Best Kodi addons: Top 10 you should install right now!
Best Kodi addons: Top 10 you should install right now!
Best Kodi addons: Top 10 you should install right now!

Best Kodi addons: Top 10 you should install right now!

One of the best pieces of software if you want to watch some of the best IPTV options, for example, is Kodi, one that has a lot of addons you can use to improve your user experience. This app can be used whether you’re on PC or Android, and even on some videogame consoles such as Xbox One!

It is the best solution to watch movies, TV shows, and even live TV nowadays. And just to make everything better, Kodi is completely free for anyone to use!

Other than that, it is written in open source code, which basically means that anyone who’s good at programming, or is a developer, can create extensions for it and increase the already immense amount of things you can do on Kodi.

So, for those reasons, we simply couldn’t not mention which ones are the best Kodi addons (how the extensions are called) you can find, for a vast number of purposes. If you’re interested on how to improve your experience on one of the most searched and downloaded apps, just keep reading our list and find out which addons to use!

1. NordVPN

The first item in our list with all the best Kodi addons is not merely a suggestion, but almost a necessity for anyone, particularly if you’re looking for ways to watch TV online, or any copyrighted content, for that matter.

NordVPN works by masking the place your connection originates from. That is, any other addon that tries to look for information about your location – useful for accessing region-locked content – will not be able to find out where you actually are.

Beyond that, a VPN can help you avoid theft and data collection attempts by encrypting your browsing. For streaming services or for watching TV on the internet, it makes itself essential, since it will protect your connection against any potential theft attempts.

There are two free VPN addons available for Kodi, none of which we recommend, since it might make you subject to data mining from their developers. By signing up to a paid VPN such as NordVPN, you’ll be entering a contract for services, so that you can then sue the company should they infringe upon your rights.

In the end, it all means that NordVPN is bound by law to keep your digital safety while you use the app. Worth noting is that you will be able to use it for all your browsing needs, all in one package. Follow this link to see more about it and start using right now.

NordVPN Best Kodi addons

Tip: It is worthwhile that we mention that, other than the NordVPN we mentioned now, all the other addons for Kodi we’ll talk about down below are available directly on the app’s addon library!

2. FEN

An addon that is extremely recommended that anyone uses is Fen, with some very advanced functionalities for movie and TV show streaming, that does make your experience a lot better.

It provides you with an intuitive, attractive, and fast interface that is integrated with many libraries and even lets you add your premium accounts of some services.

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3. Exodus

Exodus is likely to be the most well known among all the best Kodi addons. Although it stayed a while without receiving any updates, the addon started receiving more updates and many huge improvements.

Other than that, all the streams you find on Exodus tend to be stable and work without any issues. It allows you to follow movies and TV shows streams, categorizing the options according to the movie’s genre, popularity, release year, and more.

4. Seren

Probably the best comprehensive Kodi addon you can find, Seren is a somewhat recent addition to the family of Kodi addons. Although it is new, it definitely deserves a spot in our list of the best Kodi addons due to the quality of its streaming sources.

Seren Best Kodi addons

5. Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is an extremely old Kodi addon you can use that has survived the many takedowns of addons. It is a widely loved addon by anyone who likes Kodi and wants to watch movies.

It offers all its users streaming links with which they can watch sports, TV shows, live TV, radio channels, documentaries, and much more.

6. Covenant

Although it is widely used to watch movies, TV shows and even TV channels on the internet, Covenant is among the best Kodi addons for those who like to have well-organized lists.

This addon offers several types of categorization for your content, such as release date, type of movie, movies that were just released, and even Oscar-winning movies are alternatives you can use, and the same is true for TV shows!

7. Clicksville

Another of the best Kodi addons you can use is Clicksville, which brings to you a vast collection for on-demand content for you to watch, with categories such as movies, music, TV shows, boxsets, classics, and much more. It works well on any device that runs Kodi, being extremely lightweight and fast.

Clicksville best kodi addons

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8. Venom

Another of the addons for Kodi that has survived all the takedowns ios Venom, an amazing alternative the offers on-demand content that includes TV shows and movies, with very high-quality sources so that you can watch in HD with no buffering.

9. Odin

A great option you can use to watch a large variety of TV shows (even the latest episodes), as well as movies, from all genres, is Odin, yet another of the best Kodi addons.

It might not be quite as popular as some other addons in this list, Odin includes categories such as anime, documentaries, cartoons, radio, and a lot more.

10. Sportowa TV

To finish off our selection, we have Sportowa TV, an incredible addon that you can use to watch sports, whether they are on-demand or live streams. You can choose the sports via the categories, as well as choosing to watch them live on the TV channels links.

Which ones of the best Kodi addons do you like most?

Did you ever use any of these addons? Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites, and don’t forget to also check out the best video websites like YouTube!

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