Top 4 best free IPTV players for Windows 10!

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Watching TV on any device that’s not your actual television is a really convenient reality. Nowadays, it is possible to even use your internet connection to do so by using any of the best free IPTV players for Windows 10.

It goes beyond only computers, however, since you can even turn your smartphone into a sort of a “pocket television”. In this text, however, we will focus in helping you find good free software with which you can watch IPTV on your PC.

If you got to this article while looking for a smartphone solution, you don’t need to close this tab! Just go to our article where we talk about some of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows on your phone!

Did you hear about IPTV recently and you’re not quite sure what it is about? Then stay with us to learn all about what it is!

What is IPTV?

It’s a pretty straightforward acronym that means Internet Protocol Television. What it means is simple: television that you can watch using an internet signal.

All that to say, you won’t need an antennas or extra cabling. If you already have an internet connection at your house, you can simply use an IPTV service! In fact, you can watch it wherever you go, as long as you can use an internet connection.

It’s not recommended that you watch IPTV on a mobile data connection, however, since video broadcasting is one of the things that use the most data, it’s possible that doing so will eat up your plan. To avoid that, we recommend you use one of the apps to get free WiFi!

Other than that, it’s a good idea that you have a good speed to watch it, particularly if you’re demanding when it comes to the resolution! Even though there are good free IPTV players to use on any of the best web browsers, it’s for the best that you use a software.

These software will let you play your shows and movies in higher resolution. However, there’s no need to fret, since you don’t need to spend a penny to use them: all are entirely free!

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that these software themselves don’t access IPTV channels. You need to use open lists to watch IPTV legally without paying anything or hire a service.

Now that you have a decent idea of how IPTV works, check out the best free IPTV players for Windows 10 down below!

1. MyIPTV Player

Available exclusively on Windows 10 computers – and on Xbox One consoles – MyIPTV Player is a simple, free, and easy to use IPTV player. Its interface is extremely intuitive and you will easily learn which options you need to use to add an IPTV list.

After adding it, every time you open up the software it will automatically update your IPTV list, showing you the available channels. If you have added an IPTV list with hundreds of channels, you can save the ones you watch the most on a tab called Favorites, which makes using it much easier.

MyIPTV Player is the ideal option for those who want to not only watch IPTV on their Windows PC, but also on their TV connected to their Xbox console. On the other hand, it’s limited exclusively to IPTV, so you can’t use it to watch movies that are stored on your PC or your flash drive. Check it out by following this link!

MyIPTV Player best free IPTV players

2. Kodi

A much more complete piece of software is Kodi, which is also much harder to use. It works as an entertainment center, making it much easier to use your PC when it is connected to a TV, for instance.

Even so, there’s nothing stopping you from using it on your monitor, especially when you invite someone over and you want to watch movies with them on your PC. Other than that, Kodi is also one of the best IPTV players.

One of its biggest advantages is that it works with all sorts of media, and it is entirely free! On the other hand, it demands that you know a bit about computers to be able to properly use it. Follow this link to use Kodi, and check out the best Kodi extensions!

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is definitely one of the most popular and best video players for PC, Mac, and phones. What not many people know is that it also lets you watch IPTV on your Windows PC!

In part, this is the fault of the software itself, since it doesn’t make it easy to find the settings to see an IPTV list. This might be due to the software’s premise, since it is geared towards playing files that are stored on your PC.

Even so, it’s a great alternative, even if it is not the most intuitive one. Follow this link to see more about VLC!

VLC Media Player best free IPTV players

4. MegaCubo

Finishing off our list of the best IPTV Players for Windows 10, MegaCubo can be used to watch TV on the internet, and it is one of the few options that even let you record these transmissions to watch later.

This way, you can easily synchronize an IPTV channel and set up the software to record it so you can watch later. Other than that, you can also watch the shows in a miniature mode, while you do other things on your computer. Follow this link to learn more about it!

IPTV on your PC: check out the best options!

Now that you are aware of some of the best free IPTV players for Windows 10, how about checking out some of the best services available nowadays? You can count with us and check out the best IPTV options!