The 20 best apps to download and read books

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Reading books is likely one of the most calm, enriching and soothing experiences people keep up to this day. Which is why we made this list! Discover a variety of possibilities that offer free books, paid books, books in several languages and more! You will certainly find an app that appeals to you and meets your needs. If you are a fan of Japanese comics, be sure to also read our article with the best apps specialized in reading manga!

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1. Kindle

When it comes to eBooks, Amazon’s Kindle really is one of the best apps available. With it, users can read the sample of any eBook for free, in addition to customizing their experience by changing the font size and even the style. It also offers translations and definitions instantly, directly from the app. Visit the official page and download it for free for desktop, iOS and Android!

2. Google Play Livros

Google Play Books is one of the best apps to download and read books, or even listen to audiobooks. It is a native app for Android, but is also available for iPhone through the App Store. With it, users can access their eBooks, comic books and more even when offline. Did you find it interesting? Download it now for iOS or Android!

3. iBooks

iBooks is the exclusive eBooks and reading app for Apple devices. It allows access to books purchased through the application on any device, being synchronized with iCloud. Your books can be organized into collections and the app also features night mode, making reading more comfortable. If you don’t have it for your iPhone or iPad, download it for free from the App Store!

4. Moon+ Reader

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, Moon+ is one of the best apps to download and read books. It is exclusive to Android smartphones. The app offers tools for personalizing the reading, such as adjusting the line spacing, bold font size, among others. Moon+ Reader also has reading modes for day and night. Download it for free on Google Play!

5. Kobo Books

Kobo Books is an application developed by Kobo Inc., a famous store where you can purchase eBooks and audiobooks. Through the application, users can find several books available in the online store. It is also possible to customize characteristics of the text, such as font size, among others. Kobo Books could not be left out of our list, really being one of the best apps to download and read books. Access the official store or download it for iOS and Android!

6. Nook

Nook is one of the most popular apps to download and read books today. It offers more than 1 million eBooks for free and even allows users to read magazines or newspapers for a free period of up to 14 days. The application interface is practical and excellent, and it has all the tools for adjusting and customizing reading. Download it now for iPhone or Android!

7. Scribd

Scribd is a platform for reading eBooks and audiobooks that works through a subscription system. It offers a wide range of authors and titles chosen by the company’s own editors. Other than that, it also has synchronization between devices, allowing reading to continue even when changing devices. Are you interested? It is possible to try it for free for a period of up to 30 days. Access it through the website and download it for iPhone and Android!

8. Wattpad

Wattpad is one of the best apps to download and read books, as well as a community of readers who share their stories. In the app users can choose between different categories, find famous and classic books like Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and more. Books can be accessed even when without an Internet connection. Visit the official website and download the application for Windows, iOS or Android!

9. Aldiko

Search, explore and find out new books with this excellent app! Aldiko has a huge variety of books that can be purchased directly from within the app. In addition, it offers features such as text customization, night reading mode and an easy-to-use interface. Other than that, it is also possible to borrow books from the platform. Visit the page on the App Store and download it for iOS or its website on Google Play to download the Android version!

10. eReader Prestigio

eReader is an app for reading eBooks exclusive through Google Play. It offers more than 1 million books in 25 different languages and even more than 48.000 free books. Users can create a bookcase and easily organize their collections. Navigation in the application is intuitive and it has multilingual support. Did you find it interesting? Download it for free for Android!

11. FBReader

FBReader is a host of free eBooks, boasting a large network of book catalogs and different stores. It supports different formats of electronic books and also offers different plugins that can be downloaded in its page. You can also add books you already own to the app directly via your memory card. FBReader is available for several platforms, visit the official website to download it!

12. Bookari eBook Reader

Bookari is a simple and practical eBook reader, coming in handy in many situations. Its main feature is the synchronization of your library between different devices. In addition, the app offers basic functions such as a bookmark, and allows users to browse pre-selected book stores or include any stores they prefer, if they are not on the app list. It is free and available for Android or iPhone!

13. OverDrive

OverDrive is one of the best apps to download and read books and audiobooks. However, unfortunately it only works for users who have a member account in a North American library. Still, the platform offers an unparalleled reading experience. It is able to synchronize all of your virtual bookshelf, notes and more between any devices you have it installed on. It is available for multiple platforms, visit the official website!

14. Bluefire Reader

Bluefire Reader is a simple and very practical eBook reading app. It allows you to easily buy and download eBooks from most bookstores. Other than that, the app offers basic tools such as text markup, page mark, annotations and even search for definition and meaning of words. It is also synchronized between devices, allowing reading to continue. It is free, download it for iOS!

15. Oodles

Oodles is one of the best apps to download and read books, offering a huge range of eBooks for free. However, unfortunately they are only available in English. Even so, if that’s enough for you, Oodles is an excellent choice. Your books can be accessed even without an Internet connection. Did you find it interesting? Download it for free for iOS and Android!

16. UB Media365 Reader

UB allows not only its users to access eBooks for free, but also to publish their own works. It is one of the best apps to download and read books, with all the necessary tools for personalizing reading. Navigation in the app is intuitive and practical and UB also has its own night reading mode. The app is completely localized in a lot of languages too, and you can download it for free for Android!

17. Goodreads

Goodreads is not exactly an eBook reader application. However, it is one of the best apps for those who like reading in general and that’s why we included it in the list. More than 35 million users use the app to receive recommendations and discover new books. It also allows you to record and track the progress of books you are reading and create a virtual bookshelf with your entire collection. In addition, you can also see what your friends are reading and create your own list of books you want to start. Did you find it interesting? Download it for free for iOS and Android!

18. EbookDroid

EbookDroid allows you to read different formats of eBooks and PDF books. In addition, it has functions for modifying the font of the text in PDF books, selecting and marking text, as well as inserting notes. The application is very practical and allows its users to easily organize their virtual bookshelves. Download it for free for Android!


19. Free Books – Read & Listen

How about having access to more than 51 thousand free books through a single application? Free Books offers exactly that and it is free. It has an excellent variety of books in english, with options for other languages, in case you are trying to learn something other than english.  Navigating between the application’s libraries and categories is very simple, and it allows you to import books you already have into your virtual bookshelf. Visit the official website and learn more!

20. Lithium: EPUB Reader

Lithium is a very practical and simple app for reading eBooks. It offers the basic features of automatic detection of EPUB books, bookmarking and annotations, night mode and more. The app also has a premium version that removes any third-party ads, in addition to offering customizable color themes. It has great reviews on Google Play, and you can download it right now for Android!

What do you think of these apps to download and read books?

Nothing like a good book in a moment of relaxation, while you are comfortable doing your own thing, right? These were our top picks for the best apps to download and read books, but tells us your favorite apps! Comment down below!