13 best job search apps

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The time to look for work in newspapers or advertisements in establishments is thankfully over. Now, you can use job search apps and websites to look for jobs more easily and faster than ever before.

This not only helps you find more jobs, but it also makes it easier to find something in the specific area you want. Generally, the application processes are also quite simple and can be completed in a few minutes. If you want to know which are the best apps to look for a job, just check out our suggestions below.

1. LinkedIn

linkedin job search apps

To start our list, among job search apps, there is no better platform than LinkedIn. This is one of the most well-known when it comes to professional social networks. You can enter information about all of your experience, past positions, and qualifications.

With this, you can contact companies and vice versa. Even companies registered there can post vacancies, for which you can apply with your profile or with a conventional resume.

In addition to the official website, you can easily use LinkedIn on your smartphone through mobile apps. You can check more through the link.

2. Indeed

indeed job search apps

Indeed is also a well-known platform for job seekers or job seekers at your company. You just need to create your profile, register your CV and search for the vacancy you want most.

The cool thing is that there are several filters to determine the area, the place of work, and the salary expectation that is most compatible with what you want. This is easily one of the best job search apps. You can download it on your Android or iPhone.

3. Freelancer

Freelancer is exactly for professionals who are looking for something more informal in their area of work. This goes for copywriters, video editors, designers, programmers, etc.

It’s a good way to earn extra money without having to stick to just one company. You just need to make your profile, search for vacancies and apply.

The platform itself can be used for free, so it’s worth a try. You can check more through the link.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr sort of works similarly to Freelancer, which we introduced above. In it, several people can request certain services, usually artistic, and you can offer to perform them.

In this way, you can play instruments, edit photos or videos, write something, give presentations, etc. All services are paid, although it’s not usually that much money. You can check more through the website.

5. Twenty20

Twenty20 is a platform especially suitable for photographers who want to start earning money from their work. You just need to sign up and try to sell the photos you have already taken or that you can take with your equipment. Everything can be done on the website or the mobile app.

Definitely one of the best job search apps specifically for photographers. Check out more through this link.

6. Upwork

Upwork is another platform for those who like to work more freely. You can search for jobs in your general field or something more specific depending on your skills and specializations.

The cool thing is that you can even do some tests in your area to demonstrate your skill level in certain tasks. You can check more through the link.

7. Trovit

Unlike many of the job search apps on our list, Trovit features jobs from over 50 different countries. In fact, you can find any kind of ad there, as it is not restricted to professional vacancies.

Anyway, you just need to register, search for what interests you and apply. You can use the app for free on Android or iPhone.

8. Monster


Since we’re talking about apps with an international reach, it’s worth mentioning an American platform: Monster. It’s all in English, but it shows vacancies close to the region you’re in, almost similar to Tinder, for example.

The proposal is not only very different but also effective. This is especially true if you are already registered on other job sites and want to try another approach. You can check more through the link.


Another amazing platform that we can recommend is JORA. This is one of the most interesting job search apps on our list.

You can build your profile (with name, previous experience, skills, qualifications, etc.) in a few minutes. After that, just search and apply for the most interesting jobs.

All through your smartphone and for free. You can check out more and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

10. FundsForWriters

We’ve already mentioned some job search apps for specific areas, so FundsforWriters can’t be left out.

As the name suggests, it’s great for writers and copywriters. There are many types of texts being requested every day, with an average payment of $50 for each article of about 600 words.

If you are proficient and quick to write on various subjects, it might be a good idea. You can check more through the link.

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