Discovery+: everything you need to know about the new service!

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If you thought 2021 already had released all the streaming services you could possibly handle, you thought wrong! Releasing this year on the United States and on a still to-be-announced date on Latin America, Discovery+ is slated to bring a wide collection of the classic channel’s most beloved names, such as Discovery Channel, Discovery Kids, Discovery Home and Health, TLC, Animal Planet, ID, Discovery Turbo, Discovery Science, Food Network and HGTV.

Even if it has already debuted in the United States and established a foothold there, it is in fierce competition with other giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Paramont Plus and HBO MAX. In fact, most of these competitors are already available worldwide, making it so Discovery+ would have to prove itself worthy of the subscription.

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The goal of Discovery+ is to present a complete catalog of scientific entertainment and reality shows made for the whole family at an affordable price, and there is currently nothing similar to this service on the market. It bets heavily on the non-fiction space, considered quite versatile in its approaches and much more affordable than fiction productions.

In addition, the focus on the development of reality shows, talk shows, variety shows, docuseries and documentaries for streaming gained a priority position on the company’s executives’ table.

Discovery+ catalogue

In the United States, Discovery+ starts at $4.99 per month for the subscription that includes ads. Users can also opt for an ad-free plan with a monthly fee of $6.99. Values might change according to where in the world you are subscribing from. In India, where the service first launched, it is priced at roughly about ₹99 per month while the yearly subscription would be ₹299.

With these many streaming options, aren’t we going over our budget?

A research done by KPMG reveals that the consumer of streaming video services is increasingly demanding. The consumer wants variety, quality, affordable price – that is, ways to decide between one service and another. The idea is to find as much as they are looking for in one place, but the consumer is still willing to subscribe to one or more platforms to meet specific preferences.

The streaming video service captivated audiences of different age groups, genders and economic class, establishing itself as an essential tool for any advertising and mass communication strategies. Discovery+ is an attempt of the parent company to get into this market.

In this survey, almost half of respondents (47%) would be willing to subscribe to more than one platform, but this decision would depend mainly on price. And 78% would agree to pay something extra, on the services they subscribe to, to get extra content that meets their expectations – especially recently released movies (58%).

It is clear that people don’t want to pay for a lot of different streaming services, but it’s worth choosing one or two to keep a monthly subscription on. Too many services, after all, and you’ll be paying way more than you can afford.


According to the company responsible for Discovery+, there are plans to launch it in over 25 countries worldwide in 2021. It was already released on India, United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States. We are still waiting on the release date for Latin America as of the time of writing.

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