The 10 best websites to create online polls

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Maybe you are using it for work, or maybe you are using for educational purposes, but you definitely found yourself having to resort to online polls for a much faster polling experience. Everything is just much easier with the internet, considering you won’t have to go around asking questions in person, especially considering there are plenty of websites that provide this sort of service for you to choose.

If you want to check out the best among them, check our selection down below!

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1. Google Forms

google forms screenBesides providing excellent services for the making of documents and spreadsheets, Google also has an option for those in need to create online polls and forms. Google Form is a fairly complete tool, full of resources, easy to use and sharing with friends and the general public.

While creating polls, you can use multiple themes and insert videos and images. The good part is that much like Google Docs, it is also possible for other people to edit the form in a collaborative manner, a great option for those looking to use the tool for group projects. Click here to check out Google Forms.

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is also an interesting alternative, especially for those looking to create online polls for educational matters. You may create an account as a professor, a student or even as the parent or the legal guardian of a student to create your forms.

In this case, professors may create an account for their classes, post tasks, invite students and colleagues, sharing files, etc. The tool is especially useful for college students in need to gather information for a project. To check it out, click this link.

3. ThatQuiz

ThatQuiz is a more simple, easier to use version of Edmodo, as the website focuses exclusively on the creation of online polls for students. Only professors may sign up, as it is necessary to create your class and add students to it. If you can find a way to work around that, lets us know!

This way, the professor may invite their students to participate, allowing them access to online polls, forms and even exams created on ThatQuiz. It is possible to create exams fairly easy, with options on the subject, number of questions and the maximum amount of time that students can take to finish it. You may click this link to check out and get to know more about it.

4. Kahoot

kahoot home pageWith Kahoot, you may create exams, forms, polls or discussion boards, as the website has a greater focus on fun competitions. It is possible to share your creations with either your friends, or the entire world if you are willing to do so.

The cool part is that the website keeps a popularity ranking for its online polls, which helps making whatever you create even more visible and easier to share on Kahoot. You may check out more about the site and how to use it through this link.

5. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz is much like Kahoot in the sense that it also focuses on testing, listing and polling in a playful and competitive manner. You can create your online polls with a diverse array of themes that the website makes available for its users, which makes it visually interesting to suit your needs.

The service also has the goal of viralizing content posted in it, offering to its users the possibility to share everything on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check out more about PlayBuzz through this link.

6. Socrative

Socrative is another great tool that can help professors and students during classes, especially in case of shy students that don’t often engage. We say that because this website allows for professors to create virtual classes during which students may send their questions anonymously.

This helps those that don’t want to bring attention to themselves amidst classes, or just don’t want to expose themselves to their colleagues. It is also a good way for professors to create fun tests and polls for their students. Click here to know more about Socrative.

7. TestMoz

testmoz forms pageTestMoz is a good choice for those that just want to create online polls quick and easy, without even needing to register yourself on the platform. It is totally free and you can create as many polls as you need or desire.

The service provides four different types of questions and automatically calculates the results. If you want more options and variety, you can also create an account on TestMoz. Click here to start using the service!

8. Poll Maker

Much like TestMoz, Poll Maker also doesn’t require any sort of signing up and may be utilized freely. You can create your online polls quick and easy, or add themes to make them more appealing and interesting.

The good part of the website is that the interface is optimized for mobile devices. It has a built-in system to detect fraudulent behavior and calculates results automatically. Check out more about Poll Maker clicking on this link.

9. TypeForm

TypeForm may also be used freely and has a mobile version to make using it easier, but you can get access to even more resources and options by upgrading to the paid version. With it, you will receive e-mail notifications, a personalized “thank you” screen and the ability to upload files up to 4 Gb.

Still, the free version is very good and might suit the needs of those that need to create accessible online polls with quality, since it doesn’t limit the number of questions and answers. You may get to know the service and start using it by clicking this link.

10. ProProfs

propofs online polls home pageAt last, ProProfs also offers free and paid versions for those that would like more options, resources and variety within their polls. It is possible to create multiple types of polls, tests and forms with this tool, and you’ll even have access to one of the thousands of themes that the websites makes available.

In case you are looking for a fairly complete website for testing and polling, it might be worth to sign up for the paid version, since it’s not too expensive and offers more options than others in this list. If all you want is something easy and quickly done, the other free alternatives might be more useful. Click here to check out ProProfs.

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Were you able to creante online polls with these sites?

Were our suggestions any useful to you in your endeavors? Don’t forget to leave us a comment down below to tell us which of these options was the best one for your needs!