Transparent WhatsApp: Learn how to use it!

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Nowadays, most people know, or even use, WhatsApp, since it is the largest text chatting service around the world. It has over 2 billion users, which is a lot more than the second spot, Facebook Messenger.

However, there’s a feature that many users want and the company simply does not provide: the possibility of making your WhatsApp transparent. Luckily, some great third-party apps offer you this feature, as well as some other amazing options to make its usability even better.

If you’re interested in being able to do much more in this great chatting app, just keep reading our article and learn about the best unofficial WhatsApp apps!

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1. How to download the apps in this list

Something you should really be aware of is that none of these apps can be found on the Play Store. Thus, the users have to download the .apk file (format for Android installers) and change a few settings on their phones before being able to install them to make their WhatsApp transparent.

It is really worth mentioning that, even though these apps provide you with a lot of customization, you will run the risk of getting temporarily suspended from the platform. If that happens and you insist on keeping using these apps, you might even get permanently banned!

Luckily, as time goes by these apps have found new creative ways to avoid their users getting banned, so it is more and more likely that you’ll be fine.

If your Android is Nougat 7.1.2 or inferior, you will first need to open your Settings, tap Security or Lock screen and security and, finally, enable Unknown sources so you can install apps that don’t come fro the Play Store.

unknown sources

Now, if you use Android Oreo 8.0 or newer, the process changes quite a bit, and happens for each app. For instance, when downloading an apk through your browser, you’ll have to enable installing from the browser by tapping Settings and then Allow from this source.

After that, you will always be able to download and install apks from your browser! You can also choose to go to SettingsApps and notificationsSpecial access to apps, and tap Install unknown apps. Here, you can then enable installing from whichever apps you choose!

There are also options for iPhone users. They are available whether or not your iOS device has jailbreak, but if you don’t it is much more annoying to install, and the features will be more limited.

2. WhatsApp Transparent Android

The first of the options that let you use this feature is WhatsApp Transparent Android, a very aptly named app. Other than this essential feature, it offers a lot of emojis and emoticons not found on the official app!

To download it, all you have to do is the previous steps and then follow this link to install it. After that, you will need to log in to the app with your WhatsApp account.

3. GBWhatsApp Android

GBWhatsApp Android is doubtlessly one of the best options for those who want to have access to a myriad of customization options on WhatsApp, including the possibility of making it transparent.

In this app, you will be able to change the theme, including community-created themes, to use more than one account on the same device, to upload larger image and video files, more emojis and stickers, to hide the “currently writing” notification, much more GIFS, and more.

If you’re interested in installing it on your own phone, follow this link to the official website and download it!

GBWhatsApp Android Transparent WhatsApp

4. WhatsApp Plus JiMODs

Another amazing app through which you can make your favorite messager transparent is WhatsApp Plus. It offers a lot more settings than the basic ones, and it promises the users are safe from being banned when using this app.

It offers a lot of the same things as GBWhatsApp, such as a lot of themes, mroe than one account on your device, extra emojis, in-depth privacy options, larger file sizes for uploads, a larger status message, and a lot mroe. If you liked this app, go to the official website!

WhatsApp Plus JiMODs Transparent WhatsApp

5. Watusi

To finish this list, we have an iPhone option for anyone who wants a transparent WhatsApp on iOS! It offers most of the features found on its Android counterparts. It is available for pretty much all iOS versions, so you can use it even on the latest ones!

One of the biggest downsides of this app (and of any other iOS version you find) is that you have to have a jailbroken iPhone. Otherwise, you will need to have to reinstall it every 7 days.

To install it on a jailbroken device, you simply will have to follow this link and tap Download on the Cydia Store, which you’ll see in the middle of the screen. On the other hand, for non-jailbroken defices, you will have to follow the steps below:

First, follow this link and download the first option. Then, go to this website and install the correct version for yout phone of Cydia Impactor. Uninstall WhatsApp, and then plug your phone to a computer with the Cydia software installed. Then, click Trust so it gets identified and drag the WhatsApp installer to the software.

Finally, you’ll need to type in your Apple ID login and log in. Should an error message appear, simply choose Ok. And, now, you have an improved WhatsApp version on your phone!

Watusi Transparent WhatsApp

So, did you like our tips on how to make your WhatsApp transparent?

Leave a comment telling us if you already used any of these apps and which one is your favorite! Don’t forget to also check out the best WhatsApp dares, learn how to share Instagram link on WhatsApp, and how to appear offline on WhatsApp!