The 10 best teen shows on Netflix in 2021!

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The constant unrelenting search for new Netflix shows to watch is something everyone goes through. To help ease this task for you, we have selected the best teen shows on Netflix, including some famous titles such as Elite, Riverdale and Stranger Things!

Just keep reading our article down below and find out the next show you’ll watch, or check out the best shows to binge watch as well!

1. Elite

We open our list with this Spanish teen series that takes place in a very privileged private school, Elite shows three students who came from public school, who receive a scholarship at the prestigious school of the construction company responsible for making their old school fall apart.

His arrival ends up causing a conflict between classes from the first moment, culminating in a mysterious murder. In addition to the investigation and the suspicious atmosphere, Elite also shows the day-to-day dramas of the teenagers who attend the school.

Elite has four seasons and is available on Netflix.

elite actors and actresses featured as their characters in the series

2. Riverdale

With its 5th season debuting this year on Netflix, Riverdale is a teen series with a lot of drama and mystery.

The group of friends from Riverdale high school go through many dramatic and teen moments in this series that touches on the theme of inequalities and police suspense amidst the dramas of almost adult life.

3. 13 Reasons Why

One of the Netflix series that has generated the most controversy is 13 Reasons Why. This plot tells the story of a girl, Hannah Baker, from her point of view, starting when she commits suicide.

Before doing so, however, she made tapes of all the reasons that led to her decision. She sent them to Clay, her best friend and school crush, in a shoebox. She sent along instructions to be passed on to others.

It is produced by Selena Gomez, one of the biggest phenomena in music, and has an excellent cast, including names like Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford and Christian Navarro.

13 Reasons Why

4. All of Us Are Dead

One of the biggest hits right now is the new South Korean series on Netflix that tells the story of students trapped against a deadly epidemic at school. And they only have one option: fight with all their strength not to turn into zombies.

As the virus spreads beyond the school’s walls, the series explores interesting themes, including the corruption of authority and the abuse of power.

5. Rebelde

Netflix has confirmed the second season of this series, which is a version of the Mexican telenovela that dominated the four corners of the world.

At an elite school, a group of friends face the challenges of growing up, rivalries and passions as they pursue their dream of making it big in the music business.

Worth checking out!

6. Teen Wolf

Released in 2011 by MTV, the six seasons of Teen Wolf are available on Netflix. And with the beginning of the recording of the film, the tendency is to promote even more this serious teenager that tells the story of a boy who was bitten by a werewolf one night while looking for a body with his best friend in a forest in the city, Beacon Hills in California.

After that, the young teenager needs to deal with new changes, new challenges in his life and especially save his friends from future dangers.

7. Young Royals

As a young adult, LGBTQIA+-themed drama, the Swedish series Young Royals follows the story of Prince Wilhelm, who begins a relationship with a classmate at the prestigious Hillerska boarding school. There, the young man breaks free from his confined life and experiences for the first time the freedom to make his own decisions.

With a new perspective on life, Wilhelm receives unexpected news, and discovers that he is next in line for the throne. Considering his new relationships with colleagues, the protagonist has to decide between love and duty.

Young Royals Netflix Teen Series

8. Outer Banks

Another teen series that also bets on the mystery, Outer Banks brings a treasure hunt. On an island where class divisions are stark, a young man gathers his best friends to hunt down a legendary treasure that may be linked to his father, who has gone missing.

What is the treasure? No less than 400 million dollars, a sure ticket to the richest side of the island. Watch Outer Banks on Netflix.

9. Sex Education

A highly recommended series precisely for dealing with taboos in a funny way, but at the same time educational, Sex Education has two seasons on Netflix. In the series, the protagonist is the young man who understands the most about sex at school, which contrasts with his shy personality.

But his knowledge does not come from experience, but from the fact that his mother is a sexologist. Upon discovering this, one of her classmates has the idea of opening a sex therapy clinic right in high school. And it is about these young patients, their doubts and the learnings that the series is about, without leaving aside the fun and comedy.

10. I Am Not Okay with This

Mixing elements of drama series with comedy, I Am Not Okay with This follows the story of a teenager who discovers she has superpowers. As if the discovery wasn’t shock enough, she also experiences heavy family drama, in addition to common high school issues like unrequited crushes.

Released in 2020, I Am Not Okay with This has one season and is based on a comic of the same name.

artists from i am not okay with this, one of the best teen series on netflix

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