Tutorial: Create images from text with artificial intelligence

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Do you know how to create images from text with artificial intelligence? Surely, at some point in your life, you were faced with the need to create images, but you could not. Either because of creative block or because you don’t have the technical knowledge to do it. However, the evolution of technology and the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) can help you overcome these obstacles, as it is super easy to create images from plain text.

AI has transformed many aspects of our everyday lives and one of the areas where it has excelled is in image creation. For example, MidJourney AI is capable of developing images from simple textual descriptions. Meanwhile, Deep Dream Generator uses a neural network technique and creates surrealistic figures.

With the help of sophisticated algorithms, it is possible to create images from text with artificial intelligence. In this article, we will explore how AI is being used, as well as analyze the possibilities that this technology offers for different types of projects.

How to create images from text with artificial intelligence?

There are several AI techniques and tools that are capable of generating images from data, such as textual descriptions, for example. With this technique, it is possible to make the artificial intelligence approach what is desired in the image, but for that, it is important to offer as much detail as possible.

AI services, although they have evolved a lot, still need more development to be 100% assertive. In this way, all information offered to artificial intelligence is important. There are several websites that allow you to create images from text using artificial intelligence and today we are going to introduce you to three of them.


The first site that allows you to create images from text with artificial intelligence is DALL-E 2. It stands out for being able to develop realistic and personalized figures from textual descriptions. With multiple applications such as product design and the gaming industry, it can help reduce costs and time in producing visual content.

To use the DALL-E, the step-by-step is very simple. First, you will access the AI website. Right after entering the site, you must click on “Try DALL-E“.

create images from text with artificial intelligence dall-e 2

Then make the description of the image and click “Generate“.

create images from text with artificial intelligence dall-e 2 generate

In a few seconds, the AI will create the image with the descriptions you entered.

dall e 2


  • Easy to use: this AI can help people who don’t have a lot of skills in image creation;
  • The AI is free: something that can be a differentiator for those who need art but are on a low budget;
  • Available 24 hours a day: you don’t have to worry about the time when creating your image.


  • Language: The AI was developed in English. In this regard, it cannot perfectly understand other languages. Also, DALL-E generates images faster when the description is in English.
  • Creativity: although it is an artificial intelligence that helps with simple jobs, it still cannot make creative images like a human being.

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2. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator uses a technique of deep convolutional neural networks to create images. This technique was originally developed by the Google research team in 2015 as a way to visualize how neural networks perceive and interpret images.

This AI manages to stand out for being able to develop more complex and visually more beautiful art. To exemplify, in the DALL-E images above, when typing “two people walking on the street” it offered the images, but distorted and with flaws.

However, when typing the same thing in the Deep Dream Generator we will see a much cleaner and more detailed image.

deep dream generator


  • The beauty of images: Deep Dream Generator creates art from the interaction between artificial intelligence and the real world. As a result, it achieves a kind of dialogue between technology and our visual perception.
  • Versatility: This AI’s technology makes it possible for it to serve a variety of niches, whether illustrations for children’s books or 3D modeling.


  • Accuracy: despite being an AI that can create good images, Deep Dream Generator can fail in the way it delivers. In the image above, for example, the art of two people was requested and it delivered one with four.
  • Unpredictable results: here it should be noted that this artificial intelligence, as it is based on deep neural networks, can offer unpredictable and difficult-to-understand image results.

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3. Midjourney

Midjourney is a platform that has been gaining prominence on social networks due to its ability to create images from text with artificial intelligence. When requesting an artwork, users have the option to choose between four alternatives, which will later be transformed into high-resolution images.

The AI has caught the attention of many people, who are surprised by its ability to create incredible illustrations from little information. No wonder Midjourney has become one of the sensations of the internet.


  • Versatile: despite being an AI that can create high-resolution images, with Midjourney it is also possible to identify objects in art and still make difficult decisions.
  • Creative: the other platforms mentioned on our list for creating images from text with artificial intelligence seek to be as faithful to the text as possible. On the other hand, Midjourney has a more creative and abstract feel.


  • Access: Midjourney is still in development. Therefore, the AI only works on Discord, which can be a limiting factor in attracting more people.
  • Privacy: There’s no way to create completely private images, except on the most expensive paid plan, something that doesn’t happen with the other AIs on our list.

Creating images from text with artificial intelligence is a promising area, as seen with the technologies above. After all, they allow images to be generated increasingly realistically and accurately from descriptions in natural language. Therefore, we want you to enter even more in this universe and learn about other tools to create images with artificial intelligence with AppTuts.