Best live chat for websites: check out the top 13!
Best live chat for websites: check out the top 13!
Best live chat for websites: check out the top 13!

Best live chat for websites: check out the top 13!

One of the most necessary applications for those who are building their business online is a live chat platform for websites. Usually focused on customer service, the system can also be used to boost your sales and is one of the most agile ways for a visitor or customer to contact your company.

The offer is quite large since this type of platform is already common for digital commerce. To help you choose a tool that meets your needs and budget, we’ve selected some of the best live chat software for websites!

1. Jivochat

One of the largest live chat software for websites, Jivochat is available in many languages, with options for free and paid plans. The tool also has availability for mobile devices, any of the best web browsers, and its own application for PC and Mac.

Among its main features is the possibility of sending active invitations, that is, sending requests to a visitor or customer who is browsing your page. It also allows you to record response models, history and is complete with analytical tools.

Note: Jivochat allows you to test all of its tools for 14 days for FREE. Follow this link to sign up and start testing!

Jivochat best live chat for websites

2. LiveChat

With a structure similar to the previous one, LiveChat is also one of the best and most flexible live chat solutions for websites. Also with applications for mobile devices, LiveChat allows virtual shopkeepers to interact with visitors directly through their Facebook pages as well.

Among other functions, the software allows you to share files, block unwanted visitors who spam, and classify conversations using tags.

LiveChat allows you to test its features for 30 days FREE. Follow this link to sign up and start testing the platform!

LiveChat best live chat for websites

3. mylivechat

Unlike the previous example, this platform is completely free, not having paid plans. In addition to the web and computer versions, mylivechat has versions for Android and iOS. It also has a plugin for WordPress sites and analytical tools for analyzing results. Follow this link to see more.

4. Userlike

Also a paid tool, Userlike brings functions similar to the previous examples, such as support for Android and iOS. Its plans are not charged by operator and provide ways to organize your salespeople according to the sectors of which they are specialized. Go to the official website.

5. Olark

This platform has a free and a paid plan. Among the standard main features available on all of the best live chat software for websites, it has a flexible code that can be easily integrated.

However, its free plan allows only one salesperson and, to add more people to the team, it is necessary to pay for each operator. It has integration with CRM systems and also allows remote access to solve computer problems, for example. Check it out right now!


6. Smartsupp

With features such as permission to integrate the platform with Google Analytics and sending notifications when a visitor sends a message, Smartsupp follows the traditional model of free and paid plans.

This allows you to use it according to your budget, gradually increasing your level of access to its features. The platform has versions for mobile devices. Follow this link to see more!

7. SnapEngage

Among the main tools that SnapEngage makes available, we can mention the integration with CRM and social media, in addition to the possibility of further customization of its look.

The tool is exclusively paid for, but it has a free trial period to test its features, and it is one of the best live chat platforms for websites. Check it out!

8. is a free chat tool, available for Windows, Mac, browsers and mobile devices. It also allows you to include an unlimited number of operators and visitor monitoring, allowing them to access your screens.

On the other hand, it is necessary to pay to access and use any of the many versions this app has. Go to the official website to learn more.

9. PureChat

With a focus on tracking visitors, that is, offering an updated report in real-time on who is visiting your page, Pure Chat has free and paid plans. However, in the free version, most of the features are disabled, including the aforementioned report.

Among other features, the online chat tool for websites allows you to save and receive emails through forms when the service is offline. Check it out right now!

10. LiveZilla

LiveZilla is an open-source live chat tool for websites, and it certainly is one of the best you can find. It can be used free of charge and allows you to customize the software to meet the user’s needs.

Because of this, it can be integrated into any website, but it needs more programming knowledge to be implemented. The software can also be used as a Help Desk, with a ticket system. Follow this link to see more.

11. Zopim

With integration with WordPress and Shopify sites, Zopim also offers features used by other systems such as active chat, much like is the case in Jivochat.

The tool offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan, limited to just one simultaneous chat. The paid version has the possibility to customize the chat and put more users on the team. Follow this link to see more.

12. Boldchat

With a wider range of actions than most online chats for websites mentioned here, Boldchat brings tools for video chat, cell phone response, and integration with social networks, making it one of the best live chat tools available for websites.

Although broad, it requires – by far – the largest investment of all tools, surpassing the amount of two hundred dollars in its smallest plan. If you’re interested, go to the official website.

13. Online Chat Centers

In contrast to Boldchat, Online Chat Centers is one of the least costly alternatives in the area of ​​online chats for websites. With a free trial period of the 10-day premium version and plans at merely five dollars a month – with two additional dollars per operator – the platform offers the basic functionality of web services, although it does not have a mobile version. Follow this link and learn more!

Online Chat Centers best live chat for websites

Which one of the best live chat platforms for websites is your favorite?

How many of them have you tested? Tell us and give your notes and suggestions about the platforms mentioned below in our comments section! Don’t forget to also check out the best apps to make money, the best free Android apps, and the best free iPhone apps!

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