The 10 best 1TB external HDDs you can find right now!

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The external HDDs have come to stay, and they just keep on improving, having more storage, and you can get them for lower prices than ever before. That is to say, now is the best possible moment to get 1TB external HDDs to carry data along with you!

If you’re interested in acquiring a new model, you should know you can find options for less than $ 50,00 nowadays! Keep reading to find out which ones they are!

The 10 best 1TB external HDDs to purchase now!

So, without any further ado, let’s get to what brought you here: the list with these HDDs. We will include options from quite a few different brands that have some small differences between them that really do matter depending on how you use them. It’s also worth mentioning that this list is in no specific order.

1. Western Digital My Passport

To start off, we have the My Passport model by Western Digital, one of the biggest names in the storage game. It has a pretty good durability and average impact resistance, lets you back up to dropbox, and it is super easy to use both on Windows and on Mac.

It also has a unique cost-benefit when it comes to the software that comes along, as they make it much easier to organize your files and provide security during data transfers. Further, it also works with USB 3.0 flawlessly. Learn more by following this link.

Western Digital My Passport best 1TB external HDDs

2. Toshiba Canvio Basics

One of the cheapest options here is Canvio Basics by Toshiba, with the capacity to store up to 340 thousand songs. Given its compatibility with USB 3.0, to be expected nowadays, the data transfer rate can reach a whopping 5 GB per second!

Other than that, it has a very discreet design that will not draw attention, which can either be an upside or a downside depending on the user, You can get it on Amazon!

3. Seagate Plus Ultra

On Seagate Plus Ultra, we have what is one of the best 1TB external HDDs, which has a really good design and a cloth finish that grants it a premium feel. Even so, it is extremely compact and perfect for whoever uses it.

It’s also compatible with USB 3.0, which will ensure amazing transfer rates. Of course, should you choose to use USB 2.0, the speed will drop. To purchase it, just follow this link!

4. Seagate Expansion

One of the, if not the cheapest in the market, Seagate Expansion still manages to offer a good quality along with a very simple-looking design.

It works with any Windows computer and it is compatible with USB 3.0, which ensures the transfer rate of up to 5 GB per second. If you liked the model, just follow this link to get it.

5. Seagate Backup Plus Slim

Next up, we have Seagate Backup Plus Slim, a model that does cost a bit more, but delivers a much more discreet and smaller design, and as such it is extremely portable. Other than that, it’s compatible both with Windows and Mac, which is a huge upside.

You can also use Seagate Mobile Backup, which works pretty much as a cloud storage service. With 4 different color options, it is a very interesting alternative. Learn more about the model at this link!

Seagate Backup Plus Slim best 1TB external HDDs


An extremely portable model, Adata AHV620S is another of the best 1TB external HDDs. It has a finish that’s entirely in black reflexive plastic, which makes it much less discreet and attractive than it could be.

It uses the USB 3.0 technology and it was created to be compatible both with Xbox and with PlayStation so that you can install a lot more games! If you’re interested, you can follow this link to get it.

7. Western Digital Elements

Another model by Western Digital, Elements is probably the most discreet in our list with an extremely simple design. It has a finish that resembles leather, giving it a more professional look.

By using this HDD, you’ll be able to perform both local backups and Dropbox backups. Other than that, it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Xbox, and PS4. For anyone who’s interested in purchasing it, just follow this link!

8. ADATA HD710 Pro

The ideal option for those who need to be certain that all of their data is safe, ADATA HD710 Pro offers a design that’s IP68 certified (meaning that it is water-resistant), it is drop-resistant, and easily one of the best 1TB external HDDs.

While it is more expensive, it is certainly worth it, as the alternatives tend to be much more fragile. It uses the USB 3.2 interface. You can purchase it from Amazon!

9. ADATA HD650

Very similar to the HD710, HD650 does not offer IP68 certification, but it does have an anti-shock technology which ensures it is much more durable and as such so is your data.

It uses the USB 3.1 interface, which has the same speed as the USB 3.0 interface. To get it, follow this link!

10. LaCie STFR1000800

The last option in our list is also easily the most resistant option in our list. Of course, that also means that it is much more expensive, but it can be extremely worth it if you want to be absolutely certain that your external HDD won’t go bad.

It is resistant to impacts, drops, and water, and when you purchase it you have access to a data recovery service for 2 years, should you need it. Check it all out right now!

LaCie STFR1000800 best 1TB external HDDs

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