will get more and more challenging and difficult. It also offers a multiplayer mode and it is indicated for users of any age. You can download it right now from the App Store or from the Play Store.


8. NeuroNation

Another amazing option to train your mind is NeuroNation, one that has, in fact, been awarded the prize of “Best App” by Google. It helps you in a lot of different situations, whether that is weak memory, slow thinking, or bad focus.

With only 15 daily minutes dedicated to it, your brain will get better and these problems will be no more. As such, it is a great use for your free time. In its premium version, it offers even more exercises, it lets you customize it thoroughly, and has some more benefits. Go to the official website, to the App Store, or to the Play Store to download it.

9. Memrise

Memrise is one of the most well-known apps to train your brain, and it is particularly geared towards working out your brain to improve your memorization of words and information. It is particularly good for those who want to learn new languages.

It offers both a free and a paid option, both really complete. The developers promise you’ll be able to learn up to 44 new words each hour you use Memrise! Learn more on the official website, or download it for iOS and Android!

10. Monument Valley

Another game that has some elements that help a lot in working out and strengthening your mind, Monument Valley combines architecture, a gorgeous aesthetic, and many puzzles to help you pass your time. In fact, it is one of the best iPhone games!

Even though it is relatively short, the story is extremely pretty and it will surely get you teary-eyed (and, due to its challenges, it will help you improve in logic). It also has a continuation called Monument Valley 2. Both the first and the second ones are available on the official website!

Monument Valley apps to train your brain

11. Brain Training

With a very fitting name, Brain Training is another of the apps to train your brain. It is particularly focused on helping you improve your short-term memory, your concentration and focus, your speed, and your precision with its more than 20 types of game.

It also promises to help people with ADHD to improve their symptoms, improve your multitasking skills and do a lot of amazing things. It is exclusive for Android phones and you can download it here.

12. Peak

Last we have Peak, an app that lets its users decide what they want to train from the get-go, choosing from a few options: memory, focus, problem-solving, mental acuity, and language. It offers 25 games to better your brain potential.

It also offers a detailed analysis of your performance, offering comparisons, mind maps, and more. In the free version, you’re limited to only 4 games per day. Download it for Android or for iOS, or go to the official website to see more!

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