The 10 best Nintendo Switch accessories!

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Is your Nintendo Switch in need of accessories and you don’t know which ones are the best?

Released in 2017, this console has a lot of amazing accessories. In addition, its hybrid ability to be a portable or desktop console may have contributed to it becoming the best-selling console in the US during the month of December last year.

If you want to get the most out of your device, check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories below as well as the pros and cons of each.

Of course, some issues are different for each type of player, however, we’ve brought the top 10 items to this list, considering travel accessories, storage cards, batteries, additional controllers, and more.

So let’s get to the list.

Top 10 Nintendo Switch accessories in 2022

There is a huge diversity of accessories and this is not a comprehensive list by any means, but below we consider the main ones.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

It may be the most traditional format for the console, it’s very easy to be on the list of suggested accessories, but with this control, your gaming sessions will rise to another level.

Its comfortable format allows for long periods of games and facilitates controls, for example, when executing combos in fighting games. In addition, it includes motion sensors, HD vibration, and allows you to interact with Amiibo dolls from a distance with the built-in reader.

pro controller Nintendo Switch accessories

2. Tempered glass film

We don’t even need to write much about the importance of protective films for screens, right? Surely you have or have had one on your smartphone to protect from small drops and daily scratches.

And, with the screen of your Nintendo Switch, it couldn’t be different, especially for those who have children who use the console or for those who like to carry them everywhere.

For this reason, films are on our list. It is worth investing a little more and focusing on tempered glass films that are extremely durable and with very high screen transparency, providing a very natural look.

You can guarantee peace of mind for your screen from 10$ to 25$.

3. Adjustable Charger Stand

If you like to use your Nintendo Switch in “tabletop” or handheld mode, you already know how quickly your battery can drain. For this reason, the Adjustable Charger Stand is included in our list of the best accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

With it, you can carry your console while you play, as the support is very firm and even allows you to position your console at different angles. Another super important point to consider is that with the support your Switch can work for a few hours, without having to be connected to an outlet.

Very useful for travel, currently you can find the model from 30$.

Adjustable Charger Stand Nintendo Switch accessories

4. Car charger

And since we’re talking about a charger, another option for those who like to hit the road is the automotive charger.

Just plug the USB-C to USB-A cable into vehicles that have a USB port. If your vehicle does not have a USB port, there are chargers compatible with the vehicle’s 12V socket, the old cigarette lighter.

Now, if you are interested in faster charging, there is a Nintendo Switch charger with a 6ft cable and a DC 12V/24V input.

With this charger, you can play even on longer trips.

5. microSD storage card

If you already have a console, and we’re talking about both the Nintendo Switch and the OLED Switch, you’ll likely need a microSD storage card.

There are several options and here the most important thing to consider when buying are two things:

  • The first is the size of this storage – after all, since you are going to invest, the best thing is to invest soon in a 128GB memory card, for example.
  • The second is the brand of this card and its reading speed, exactly so that your games don’t get stuck.

6. Case or cover

Protection is never enough, and as we talked about above about protective film for your screen, it’s worth considering a travel case for your console.

At this point, the decisions are very particular, but it is important to consider some things among your options, such as dimensions, formats, the storage capacity of other accessories, and, mainly, the level of cover protection.

So, even with bumps, bruises, and movements inside the protective case, your Nintendo Switch will be well protected and you will still be able to carry other accessories and store them all together.

7. PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller

Extra buttons can make a difference in some competitive Switch games and purchasing the PowerA Fusion Pro wireless controller can be a brilliant differentiator.

With this elite controller you’ll get an impressive level of customization, with swappable elements – like the front panel – and an air of superiority you won’t find in a wired controller.

PowerA Fusion Pro Wireless Controller

8. Straps for Joy-Con

Making handling your Joy-Con much more comfortable, these wrist straps can still ensure their safety. And, as much as they already come with the Joy-Con pair that comes with the Nintendo Switch, it is worth remembering here their importance, in case they are damaged.

For a small amount of money, you guarantee the security of your investment, and they are available in the colors of all the main joysticks released for the console.

Straps for Joy-Con Nintendo Switch accessories

9. Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip

It may not be such an affordable option, but if you want to extend the battery life of your Joy-Con controllers this could be an option.

The charging handle is a little more expensive than the others, but it charges your controllers, unlike the Joy-Con Grip that comes in the box.

The positives of this accessory are the time and the consistent charging.

10. Steering wheels

To close our list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories, we have them, the steering wheels! With them, the user can actually rotate the control to drive vehicles in motion-sensing games.

At a relatively cheap price – the pair offers a more realistic experience in racing games.

Steering wheels


There are many accessories and it is not always easy to choose the best one.

With that in mind, we have brought you some questions that you can consider when making your decisions, if your budget is not so robust as to choose freely, just by desire.

You know those moments when you think: “oh if only I had …”. So, what would be the accessory that would fill that sentence? How often do you think about it?

For example, if you use your Switch with your family and it is handled by many hands, the protective film is a superb purchase.

And if you travel a lot, you carry the console with you at various times, a case, batteries, and chargers can be the best options.

Now if the console remains in your house, perhaps investing in controllers and steering wheels may be the way to go.

What types of games do you prioritize or prefer to play? Some games are better played with a traditional controller, while others may be better in handheld mode with the Joy-Con attached.

So before opting for the accessories on the list, analyze your reality well to make purchases consistent with your needs.

Remember that accessories were made to make our lives easier and more productive. So personal experiences count for a lot.