30 tips to get followers on personal Instagram profile!

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Are you looking to increase your impact and make your Instagram profile more popular, but not sure what exactly you can do to achieve that goal? Check out our best tips to get followers on your personal Instagram profile and discover the best ways for you to become a hit on the social network!

1. Hashtags

Using popular hashtags is a great way to categorize the content of your images with pertinent themes and subjects on Instagram. For this, it is important that you look for which hashtags are being used the most at the moment. Use Hashtagify to find out what they are!


2. Share your Instagram

It might seem like an obvious tip to get followers on your personal profile on Instagram, but it’s still one of the best. Share your Instagram on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. You can usually do this through your posts or in your biography description and links, depending on the platform.

3. Use hashtags made for this purpose

The following hashtags are specifically for getting more followers and are popular on Instagram: #ff (follow friday), #instafollow, #l4l (like for like), #tagforlikes, and #followback. Just post images using them and see the result!

4. Use Stories

Archive and post your photos to Instagram Stories so other users can find your photos! To do this, make sure you’re using popular hashtags and that they blend in well with the photo’s content! Also, use Stories to find users to follow!

5. Comment on photos

Commenting on other people’s photos is one of the best tips to get followers on your personal profile on Instagram. Sometimes a simple “what a nice picture!”  it’s enough to get a new follower!

6. Post on time

Avoid posting your photos at off-peak hours, such as between 2 am and 7 am. Your photos won’t have much engagement if they’re not seen as soon as they’re posted.

7. Follow people looking for followers

It may seem redundant, but following other users who use those hashtags we mentioned in tip 3 will ensure that you’re reaching users who are also looking to increase their number of followers.

Follow people looking for followers get followers on personal Instagram profile

8. Post images regularly

Don’t let your followers forget you, post photos regularly, if possible even once a day to keep your Instagram active. This also draws other users to your page.

9. Customize your Biography

A profile without a custom biography often indicates an inactive or fake account, making users unwilling to follow you. Make your biography attractive, include hashtags and links to your pages!

10. Ask questions

When posting a photo, ask questions in the description of the photo. This increases engagement among your followers and even increases their chance of sharing your photos.

11. Take cool pictures

It sounds obvious, but one of the best tips to get followers on your personal Instagram profile is taking good pictures. If possible, use professional cameras and look for poses or interesting places. See our article about the best apps to improve picture quality!

Take cool pictures get followers on personal Instagram profile

12. Be more active on the weekend

Weekends, especially Sundays, are when we are usually more free and open to interact and socialize. Increasing your activity and posting more these days will help you gain followers on your Instagram.

13. Ask for opinions

When posting a photo about something, ask your followers what they think and ask their opinion in the comments! But try not to push too much, especially with issues that are too controversial, as it can make you get the opposite result to what you are looking for.

14. Follow suggested users

Enable the search for friends and users suggested in your account settings and follow them! These users are likely followers of other contacts you know, they are likely to follow you back.

15. Ask your friends and contacts for help

It may seem overwhelming, but your closest friends will probably like to help you out by sharing your photos on Instagram! Just don’t be too pushy if they’re not interested.

16. Post pictures of pets

If you frequently post pictures of pets, people who like this theme will start following your profile. Who doesn’t like cat photos on the internet anyway? It is the whole reason the internet was created, to begin with.

Post pictures of pets

17. Create your own hashtags

This can be quite difficult, but think about the impact you will have on your profile if you manage to create a hashtag that really engages with your followers! Imagine yourself being responsible for creating a trend on the social network!

18. Tag people in your photos

Whenever you take group pictures, tag all Instagram users present in the photos! That way, their contacts will reach your profile.

19. Get tagged in photos

Just as you should tag your friends and contacts in photos, ask them to do the same when posting photos with you. The result will be similar, the person’s contacts may be curious to know who you are and will discover your profile!

20. Follow all your Facebook friends

This may seem obvious, but following absolutely all your Facebook friends on Instagram is a great way to get followers on your personal Instagram profile. This is even more powerful if you have a lot of contacts.

21. Use custom filters

Apply filters to your photos to add an extra touch of personalization to them. Sometimes a simple black and white filter is enough to completely change the look of your photo! Check out our articles with the best photography apps for iPhone and Android!

Use custom filters get followers on personal Instagram profile

22. Bookmark celebrities

If you attend events or festivals and manage to take pictures with celebrities and famous people, remember to tag their Instagram account when posting! This will really make a big impact and help you gain followers on your Instagram.

23. Don’t post random photos

Think carefully before posting anything on Instagram. Just as cool photos can increase engagement with your followers, bad photos that don’t resonate well with your Instagram and personality can make them stop following you.

24. Post photos with catchphrases

Catchphrases or famous phrases often do well on Instagram. Sometimes a simple “Be water, my friend.” (from the legendary Bruce Lee) is enough to make a lot of people like your photo.

Post photos with catchphrases get followers on personal Instagram profile

25. Remove embarrassing tags

If you get tagged in a photo you don’t like, it’s best to remove your tag in it. Don’t know how to do it? Just tap your name on the tag and you can untag yourself!

26. Ask influencers for help

This can be difficult, but if you know or are friends with influencers on Facebook, ask them to post on your Instagram or even share their photos. That way you can make use of their success to leverage your own.

27. Post group photos

When going out with your friends or family, remember to take pictures not only to remember the moment, but also to post them on Instagram. The more people in the photo, the more tags and more chances for other users to view your profile! Check out our tips on how to take a good selfie!

28. Make photo collages and mosaics

Join lots of cool photos into a mosaic and post them to Instagram. Photos like this usually have a great impact. Check out our article about the best collage maker apps!

Make photo collages and mosaics get followers on personal Instagram profile

29. Share your products

If you work with crafts, design, music, or develop any type of product, share your achievements with your followers! Use the correct hashtags and more users who like the theme will be able to find your profile!

30. Post videos

Posting videos, especially using the IGTV platform, is an excellent way to increase engagement with your followers! Videos allow you to show more than one image, but the same rules apply: make nice, good-quality videos!

What did you think of our tips on how to to get followers on your personal Instagram profile?

Have you already done everything we describe here? Follow all the tips and you will surely have good results in finding new followers! Do you think you missed any tips? Share with us in the comments!