The 4 best platforms to hire digital influencers!

  • Por Sophia Silva
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Often overlooked in a company’s digital marketing strategy, using social media professionals is an excellent strategy to gain new followers on Instagram or any other social media. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge on how to start looking for the ideal digital influencer. Usually, it is not known exactly how to find and hire digital influencers.

However, there are several platforms and services that help companies find the ideal professional to promote their business. We searched and found 8 platforms that can fulfill this service. Check it out below!

1. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is an influencer marketing analytics platform that has over 34 million influencer profiles and helps manage the entire flow of creating successful campaigns.

Starting with market and competitor analysis that allows you to discover the main trends in the market and learn from the successes and failures of other companies, moving on to discovering influencers relevant to your campaigns, contacting them, monitoring the campaign, and generating reports to evaluate campaign success, Hype Auditor offers a user-friendly and simple-to-use interface and objective and relevant data, making it a good place to hire digital influencers.

The wealth of data in influencer reports is staggering – the tool features audience demographics (including information about user income and interests), influencer growth trends (engagement, followers), content analytics (which helps you understand better if the tone of voice and the topics addressed by the influencer fit with their audience and if the influencer mentions a controversial topic that can harm your brand), of the authenticity of the influencer and their audience, allowing you to avoid unnecessary budget spending on influencers fakes that won’t bring promised engagement.

HypeAuditor hire digital influencers

2. has a database with around 80 thousand digital influencers registered on the platform. You can search for them according to gender, reach on social networks, age group, and specific social media, among other filters. In addition, the tool also shows a timeline of the professionals, showing their growth in recent times.

Along with the search tool, also has a management and communication system with influencers, that is, you can negotiate and chat with the professional directly from the platform. Click on the link to learn about

3. Airfluencers

Like, Airfluencers also has its own base of influencers, which you can search according to different criteria in order to hire digital influencers that suit your brand. In addition, the platform brings a tool to analyze your campaigns together, allowing you to track the performance of the influencer you hired. Further, the company also provides its own digital marketing analysis service, carried out through its own specialists.

Tip: Check out more about Airfluencers through the link.


At the end of our list of platforms to find and hire digital influencers, we have, also an amazing tool. Unlike some, it is entirely in English, but you may find influencers for your country by adjusting the search location. It allows you to filter your search by the number of followers, engagement rate, and specific social media.

It is worth remembering that is free, limiting the user to contact up to 30 digital influencers within a month, enough for small businesses to use without having to sign a plan. Click the link to test hire digital influencers

Were you able to hire digital influencers for a campaign?

Now that you know some of the main platforms to hire digital influencers that are perfect for your business, start doing some tests and find out which platform is the best for your needs.