How to appear offline on Instagram Direct: step-by-step guide!

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Not too long ago, Instagramr eceived a feature that deeply resembles the one we have in most other chat and social media apps: the one where we can know if someone else is online on Instagram, and how long ago they were last active. And, with that, many are wondering how they can appear offline on Instagram.

This feature is available both for Instgram itself and for Instagram Direct, the inbox for your messages in the app. This can be extremely annoying, and people end up sending you new messages just because you’re online. Luckily, it is actually quite easy to turn it off, as you can see in the guide down below!

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How to appear offline on Instagram

By default, your Activity Status will be enabled on Instagram, and there’s absoulutely no notification or warning about it in the app. Good news is that you can turn it off and on at will, as we will show you.

To start, open up Instagram in your phone (whether it is an Android or an iOS device) and tap on the icon to your prifle on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Para começar, abra o Instagram em seu smartphone (seja um Android ou iPhone) e clique no ícone do seu perfil na parte direita inferior da tela.

profile icon

Then, you will need to tap the three lines menu on the top-right corner of your screen, and then tap on the Settings button, as shown in the image below.

settings appear offline on Instagram

Now, you will be in the general settings for your Instagram account. The option we are looking for is the Privacy one, found in the middle of your screen.

privacy appear offline on Instagram

After you go to Privacy, you’ll find several different options you can change when it comes to your account’s visibility and more. The one we want  to use to appear offline on Instagram is the Activity Status one.

Now, you’ll see a small explanation that, if you turn it off, noone will be able to see your activity, but you won’t see anyone else’s. If you still want to proceed, simply tap it to disable!

show activity status appear offline on Instagram

As we said before, you can change this at will, just like is the case on WhatsApp. You just have to come back to this menu and tap the same button again.

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