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Office can be said to be the most familiar office software. As the latest version of Office, Office 2021 has a comprehensive innovation in terms of interface vision and functions. Office 2021 and Microsoft 365 are very similar in core functions, and also have a highly similar interface.

When used, the experience they give users can be said to be highly consistent. However, there are still differences in product positioning. Office 2021 is more inclined to traditional office needs. All its update points are to help users feel a more efficient office experience. Office 2021 also has certain network storage services.

And Microsoft 365, with a large number of unique AI functions, is more friendly to users who are not familiar with the advanced usage of Office. However, in terms of purchase method, Office 2021 adopts a one-time buyout method, which supports offline use and permanent activation, and you can use it in any scenario. Microsoft 365 uses a subscription system.

You need to pay for the subscription on a monthly or annual basis. Once the subscription is stopped, some features will not be available. In addition, if you need to enjoy features such as cross-device synchronization, you also need to rely on the support of the network to use it.

Therefore, if you know more about Office functions and will only use it on your company computer or your own laptop, and you don’t want to pay monthly or annual subscription fees, then a one-time buyout of Office 2021 is obviously a more cost-effective option!

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Microsoft Office 2021


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Microsoft Office 2021

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