How to quick-charge the Apple Watch 7

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The Apple Watch 7 has a bigger screen than its previous versions and loading speeds up to 33% faster, and because of that the smartwatch can reach 80% battery in just 45 minutes. New features such as screens with smaller borders, QWERT keyboard, new dials and much more also come with Apple’s new smartwatch.

As for fast charging, there are some steps to reach better charging speeds and one of them you might need to purchase a separate adapter. This issue dates back to the Apple Watch 6, when Apple decided to no longer include the power adapter in the Apple Watch product kit.

Check out everything you need to know in this article about how to quick-charge the Apple Watch 7.

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What you need to quick-charge the Apple Watch 7

The big secret of how to quick-charge the Apple Watch 7 is in the magnetic cable (also known as MagSafe) that is included with the watch. However, the Apple Watch 7 charging cable is different from previous versions in that it has the USB-C connector at one end and for bringing a new connector pattern. Therefore, you will need to use a suitable power adapter, which supports USB Power Delivery with a minimum power output of 5W.The good news is that if you are an iPhone 12 or higher user and you have a third-party power supply for quick-charge, you can use it on the Apple Watch 7.In addition, you can also use the USB-C power adapters of any Apple product to quick-charge the Apple Watch, as long as they provide a minimum of 18W of power. In principle, there is no other third-party charger that can charge the new Apple Watch at full speed, so you need to use the standard magnetic charging cable that is included with the smartwatch.

In summary, to quick-charge your smartwatch, you’ll need:

  • A quick-charger USB-C magnetic cable exclusive to Apple Watch
  • An USB-C power adapter compatible with Power Delivery with at least 5W
  • Or an USB-C power adapter with at least 18W.

apple watch 7

Older accessories do not support the new feature

Many Apple Watch owners who upgrade to 7 have several accessories that work with the new wearable, such as watch straps and extra chargers. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the faster battery charging speeds unless you use the magnetic cable that is included in the box.

In other words, this means that you cannot use a USB-A power adapter with it, because the old Apple Watch charging cable will not quick-charge the Apple Watch 7. As with any chargers and accessories you used with previous versions, they probably won’t work.

Now the old watch charger still works, but at slower speeds, which also means you won’t be able to take advantage of the battery charging upgrade. If you have the need to have chargers in different places in your home and office, you will need to purchase a separate USB-C wireless charging cable. It also goes without saying that using the new charger on older models will not increase battery charging speeds.

The new charger will recharge the Apple Watch 6 and older models at their maximum speeds, which are slower than the seventh generation.

Apple sells the USB-C you need to quick-charge the Apple Watch, and as usual they are a little pricey. If you buy third-party chargers, you will need to verify that they have a USB-C connector and that they are labeled as fast chargers.

Do you need quick-charge?

Users looking to save on power adapters can look for third-party options that meet the minimum Watts requirements. However specifically for the Apple Watch, the 20W adapters are more than enough for the Apple Watch 7’s fast charging feature.

Anker has a 20W adapter that isn’t much bigger than Apple’s old 5W USB-A power adapter. Some users who want to purchase a multi-port charger for bedside charging might want to take a look at adapters from Satechi, which offer both USB-C and USB-A ports on the same adapter.

However, there are some caveats with the new fast charging capability and the biggest one is that only the new USB-C cable can quick-charge the Apple Watch 7. In contrast, other chargers, including docks, pedestals, and Apple’s own MagSafe Duo charger, cannot quickly charge the Apple Watch 7.

As such, this can be quite annoying for users of older versions and the ones who can benefit a lot from fast charging are users who want to improve sleep monitoring, as they can charge the smartwatch shortly before sleep and use it in the sleep period.

The Apple Watch 7 has a battery life of 18 hours and taking into account the charging time of its predecessor, fast charging can be a big productivity boost when using the watch.

The best alternative for a longer battery life

However, as the Apple Watch 7 doesn’t offer multi-day battery life, the addition of quick-charging is very useful as you can recharge the smartwatch battery to spend the rest of the day conveniently and fastly. One of the main differentiators of its competitors in the smartwatch market is battery durability.

But until the Cupertino giant starts drastically increasing the battery life of its smartwatches, faster charging speeds will be the best alternative.

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