21 must-have Google Chrome extensions
21 must-have Google Chrome extensions
21 must-have Google Chrome extensions

21 must-have Google Chrome extensions

The most used browser in the world – with 73% of internet users using it on their devices, according to a survey by the W3SSchools website – part of what made the Google browser so popular is the fact that it is the default browser on mobile devices with Android and its ability to add all sorts of extensions, also called plugins!

These programs that run in the background add many extra functions to the browser. We’ve separated the 21 must-have Google Chrome extensions that you can add and start using right now on your computer!

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1. LightShot

Easily the best, or at least the most useful Google Chrome extension. The tool allows you to take screenshots of the browser, allowing you to mark which area will be captured, providing some editing and sharing options on social networks. It is one of the most used in the tutorials we make available here on AppTuts.

Click on this link to add it to your browser.

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2. SimpleUndoClose

There’s not much to say about SimpleUndoClose and that’s enough to say that it’s a wonderful extension. it has only one function: click the icon and reopen any tabs you have recently closed. Excellent for distracted users who keep closing tabs by accident.

Download the extension from this link.

3. Gifs autoplay for Google™

One of the problems with searching for images on Google is that the search engine does not show GIFs unless the user clicks on them. Gifs autoplay for Google fixes this error, showing the animation from the moment you hit “enter” after entering the search term.

Discover Gifs autoplay in the Chrome extension store.

4. TabCloud

One of the best finds in our list of Google Chrome extensions. TabCloud is a kind of Dropbox, but instead of files, you can save which tabs were open during your browsing. Just add the extension to any number of computers, log in with your Google account, save a session and open TabCloud on another computer to continue where you left off.

Click here to learn more about TabCloud.

5. Vimium

Perfect for those aficionados of using hotkeys to make their navigation easier. Vimium allows you to add a series of shortcut keys not found in Chrome. For example, it lets you use the “J” and “K” keys to scroll up or down, among many other functions. This extension allows you to fully customize your browser experience.

Click on the link to learn more about the plugin.

6. Google Dictionary

An official extension from Google itself, the extension makes life a lot easier for anyone who writes for the web – like this writer right here! – or is doing any kind of work or reading. Instead of opening a new tab to look up the meaning of a word, just double-click and a small definition will appear.

If you need the full definition of the word or phrase, just select it in the text and click on the Google Dictionary icon.

The extension can be downloaded from the browser’s webstore.

7. The Great Suspender

One of the main complaints about Google Chrome is the absurd quantity of RAM memory that the browser consumes, much larger than a browser should. Part of the problem can be fixed with The Great Suspender, which suspends the activity of unused tabs.

It’s like leaving your phone alone and it goes into hibernation mode to save battery life, however, in this case, it saves computer memory and internet usage.

Download The Great Suspender on Google Chrome.

8. Pic-in-pic for Chrome browser

This extension makes it so a feature common to mobile phones available on the computer as well. Pic-in-pic for Chrome browser allows users to put Youtube running in a separate window, allowing users to access other tabs while watching it.

Click on the link to download the extension.

9. Evernote Web Clipper

Dedicated to the users PC, Mac and mobile devices, Evernote Web Clipper makes it easy to add notes and attach images and files to your account. This is because the plugin allows you to directly save these types of files directly from the browser, without having to open the app just to do that.

The Evernote extension is available on the Chrome Web Store.

10. Spoiler Shield

Perhaps the best of the Google Chrome extensions for fans of series and movies who hate being constantly spoiled. Spoiler Shield protects them from knowing important details of the new episode of famous shows like new Marvel or Star Wars shows or recently released movies.

It detects and blocks posts and comments on social networks and texts from websites that may contain these important details of the series you select.

If you want your browser to prevent the internet from showing you unpleasant surprises, just download Spoiler Shield.


11. Save to Pocket

Perfect to keep you productive while not missing out on interesting content. Save to Pocket works very simply: just tap its icon while visiting a webpage – be it an article, video, etc – and you’ll save that link for later viewing. When you want to catch up on your reading, just visit the app’s official page and log into your account to do the reading.

Click the link to download the Save to Pocket extension.

12. Silver Bird

Perfect for those who can’t let go of Twitter. Silver Bird is an extension that allows you to use the main functions of the social network in the browser without having to have a Twitter tab open. Among these functions, you can follow trending topics, follow the updated feed in real time and, of course, tweet!

Discover all that Silver Bird can offer on its Chrome extension store page.

13. Chrome Currency Converter

Essential for those who make international purchases, Chrome Currency Converter allows the user to choose a currency as a base, automatically converting any amount in a different currency to the selected one. The extension does the conversion regardless of whether the value is being displayed on an ecommerce product or an article.

Currently converting to your currency only works on items displaying values in dollars, pounds, euros and yen.

Click the link to learn about Chrome Currency Converter.

14. Add to Amazon Wishlist

Are you an avid book or comic book shopper and in the habit of keeping a wish list on Amazon? Then Add to Amazon Wishlist is one of the Google Chrome extensions made for you!

With the extension, you can send any item to your wishlist on the website – even if you have seen it in another store, for example – and you will receive notifications of the arrival of that product or new promotions. The extension automatically adjusts itself according to the inventory of the country where it is located.

Download the Add to Amazon Wishlist from the Chrome extension store.

15. WA Web Plus for WhatsApp™

Its name seems to indicate that it is all about WhatsApp, and indeed those who can’t put down their IMs may end up finding this the best on the list of Google Chrome extensions. Through it, you can check your unread conversations directly from the browser, without having to open a WhatsApp Web tab. You can also instantly share web pages and send emojis.

Instazzap can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

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16. Url Shortener

A link shortener is a useful extension for publishing links to pages when they are too long. Social networks like Twitter, for example, can end up running out of space for text if the link is too long, and that’s where the shortener saves you from having to make two tweets on the same subject, especially if you’re promoting your work.

Click the link to download the Url Shortener.

17. StayFocusd

One of the most used Google Chrome extensions by those who want to be more productive on a daily basis. StayFocusd allows the user to set a time limit to browse websites and social networks, blocking these pages for the rest of the day so that they can carry out his work or studies.

Download StayFocusd for your browser from this link.

18. Save Text to Google Drive™

If you prefer to use other apps for taking notes besides Evernote, Save Text can be a good alternative among the Google Chrome extensions on this list. Its function is similar to that of Evernote Web Clipper, but is limited to notes that can be copied from a web page, edited and saved to Google Drive or Gmail.

Learn more about Save Text on this page.

19. iPiccy Photo Editor

A lightweight image editor so you can make small changes without waiting for long loading times of software like Photoshop. Cropping, pasting, resizing and color adjustment are some of the things you can do with this extension. Unlike LightShot, it is not made for screen captures, so be mindful of that.

Download iPiccy Photo Editor from Chrome Web Store.


20. Save to Google Drive

If you want something more than saving notes to your Google Drive account, Google itself offers the functionality with their Save to Google Drive extension. As the name of the extension says, it allows you to save a web page to your cloud storage service with just one click. The plugin allows you to save the page in image format, HTML or even edit it as a Google document.

Click the link to download Save to Google Drive.

21. Karaoke Online: Sing Songs with Lyrics

As the name says, this extension promises a lot of fun at parties. It allows you to sing songs Karaoke-style! Just share your screen with your friends and you have a party right there.

Download Karaoke Online by clicking this link!


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